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Wife Swap is a reality show that airs on ABC. This show is based on wives living with other families. It starts off with, two families who have never met, nor know each other. The two wives are told the news that they will be swapped. The wives pack up some luggage, and head to the airport to meet their new family. The show does not reveal any details about their new family. The wives meet the new family at the airport.

The husbands take their swaps home. The husbands will show them around their temporary living quarters. Once the walk through is finished, there are some rules that the new wife must aide by. As she reads the rules of the house aloud, she will see that the rules are quite different than what she may be use to. The wife has to abide by the rules, or go home. The wives are usually swapped out with a family that is the complete opposite of their own. Because of this, frustration ensues, tempers flare, feelings get hurt, and bad things are said. With all of these raw emotions surfacing, many wives rethink why they are on this show.

After the wife abides by the rules of the house, she now has to turn the tables on them. The wife makes her own set of rules that she would like the family to follow. The husband, and his children, will have to read and abide by the rules the wife has set in place. The family usually has a difficult time with this task. At the end, and when everyone has abided by the rules set forth, they will be grilled by the other family. Each family gets a chance to tell the other family what they really think about their family and their rules. Each family receives money that the wife swap has to divide amongst the opposite family and tell them how to spend it.

Thursday 8:00 PM et/pt on ABC
7 Seasons, 131 Episodes - Canceled
September 26, 2004
Drama, Reality
Wife Swap
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  • A laid back mother swaps lives with a structured disciplinarian.

  • A Pagan woman swaps lives with the mother of a world champion tap dancer who loves to spoil her husband and child.

  • An Italian woman who loves to spoil her family with big dinners full of calories and lots of love swaps lives with a fitness guru who is always on the go.

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