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Atom TV is a comedy series produced by the Atom Network. The Atom Network airs short films and productions by independent film makers. Atom TV tells different tales of ridiculous things in a short sitcom format. It originally got its start as an internet web series that Comedy Central decided to air on television. Many of the episodes deal with wacky themes in a comical fashion. One episode has a monster chaining people to a wall. You may think that he is going to torture them but in reality all he wants is for them to be his friend.

Comedy Central decides what shorts to air based on viewer votes. Viewers can vote online at for what they think the best episodes are and then Comedy Central will air them. The episodes come in many different formats. They can be parodies of popular shows or animation, or live-action comedic shorts.

Some of the episodes are creepy and funny at the same time. There is on series that follows a pair of conjoined twins as they get into adventure after adventure. There is another series that follows animated stickman characters. The stickmen have been doodled in a high school student's notebook and they come to life and explore the notebook, looking for page after page. There is also a series following a character named Benny, who is an convict rat on the run from the police. Atom TV tends to air late at night and it fits the wacky sensibilities of many late night viewers. The shows are completely unorthodox in context and yet funny as well.

Comedy Central
3 Seasons, 50 Episodes
May 28, 2008
Cast: Bugoy Cariño, Ariel Rivera, Agot Isidro, Jomari Yllana
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Atom TV Full Episode Guide

  • Legend of Neil's creator and star recap the season and give you premiere sneak peek of the finale episode!

  • Tommy Wiseau presents the world premiere of 'The House That Drips Blood On Alex.'

  • The stars of M'Larky, Dan Fogler, Josh Warren and TJ Hassan stop by to host Atom TV.

  • Dan Levy, creator of He Said, She Said, is your host for a mind-twisted episode of Atom TV.

  • Man Bear Episode 2, Ikea Song, Heathcare: Our National Nightmare, At The Reservoir, Tie, LA Comedy Shorts Fest Tournament Winners Expiration, and It Ain't Easy

  • Jay Larson makes it rain, with Upload Winners Stroganoff; The Bear, The Cloud, and God.

  • Zach Selwyn hosts, with Upload Winners Douche Off; My Best Friend, My Butler; Living The Dream, Part 1

  • Team Tiger Awesome host, with Upload Winners Baby Browning and Sexual Control

  • Jake Fleisher, star and creator of Intercourse With A Vampire, hosts Atom TV. Featuring Tournament Winners Parannoying Activity

  • Hosted by Paul F. Tompkins, featuring Sketch Of The Dead, and Upload Winners FaceBooked and Texting While While Walking

  • The world of boxing is cold and harsh, but with Teddy Loons and Harvell Jenkins in your corner, you can't lose. And by 'can't lose' we mean, 'will want to kill yourself.'

  • Featuring Drunks, highs, and bikini girls and Upload Winner: Love Lessons.

  • Nick Thune presents one man, one show, one date.

  • Welcome to the first celebrity talk show that must comply with a probation officer.

  • Featuring Jimmy T saying 'cracker' a whole lot, and Showdown Winner: Hot Farts

  • These clips are best viewed while at work, so you can enjoy them and stick it to The Man at the same time!

  • Brief bursts of bizarre hilarity brought to you by the good people of Dutch West.

  • El Vacio proves that the American workplace is full of psycho girlfriends, bumbling idiots, and viral videos that lead to murder.

  • Two super professional and highly legitimate scientists Christ of and Dagmar solve all Germany's important issues!

  • Fiddlestixx is a time-travelling chimp whose awesomeness can't be contained.

  • "CSI: Miami's" Jon Togo and the Internet's Will Carlough bring you the wackiest buddy comedy in the history of buddy comedies.

  • Every three seconds in America, somebody does something they shouldn't. Doing things one shouldn't often leads to injury, emotional harm, or worse, death. Won't you join Atom in the fight against doing things you shouldn't? Please watch these important public service announcements. They might just save your life.

  • Despite eight years in the Oval Office, we still have so much to learn about the 43rd President of the United States. Please join director Bob Odenkirk and our host Mary McQueegle in this captivating series of surprisingly candid conversations with George W. Bush.

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