Amish Mafia: The Devil's Cut

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The majority of Americans know little about the Amish population of our country. Mostly the Amish are a peaceful folk who prefer to live quietly. They farm their food and are self sufficient. Under the surface of these communities lies a well hidden secret- the Amish Mafia. This group of men have taken it upon themselves to delve out justice as they see fit. Learn something new and decide who you think is right in this reality styled series.

Tuesday 8:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
1 Season, 9 Episodes
March 6, 2013
Crime, Documentary & Biography, Drama
Amish Mafia: The Devil's Cut

Amish Mafia: The Devil's Cut Full Episode Guide

  • Live updates on twitter - Levi gives Caleb more responsibilities. Levi is surprised by what he hears from the bishop. Merlin is almost set to move on Lancaster. Esther talks to Levi about his social standing.

  • Wayne uses authority over his new crew; Merlin finds strength in his faith; and Esther makes a hard decision.

  • Merlin goes to South Dakota; Alvin tries to get Levi to trust him again.

  • Alan and Merlin have a party; Wayne loses his patience with Merlin.

  • Levi and Jolin make a deal; Esther thinks her reputation is being damaged by her brothers.

  • Esther comes back to Lancaster and has unforeseen problems to face.

  • Levi tries to get back his crew; Merlin wants to control the Ohio Amish community.