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Bang for Your Buck is a home renovation and design show that airs on the HGTV network. Each episode of Bang for Your Buck features three homeowners from the same city, who all renovate the same room of their homes. The homeowners all also use the same budget to create their room makeovers. For instance, the episode Three Kitchen Renovations in Atlanta compares three kitchen designs by homeowners in Atlanta, Georgia, that were each created with a $70,000 budget. The final outcomes vastly differ from one another in style and design in this, as well as in all of the episodes of Bang for Your Buck.

Each episode of Bang for Your Buck features popular designers from other shows that air on the HGTV network. Those design stars host the show, taking viewers on a before, during and after tour of the remodeling. Some of the stars who have taken a turn at hosting include Vern Yip, Monica Pederson, Sabrina Soto, David Bromstad, Lisa LaPorta, Taniya Nayak, Genevieve Gorder, Lytel Young, Carriann Arkowski and Jamie Durie.

Once the renovations are complete, a professional realtor from the same city is brought in to evaluate the work that has been done. The hosts and realtors then discuss the pros and cons of the choices made by the homeowners, and give their own personal rating of the new space. The appraised value that the renovation has added to the home is then revealed. The homeowner that receives the biggest return on their investment, or, the biggest bang for their buck is considered the winner. There is usually no prize for winning Bang for Your Buck, but on the final episode of season seven, Vern Yip awarded a $25,000 cash prize to the winning homeowners for the first time.

Saturday 2:30 PM et/pt on HGTV
7 Seasons, 99 Episodes
April 3, 2009
Reality, Home & Garden
Cast: Vern Yip, Monica Pedersen
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Bang For Your Buck Full Episode Guide

  • Vern Yip critiques three Denver kitchen renovations.

  • HGTV's Monica Pedersen and a local Realtor are visiting three DC row homes.

  • Danielle Fennoy and a local Realtor tour three renovations in St. Thomas.

  • Monica Pedersen and a local Realtor evaluate three major home renovations.

  • Carriann Arkowski & a Realtor tour master suite renovations in Sacramento.

  • Carriann Arkowski and a local Realtor tour three houseboat renovations.

  • Danielle Fennoy and a local Realtor critique three great room renovations.

  • Monica Pedersen and a local Realtor critique three entertainment spaces.

  • Monica Pedersen and a local Realtor tour three master bathroom and closets.

  • Spa Bathroom renovations in Seattle are critiqued.

  • Three vintage kitchen renovations in Memphis are critiqued.

  • Three master suite expansions in Richmond are critiqued.

  • Three backyard patio renovations in San Diego are critiqued.

  • Designer Jinnie Choi and a local Realtor critique three vacation rental renovations in Savannah.

  • Three kitchen renovations in Charleston are critiqued.

  • Three kitchen expansions in Sarasota are critiqued.

  • Three designer great room renos in Tampa are critiqued.

  • Three master Suite facelifts in Las Vegas are critiqued.

  • Three master suite renovations in Scottsdale are critiqued.

  • Three outdoor room renovations in Phoenix are critiqued.

  • Three master bath renovations in Salt Lake City are critiqued.

  • Three Great Room Renovations in San Antonio are critiqued.

  • Three green kitchen renovations in Austin are critiqued.

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