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Zeke and Luther is a television show that airs on Disney XD. This wonderful television show involves two active young teens Zeke and Luther who live interesting lives. They love to skateboard and experience weird things on a daily basis. They are quite popular among their friends and at school, and the both of them are considered as a power duo since the both of them are so different. You will find that both Zeke and Luther are very different since Zeke is smart and Luther is slightly slow at times. Zeke is the one who maintains his grades at a consistent C+, but he actually got an A in one episode. Luther is the one who is the showoff between the two. He is quite the airhead that is very impulsive on saying weird things. He is also a cup stacking competitor.

Both Zeke and Luther find themselves in weird situations in their daily life as they experience different sports and meeting new people. They become sponsored in the second season and are able to achieve more practice time for their skateboarding. They are quite dedicated with this particular sport, and they are seen nearly in every episode skateboarding. It is obvious in their skating ability that it is something they are naturally good at.

Zeke and Luther have great friends and a wonderful set of parents who can sometimes get in the way of their life. However, they do disagree with what they all say sometimes when they aren't in the mood of listening to them. The show altogether is very in

Zeke and Luther currently airs on Disney XD but the show has aired on the official Disney Channel in different countries around the globe. The show has attained plenty of success after its first few episodes and now has aired more than 70+ episodes for kids to watch. The show has a simple show concept that has many different stories come into play. Their siblings and other friends are also very much a part of the story. They find themselves hanging out with Zeke and Luther very often.

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on Disney XD
3 Seasons, 77 Episodes - Canceled
June 15, 2009
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Zeke and Luther Full Episode Guide

  • Zeke and Luther go to Hollywood.

  • Zeke and Luther go to Hollywood.

  • Zeke and Kojo compete in a crosstown skate race. Meanwhile, Luther accidentally damages a chandelier while house-sitting.

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