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  • TV-Y7
  • 1996
  • 3 Seasons
  • 8.1  (8,518)

Beast Wars is a science fiction animation series that was aired from 1996 to 1999. Produced by Canadian studio Mainframe Entertainment, the show caught the attention of fans worldwide with its innovative mix of 3D computer-generated graphics and traditional animation techniques.

The plot of Beast Wars revolves around a group of robots known as Maximals and Predacons. The Maximals, led by Optimus Primal (voiced by Garry Chalk), are a group of transformers whose mission is to retrieve a powerful artifact known as the Golden Disk, which contains invaluable data about the origins of their species. The Predacons, on the other hand, are the villains of the show, led by Megatron (voiced by David Kaye), who are trying to steal the Golden Disk to use its knowledge to conquer the universe.

What makes the show stand out is the fact that both the Maximals and Predacons have transformed into animals instead of vehicles like in the original Transformers series. The Maximals transform into various animal species such as gorillas, cheetahs, and rhinoceroses, while the Predacons transform into insects, reptiles, and other assorted creatures. This concept created an incredible opportunity for the animators to create stunning visuals and designs for each of the characters.

The animation style used in the show was groundbreaking for its time. Mainframe Entertainment utilized state-of-the-art technology to create characters that looked and moved like real animals. Each character was meticulously crafted with realistic fur, scales, and textures that made them look lifelike.

The voice acting in Beast Wars is also top-notch, with Hozumi Goda delivering a standout performance as the voice of Dinobot. The character is a Maximal who transforms into a velociraptor and provides one of the most interesting storylines of the show. Dinobot is a character who starts off as an antagonist in the first season, but as the series progresses, he becomes a complex anti-heroic figure.

One of the most significant aspects of Beast Wars is its storytelling. The show's writers delivered a compelling narrative that was full of twists, turns, and surprises. The characters were given enough depth to make them truly engaging, with each episode showcasing their strengths and weaknesses. The show also explored themes such as trust, loyalty, and betrayal, which added another layer of depth to the story.

Another aspect that makes Beast Wars unique is how it fits into the larger Transformers franchise. The series takes place in the future of the original series, with a few characters from the original series making cameo appearances throughout the show. Furthermore, the show's mythology connects with the larger Transformers universe and is regarded as an essential part of its continuity.

In conclusion, Beast Wars is an incredible animation series that broke new ground in terms of its 3D computer-generated animation style and storytelling. The show was innovative in its approach to the Transformers franchise, with its animal-based characters adding a unique twist to the established lore. The character of Dinobot, voiced by Hozumi Goda, is one of the standout performances of the show and adds a lot of emotional depth to the story. If you are a fan of science fiction or animation, then Beast Wars is definitely worth checking out.

Beast Wars is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on April 22, 1996.

