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  • 2005
  • 1 Season

Amazing Babies is a show that aired on the Discovery Health channel. The show is an educational program aimed at exploring the developmental stages of babies, both inside and outside the womb. The show features real families and their experiences with pregnancy, childbirth, and raising babies.

Throughout each episode, the viewer is taken on a journey from conception to the first year of life. The show provides a wealth of information about the science behind pregnancy and childbirth, as well as practical tips and advice for new parents. In addition, the show features a range of experts, including doctors, midwives, and child development specialists.

One of the unique aspects of the show is its use of 4D ultrasound technology to show babies in utero. This technology allows the viewer to see the baby’s movements and facial expressions in incredible detail, providing a new level of insight into the prenatal experience.

The show also covers a range of topics related to pregnancy and childbirth, including nutrition, exercise, and the various stages of labor. Viewers are provided with information about what to expect during each stage of labor and tips for managing pain and anxiety.

Another important aspect of the show is its focus on the emotional experience of having a baby. The show explores the joys and challenges of parenthood, and offers advice and support for new parents as they navigate the early days of their baby’s life.

Overall, Amazing Babies is an informative and engaging show that offers a comprehensive look at the journey from conception to the first year of life. Whether you’re a new parent or simply interested in learning more about the science behind pregnancy and childbirth, this show offers a wealth of information and insights.

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Amazing Babies: Episode 4
4. Amazing Babies: Episode 4
July 19, 2005
When doctors make a desperate attempt to save a dangerously premature twin, it results in an unprecedented, record breaking birth that sends shockwaves through the medical community. A New Mexico woman experiences intense contractions and is rushed to the hospital by her husband. But when they drop off their oldest son at his grandparent's house, the woman gives birth right in their driveway. During the birth of her first child, complications arise for a Tennessee woman and she must have a hysterectomy. Unable to have more children, the woman's 51 year-old mother agrees to carry her next pregnancy - twins. A Georgia woman is ten days past her due date when she goes into sudden and intense labor. There's no time to get to the hospital and the woman's ten-year old daughter must deliver the baby with the help of a 911 dispatcher. A man is forced to deliver his wife's baby in a gas station parking lot. But then the baby's body gets stuck in the birth canal. Now, the baby and the mother's life are in jeopardy.
Amazing Babies: Episode 3
3. Amazing Babies: Episode 3
July 19, 2005
A pregnant Colorado woman is sent home from the hospital after experiencing false labor. But when a massive blizzard blankets the state, she must wait it out and hope she doesn't go back into labor before the roads are cleared. A baby is born premature at 27 weeks weighing just 2.5 pounds and looking no bigger than a tiny beanie baby doll. The baby must fend off an unknown virus and almost certain death for 108 days in intensive care. An elementary school principal is a day past her due date when she goes into labor in her office. It's too late to get to the hospital, now teachers and staff will have to deliver the baby in a hallway right in the middle of the school. When a woman suddenly goes into labor at home, she'll have to rely on her mother to help her deliver the baby. But then things go from bad to worse when the baby's umbilical cord is wrapped so tight around its neck, it rips from the baby's body. A 26 year-old newlywed is diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Her only chance for a child is to freeze her eggs with the hope she survives the disease. A woman in intense labor rushing to a birthing center gets stuck in traffic. Now she'll have to depend on luck, timing and the kindness of strangers to help her safely deliver her baby.
Amazing Babies: Episode 2
2. Amazing Babies: Episode 2
July 19, 2005
On a remote Alaskan island, a woman goes into labor and is medivacked by plane to the hospital. On board, doctors must battle turbulence, a claustrophobic space and the elements to safely land their newest passenger. A plan for a homebirth of twins with a midwife goes terribly wrong when the pregnant mom has to deliver the baby on her own. Then one of the babies is a breech birth. A baby is born with a life-threatening cyst pushing on his airways. His only chance for survival is an immediate operation using a state-of-the-art surgical robot never before used on a newborn. When a woman unexpectedly goes into hard labor she rushes in her Chevy Malibu to the hospital. Only she's not going to make it. Now it's up to her mother and the 911 operator to deliver the baby in the car. When a Philadelphia woman goes in for a routine ultrasound she finds her baby's heart rate is dangerously high. Doctors must perform a rare and delicate procedure to save the baby's life. A husband tries desperately to rush his wife to the hospital before she gives birth. A state trooper pulls him over and begins to question him. Meanwhile, the situation turns critical as his wife goes into hard labor.
Amazing Babies: Episode 1
1. Amazing Babies: Episode 1
July 19, 2005
A man racing his pregnant wife to the hospital gets pulled over by a police officer. When the man jumps out of the car, the officer raises her gun not knowing if he's a criminal and prepares to fire. The man has to convince her that his wife is in the middle of labor. Instead of arresting him the officer winds up delivering the baby. Then a woman with triplets goes into very early labor and loses one of her triplets. The doctors have to try a daring procedure to save the two of the three babies. And a woman rushing to the hospital has to give birth in a very compact company car. Then a ten-year-old girl acts as midwife for her mom on the way to the hospital. And a woman gives birth in a coma. Finally, as a woman preparing for a thanksgiving dinner goes into labor and has to give birth. A fifteen-year-old girl will be the one who delivers and saves the baby based on what she's seen on television.
  • Premiere Date
    July 19, 2005