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Two and a Half Men is a scripted, 30 minute comedy series that airs weekly on CBS. The show first premiered in September 2003. Nine full seasons have been filmed and aired to date, and a tenth season has been greenlit by CBS executives. The first eight seasons focused on perennial playboy Charlie Harper, portrayed by actor Charlie Sheen, his financially disadvantaged brother Alan, played by Jon Cryer, and Alan's son Jake, portrayed by Angus T. Jones. During those seasons, the main plot points were primarily based around Charlie Harper's constant pursuit of women, along with Alan's disdain for how easy Charlie's life appeared to be. Although there were a few episodes that explored Charlie having some of his own financial difficulties, he was able to breeze through most of the eight seasons without having to worry about how he was going to pay for his next night filled with hookers and alcohol. Meanwhile, Alan toiled at a job that was barely enough to cover alimony and child support for his ex-wife.

Even though Charlie was portrayed as a constant womanizer, he did start to slow down in the sixth season. During that time he became engaged to Chelsea, played by actress Jennifer Taylor, but unfortunately he was unable to completely curb his womanizing tendencies, and their relationship ended during the seventh season.

Charlie Sheen's issues with drug abuse began to impact the show in early 2010. He voluntarily entered rehab twice during the next twelve months, and he also issued several verbal attacks against the cast and crew of the show. After halting production on the eighth season, speculation was rampant as to whether or not the show would ever return. Although Sheen eventually stated that he would be interested in returning for the show's ninth season, he was cut from the cast and replaced by popular actor Ashton Kutcher.

The ninth season started with the funeral of Charlie Harper. By killing off the character, the writers ensured that there would not be a role for Sheen to return to. Without his rich brother to rely on, Alan was facing homelessness when he met depressed billionaire Walden Schmidt, played by Ashton Kutcher. After a night of mild partying, Walden decided to purchase Charlie's old house, and he ended up offering to let Alan stay.

The rest of the ninth season focused on the differences and similarities between Charlie and Walden. Although Walden is a much more sensitive and sentimental character, his financial success, good looks and charming nature make it easy for him to meet women, and this provides just a much of a thorn in Alan's side as it did when he was dealing with Charlie. Due to the lack of a familial tie, Alan's relationship with Walden is much more precarious than the one that he had with Charlie, and this causes Alan to move in with his girlfriend Lyndsey, portrayed by Courtney Thorne-Smith. Alan has a heart attack near the end of the season, and he takes full advantage of the ensuing guilt that his family and Walden experience.

The tenth season is expected to go into production with the same cast as the ninth season, and new episodes will begin airing on CBS in the fall of 2012.

12 Seasons, 262 Episodes - Canceled/Ended
September 22, 2003
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Two and a Half Men Full Episode Guide

  • Is Charlie Harper dead or alive? Find out in the series finale.

  • Is Charlie Harper dead or alive? Find out in the series finale.

  • After their divorce becomes official, Walden offers Alan a peace offering.

  • Walden is concerned how Ms. McMartin will take the break up. Lyndsey asks Alan to move in with her.

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