Beast Wars
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Nemesis (2)
13. Nemesis (2)
May 7, 1999
The Decepticon battleship, Nemesis, has taken to the air with the Predacon Megatron at its control. The firepower at his control is completely unmatched by anything that the Maximals could possibly throw at it. Optimus Primal and the other Maximals must do whatever they can to stop him anyway, even if it means giving up their lives in this series ending final installment.
Nemesis (1)
12. Nemesis (1)
May 6, 1999
The Maximals are at their base happy at their apparent victory over the Predacons. While, the Predacons are in hiding after their base was completely obliterated. They are now searching for Tarantulas' lair and have been successful in this endeavor. The Predacons have found a secret part of the cave with a submersible. Megatron finally thinks he knows what Tarantulas has been doing for some time now and they take the submersible down before Maximals are able to get there to stop them.
Other Victories (aka Closure)
11. Other Victories (aka Closure)
May 5, 1999
Far out in the outer reaches of space, it is the Vok who have taken Airazor and Tigatron and it is the Vok who are responsible for the experiments on Earth. They have discovered that life on Earth still exists after believing they had destroyed it with their Planetbuster. The Vok decide to send an emissary to finally finish what they had started. He is to destroy Megatron for his interference. Optimus must stop this plan as Megatron is still in possession of the original Megatron's spark.
Master Blaster
10. Master Blaster
March 15, 1999
At first glance, it seems to be an uneventful day at the Maximal base until the alarm sounds and the base comes under attack. Waspinator is leading a force against the Maximals. During the fray, Tarantulas hits Optimus Primal with a device that starts to change his demeanor Optimus starts attacking his own troops. Meanwhile, Megatron has devised a plan that will finally put him on a level equal to or greater than Optimus.
Crossing the Rubicon
9. Crossing the Rubicon
February 22, 1999
Blackarachnia has finally completed building her machine to give her Transmetal body using the Transmetal 2 driver that she was able to get when Depth Charge thought he destroyed it. She attempts to use it on herself, but Silverbolt intervenes and stops her. Then she is suddenly collapses from the surrounding energon. Back at the Maximal base, Rhinox discovers that the Predacon shell program must be removed or her core consciousness will be wiped clean.
Go with the Flow
8. Go with the Flow
February 18, 1999
Cheetor is in the jungle with some of the prehistoric children. He is teaching them simple concepts like levers and pulleys, things that will for certain help them in the future. Meanwhile, the Predacons are working on a large cannon that uses an unstable energy source that could short circuit the them even before the cannon is built. The energy doesn't affect the prehistoric humans, so Megatron dispatches Waspinator and Inferno to bring him the ones Cheetor has been teaching so they can finish the construction.
Proving Grounds
7. Proving Grounds
February 14, 1999
Many of the Maximals are in the infirmary watching as Rhinox is involved in a scan of Blackarachnia's programming and comes across the shell programming chip that Tarantulas used to make her a Predacon. Optimus and Rhinox are concerned that removal the chip could wipe her mind and contemplate if it is worth it. Blackarachnia overhears this and takes off. She is tired of them not trusting her after she believes she has already proven herself.
Feral Scream (2)
6. Feral Scream (2)
February 7, 1999
Cheetor is back at the base and all seems well. Rattrap is in the control room monitoring for Predacon and suspicious behavior. Cheetor is sleeping and begins to have terrifying nightmares and a loud roar is heard coming form his quarters. When Rattrap goes down to see what is going on, a beast jumps out at him and takes off from the base. Cheetor is nowhere to be found and is thought destroyed by this vicious beast. The roar is heard all the way and at the Predacon base and Megatron wants what's going on all for himself.
Feral Scream (1)
5. Feral Scream (1)
January 31, 1999
The Predacons have found another one of the downed stasis pods and are attempting to take it for themselves. Optimus Primal and Cheetor are able to find them stealing the pod and try to stop them. They are unsuccessful and Cheetor runs off after them alone. Now Megatron has what he needs to create a Predacon of his own design. It is one that the Maximals will find all too familiar and the process will turn a Maximal's life upside-down.
Cutting Edge
4. Cutting Edge
November 15, 1998
A group of prehistoric humans are traveling along and are attacked by a Cyber raptor and quickly saved by Optimus and Silverbolt. The prehistoric humans are taken in for the moment while Rhinox inspects the Cyber raptor. It smells of Megatron's dirty work. Cheetor and Blackarachnia are dispatched to return the group prehistoric humans and they also come under attack. This attack, though, may give Blackarachnia what she has been looking for.
Changing of the Guard
3. Changing of the Guard
November 8, 1998
The Maximals are trying link the salvaged Axalon defenses with that of The Ark and are again unsuccessful. They decide they are going to need Sentinel from the underwater wreckage of the Axalon. Blackarachnia has developed an underwater submersible and Rattrap is chosen for the job mainly because of his size. While underwater, Rattrap is attacked by a foe that is well suited for this environment.
Deep Metal
2. Deep Metal
November 1, 1998
Rhinox is hard at work trying to get the defenses on-line so they can protect The Ark from further attacks by the Predacons. His efforts are coming up short and his getting very discouraged. Meanwhile, in far off space, a Starhopper from Cybertron has found where "Protoform X" has been hiding and the pilot decides to make his way to Earth and finally deal with him once and for all.
Optimal Situation
1. Optimal Situation
October 25, 1998
Megatron has done the unspeakable and tried to destroy the Autobot leader, Optimus Prime. Silverbolt and Blackarachnia have awoken and must try to get into The Ark and stop Megatron from damaging anyone else and start repairs on Optimus Prime. Optimus Primal takes the Autobot leaders spark into his own body to stop it from merging with the Matrix and preserve it from extinguishing entirely. This moment of preservation will change Optimus Primal in a way he never thought imaginable.
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  • Premiere Date
    April 22, 1996
  • IMDB Rating
    8.1  (8,518)