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After Lately is a mockumentary style TV show that is broadcast on the E! Entertainment network. The show features various regular cast members, crew, writers and high-profile guests. As a faux reality series, the show purports to expose behind-the-scenes happenings of comedian Chelsea Handler's late-night talk show on the same network, Chelsea Lately.

The show parodies itself in the same manner of a satire, with its own brand of character flaws and slanted mindsets that are common among associated show business celebrities. However, each show is both improvised and scripted. Many of the staff members offer behind the scenes, one-on-one discussions in confessionals of the reality-style genre. Much of the material featured on the show is inspired by actual events that occurred at the Chelsea Lately office.

Regular cast members include: sidekick, Chuy Bravo, Chris Franjola, Brad Wollack, Heather McDonald, Sarah Colonna, Jeff Wild, Steve Marmalstein, Johnny Kansas Josh Wolf, Jen Kirkman, Fortune Feimster and Chelsea's brother, Roy Handler.

The camera intentionally mimics a documentary-style point-of-view as seen in many sit-coms. The varied cast members are all presented as part of an extension of the show. Much like bickering children, each cast member vies for the attention of house mother, Chelsea.

Most of the shows feature a variety of dead-pan pranking that many comedians and notable celebrities participate in, such as: Reese Witherspoon, Sue Murphy, Jennifer Aniston, Ross Mathews, Giuliana Rancic, Justin Bieber, Jay Leno, Jenny McCarthy, Tori Spelling,Sharon Osbourne, Dave Grohl, Jane Fonda, James van der Beek, Loni Love, Antonio Sab

Sunday 11:00 PM et/pt on E!
3 Seasons, 24 Episodes
March 6, 2011
Cast: Chelsea Handler, Chuy Bravo, Sarah Colonna, Brad Wollack
After Lately

After Lately Full Episode Guide

  • Heather throws a book release dinner that puts Chelsea in the same place with the family she loves to hate--the Kardashians.

  • Heather gets frustrated with Chelsea, while Chuy decides to start exercising. Plus, TJ Miller tries to scare Jen into learning self-defense.

  • While doing yoga with Kate Beckinsale, Chelsea realizes she could improve her eating habits and decides to purify her staff with a mandatory juice cleanse. Chelsea goes to the extreme to make sure that her staff sticks to it, but it leaves everyone with low energy and high tension around the office. Later, Fortune confronts a celebrity that ruined her car in a hit-and-run. Find out who the superstar culprit is!

  • Jiffy is convinced Chelsea hired him with romantic intentions to ghostwrite a book for her dog ; at the same time, Brad and Sarah investigate an able-bodied accountant who gets better parking using a handicapped placard; and the office is overflowing with free house slippers from a sponsor.

  • Heather thinks Chelsea's love life needs some spice, and Chris suggests she date someone in the "Chelsea Lately" production crew. See if Chelsea will make a love connection with crew member Andy. Plus, the staff is pranked by an unexpected masseur. Meanwhile, Brad forgets his employee badge at home--and the security guard at the Universal Studios won't let him on the lot without it, so he spends the day trying to sneak past the guard.

  • Heather, Brad and Sarah try to look important by pretending they have assistants.

  • The third season opens with Reese Witherspoon returning to the office. At the same time, a focus-group study influences the staff, who also try to please Chelsea by attending an expensive fund-raiser with Monica Potter.

  • Jiffy recruits Jane Fonda for the show; Josh wants Jay Leno to pay up on a bet; Jennifer Aniston indicates Chelsea is losing her comedic touch.

  • Reese Witherspoon tries to redeem herself; Sarah fakes a pregnancy to steal Brad's reserved parking spot; Plus, Roy becomes envious of Chuy.

  • Heather passes out after drinking too much at an office party and wakes up with hickey. Her co-workers investigate to find out who gave it to her. Jen tries to make rock star Dave Grohl her new BFF.

  • James Van Der Beek confronts Chris when they both wear the same shirt on the show; Josh attempts to prove his comic genius to his son; a new personal assistant gets a rude welcome.

  • Brad seeks for Chelsea's approval when he takes her friend out on the town, but things don't go as planned; Jiffy runs a very personal errand for Chelsea.

  • Chelsea sends an email from Jiffy's computer, landing him in hot water with Sharon Osbourne. Sarah gets a view of Brad's penis which reveals unexpected results. The staff tries to find out who wrote an offensive word on George's birthday board.

  • The second season begins with Chris facing the possibility of being a grandfather. Also: Jenny McCarthy teaches Brad a lesson on autism.