Accidental Fortune

This reality series focuses on people from all walks of life who managed to discover something of value that they were able to then sell for millions of dollars. Among the individuals who earned an accidental fortune are a golfer who discovered dinosaur bones that museum officials were willing to purchase for $600,000; a woman who recovered a painting from the trash bin that sold for a cool million; and a lady who uncovered a centuries-old table in her attic worth $7 million.

1 Season, 2 Episodes
December 23, 2009
Cast: Tony Austin, Ben Dubash, Ed Easterling, Philip Hersh
Accidental Fortune

Accidental Fortune Full Episode Guide

  • Is it possible an original copy of the Declaration of Independence could be found in a thrift store, or a pre-historic treasure on a golf course? Unimaginable treasures are found in the most unusual places on this episode of Accidental Fortune.

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