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Who do you know that can resist the sights and sounds of baby animals? No one, right? That is the appeal of Too Cute! Too Cute is a show that allows viewers to witness the birth and development of cats and dogs like never before. The show starts with the mother giving birth or, in some rare cases, the rescue of the extremely young animals. What follows is an hour long insight into their development, first time adventures and the process by which they are adopted and set out to explore the world. Complete with updates at the end of the program designed to give viewers an update on how the adult animal is now doing, it is a show that truly lives up to its name.

Too Cute uses this unprecedented follow along filming to incorporate education into entertainment. While viewers are treated to watching kittens adventure away for the first time, a narrator also draws attention to how the mother watches from a distance, ready to assist if the need should arrive. When a puppy isn't feeding enough and a mother is concerned for his development, Too Cute helps the viewer to see the subtle hints and nudges that the mother uses to get on track. The show features multiple pure and cross breed litters giving the viewer an education on the specific needs and challenges that each may experience. The viewers will witness Daschund puppies learning to race and Bengal kittens hunting insects in an open garden. The end result is a show which bridges the gap between adorable baby animals and situation specific examples of how to care for certain breeds.

Recently, the show has partnered with rescue organizations in an effort to bring awareness to homeless kittens and puppies. In one episode, they even treat the viewer to the efforts of a kitten with no mother, as she struggles to find affection from another adult cat and become adopted into her family. Its a heart warming and touching scene that reminds us all the Too Cute is more than just pictures of furry animals.

Saturday 8:00 PM et/pt on Animal Planet
5 Seasons, 71 Episodes - Currently Airing
April 30, 2011
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Too Cute Full Episode Guide

  • Set to beloved holiday classics, the pure cuteness of the kittens, puppies, and other baby animals within will tickle your holiday spirit.

  • The first Noel: this holiday season, follow three litters of puppies and kittens as they celebrate their very first Christmas!

  • A dog named Izzy brings a rare litter of Portuguese Podengo Pequeno pups into the world, led by go-getter Gisele. Cockapoo octuplets train to be therapy dogs.

  • A kitten different from his siblings must figure out where he fits in.

  • At an urban Animal Shelter, a Maltese mix named Coco has a surprise litter, led by bold, only-boy Ralphie. While in the country, a restless Ragdoll kitten named Jolene might be more than her laid-back mom can handle.

  • A Siberian Husky is the self-proclaimed leader of a pack of seven pups, but now he has to prove it; Lil the Irish Setter runt proves she can keep up with the dozen count litter.

  • A security sock keeps a shy pup named Wally calm within his pack of nine Spinone Italianos; Oskar the Pug is constantly into mischief and keeps his librarian mother busy.

  • In the countryside, a German Shepherd mom is training her troop of seven pups to be Search and Rescue dogs. While in the big city an African Pygmy Hedgehog named Prickle is looking for a soft and cuddly companion in a house full of Havanese puppies.

  • Cairn terrier Doogie wants to befriend the picky house cat; Samoyed pups are faced with a dilemma.

  • A relationship is in question when a baby is born. In a cats only salon, Izzie the kitten has to juggle personal style with salon life.

  • A Siamese cat looks for a place of his own away from his eight chatty siblings. Meanwhile, working mom Pippa tries to balance her litter of six tiny British Shorthairs with her job at a cat clinic.

  • Featuring a Bulldog taking on the agility course. Plus, a pack of pups who were rescued from the city streets find themselves in a barnyard full of strange beasts.

  • A litter of orphaned kittens trail a pair of Dandy Dinmont Terriers. The only girl in a litter of four American Bobtails hunts for her place in the pack. And finally, a naughty Tonkinese kitten proves a handful for her prim and proper mom.

  • Featuring a Bullmastiff, a pair of Lowchen pups, and an Old English Sheepdog.

  • Featuring a Rat Terrier, a Briard, and a Japanese Chin.

  • A Turkish Van mom needs the assistance of a canine companion to keep her kittens in line. Six silky European Burmese may be small, but they have big voices. And, a pair of Persians with different parenting styles raise a trio.

  • Featuring a litter of Yorkshire Terriers, a Lagotto Romagnolo, a German Shepherd and a Labrador Retriever.

  • Featuring a Chesapeake Bay retriever, a miniature poodle and a Samoyed.

  • A litter of tabby kittens befriend a bearded dragon. A Burmese named Alice leads her brothers on an adventure to a kitty wonderland. And the runt of a litter of Siberian kittens pals around with a miniature horse called Kitty.

  • Tabby kittens make friends with a bearded dragon; Burmese kittens explore their new home; Siberian kittens compete for their mother's affection.

  • Tempest, a hostess at a dog spa must teach her ten Whippet pups a little etiquette. A mixed breed pup tries to find where he belongs among his trio of sisters. And, a litter of 13 Black Russian Terriers turn their mom's life into chaos.

  • Celebrating first Christmases for kittens and puppies.

  • Star-struck Snow is a Great Pyrenees puppy who wants to follow in her mother's paw prints. A pair of Border Collie pups will need to be brave if they're going to be champion herders. And a Scottish Terrier tries to win over the resident cat.

  • A baby Baboon is protected by a Golden Retriever. A Teacup Pig and a Flemish Rabbit sneak away from their day jobs and get into trouble.

  • A bear cub becomes friends with a lonely German Shepherd. A deer and a kangaroo are shaken by a mischievous lemur.

  • Featured puppies include four tiny Tibetan spaniels, a large litter of Newfoundland dogs training to be rescue dogs and a retriever mix.

  • A black-and-white kitten plays with a baby skunk; an orange tabby kitten tries to befriend a the dog of the house; a Savannah kitten seeks a playmate.

  • Countdown of adorable roly-poly puppies.

  • This special episode offers updates on Persian, Bengal and British Shorthair litters a year after they were first introduced

  • Counting down some of the most adorable rainbow colored kittens.

  • Counting down the top 20 most adorable kittens.

  • A special episode, catching up with German Shepherd, French Bulldog and Mini Australian Shepherd litters and finding out where they are now, a year after they were first introduced.

  • Catching up with adorable German Shepherd, French Bulldog and Mini Australian Shepherd litters and finding out where they are now, a year after they were first introduced.

  • A pack of spotted Bengal kittens are bowled over by a lumbering Newfoundland. Four fluffy Norwegian Forest Cats dip their toes in the surf at their neighborhood beach. And, at a rescue home, two kittens find their way into the den mother's heart.

  • Countdown of the 20 most adorable puppies.

  • A clan of Irish Terriers are introduced to their troublesome teenage brother. Eight wobbly Corgis help out on the farm they call home. And, in a winter wonderland, a gentle Akita pup finds her place among her three burly brothers.

  • Four Neo Mastiffs are training to be guard dogs like their mom. A shy chihuahua puppy learns her family's value.

  • Two Bernese Mountain Dog pups bond with their barnyard neighbors. A trio of Shiba Inu girls challenge their spick and span mom with their messy ways. And, in a litter of mixed breed Chatham Hill Retrievers, a young pup takes after his boisterous dad.

  • Twelve Goldendoodles assume control of the household, including the bed of of their piggy housemate, Trouble. A Westie pup tries to keep up with her twin brother who is always exploring. And a batch of Swiss Mountain puppies take a while to find their stride.

  • A pack of spotted Bengal kittens are bowled over by a lumbering Newfoundland. Four fluffy Norwegian Forest Cats dip their toes in the surf at their neighborhood beach. And, at a rescue home, two kittens find their way into the den mother's heart.

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