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Tori & Dean focuses on Tori's never ending career ventures, and Dean trying to find his niche in life. People can relate easily to Tori and Dean, because they are one of the most down to earth Hollywood couples around. During their last season, the home was getting crowded as the awaited the arrival of baby number three. The family has a down to earth and back to nature type of vibe to them, and their home was being overgrown by an animal; that's right animals. Tori can be seen carrying around chicken pet Coco Chanel in many of the episodes. It is not uncommon to see a billy goat walking through the house, or various other barnyard animals running around through the sets. While Hollywood would certainly see this as peculiar, for some reason it just seems to work at the McDermott house.

One of the things that make this television show work is the true love that Tori and Dean have for each other. Dean often puts his life aside for one of Tor's schemes or latest adventures. They opened an antique shop in Hollywood called InvenTORI. This allowed for some great shows as they traveled, with the family, across the United States looking for things to fill the shop. It also showed very tense moments, as they tried to find staff members and get ready for opening day.

People watch Tori and Dean because Tori is televisions mogul Aaron Spelling's daughter. She has had a great following since she starred in 90210. The fact is, Tori may live in the Hollywood hills, but she is as common as an old shoe. Her viewers got to witness the pain she suffered as relationship problems developed between her mother. They got to see problems that a normal marriage would undergo when Dean developed a love for motorcycles.

Tori is a strong woman who often overestimates her abilities. She takes on way to many assignments in often Dean is the one who gets left out. While Dean has done many movies and some other gigs, the last season shows him become a chef. There are a great deal of moments that make the show worth watching. There has been no word on whether the show will come back for another season, but there is a large fan base waiting for the confirmation their favorite couple will be back.

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6 Seasons, 56 Episodes - Ended
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Tori & Dean Full Episode Guide

  • Tori gives birth to her third child in the sixth season finale.

  • Tori gets into a car accident while being followed by a photographer. Later, Tori and the family head to Toronto, where Dean tries to mend family relationships.

  • Tori holds a séance during a birthday bash with a horror-flick theme. Elsewhere, Tori calls on celebrity matchmaker Patti Stanger to create a love connection for her friend Mehran.

  • Tori's packed schedule includes planning an all-night royal-theme wedding bash followed by a guest shot on TV's "Fashion Police."

Tori & Dean News

Tori Spelling Suffers Major Burns in Benihana Grill Incident

The actress will need skin grafts after the accident.

Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott May Soon Divorce

They've reportedly survived this three times. A fourth bullet dodged doesn't look likely. Sources say that a fourth baby on the way is the only thing keeping Dean McDermott with Tori Spelling. As she continually accuses him of cheating - none too ironic, that - those close with them speculate that McDermott will probably leave her once she has their latest child.

Tori Spelling Announces She is Pregnant with Baby No. 3

Another day, another baby announcement via Twitter. Tori Spelling took to the Twitterverse Monday night to share the news that she and husband Dean McDermott are expecting their third child. For months there have been whispers that the "Beverly Hills 90210" actress may have another bun in the oven and now it's official. Spelling followed the trend of many other expectant moms and used her valuable 140 characters to say, "I know there's been a lot of speculation, so I wanted everyone to hear from me.

Tori & Dean Make Dreams Come True With New Wedding Series

Tori and Dean are back for another reality TV whirl. Oxygen’s “Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings” will be giving fans of the married couple an opportunity to watch their favorite duo help other couples get married. Using Tori’s party-planning expertise and Dean’s “bring-it-on” approach, they happy pair aims to give couples a once in a lifetime experience.

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