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Series Length:1 Season, 10 Episodes
Network: TLC

Take a look back as Stacy and Clinton stop a wedding to fix a couples fashion mistakes, help a Mother and Daughter from their own fashion nightmares and look back at some of their biggest transformations as they help women go from overly provocative to extremely elegant in just one week.

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Genre: Reality
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10 iTunes Episodes
  • Stacy and Clinton look back on the amazing stories of helping women who had lost a great deal of weight and were unable to dress themselves properly to accommodate this huge change.

  • Stacy and Clinton look back on their most difficult contributors and revel in the beautiful women they helped them become in spite of themselves!

  • Stacy and Clinton look back at the women they helped go from scantily clad to looking fabulous.

  • Stacy and Clinton revisit some of their most fun, funny and fantastic make-overs. They also go to surprise these contributors at their homes to see if they have kept up the What Not to Wear look.

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