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"Ben 10" is an American animated show. It combines a number of genres into a single interesting entity, including science fiction, action, adventure, and comedy in one entertaining package. It is a rare pleasure to see such a well done kid's show of this sort aimed at a relatively young audience (5-14). Such sophistication is typically reserved for something more adult.

Benjamin Tennyson becomes "Ben 10" when he stumbles across the Omnitrix, an alien device with the ability to turn him into any one of (initially) ten different alien creatures based on stored samples of DNA. The series largely follows him, his sister Gwen Tennyson and his grandfather Max Tennyson in their adventures and misadventures as they come up against various villains and gradually discover the various powers and limitations of the Omnitrix, often by happenstance or mishap.

Over time, it is revealed that the Omnitrix was originally intended for Ben's grandfather but locked onto his wrist permanently when Ben found it because his DNA was close enough to his grandfather's to trigger recognition. It was intended to be a force for good, to promote peace and understanding in the galaxy, but in the wrong hands has the potential to be a powerful weapon of evil.

Grandma Max turns out to be somewhat more than the mild mannered retired plumber he first seems to be. Gwen has budding magic powers and provides a satisfying sense of girl power to the series. The villains run the gamut from Vilgax, one of the galaxy's baddest aliens ever, to Kevin E. Levin, a sociopathic 11 year old human with mutant powers, to Dr. Aloysius James Animo, former scientist and one of the sillier villains with an almost Aquaman-like control over animals due to his inventions and experiments. Fighting the villains is inevitably complicated by Ben's lack of knowledge about the Omnitrix, leading him to transform into creatures he didn't intend or having his powers desert him and turn back into a boy at the worst possible time.

The series had an especially strong start. After a particularly good first year, its quality remained quite high. Ultimately, it fostered a number of spin off series and became a full blown franchise, branching out to include films, games and merchandise.

Cartoon Network
4 Seasons, 94 Episodes
December 27, 2005
Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: Tara Strong, Paul Eiding, Meagan Moore, Dee Bradley Baker
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Ben 10 Full Episode Guide

  • The mysteries of the Omni-Enhancements are solved when Ben battles an alien invasion coming from inside the Omnitrix.

  • The good news is that Ben finally finds Azmuth and convinces him to help. The bad news is Vilgax has found them, and launches an all out attack.

  • On their way across space to take the Omnitrix to Azmuth, its creator, Ben and Tetrax face off with Vilgax and his hoard of robot drones.

  • Ben accidently activates the self-destruct mode on the Omnitrix, signaling an alien named Tetrax who takes Ben to meet the creator of the Omnitrix. .

  • Ben, Gwen, Cooper and Grandpa Max face their last battle ever against the villains they have encountered and they will battle to get the world's most powerful energy source.

  • The Forever King gathers a team of villains at the plumber base of Mt. Rushmore, to steal a powerful energy source which has Ben, Gwen and Max set for battle.

  • Ben, Max and Gwen put up an Alamo like stand inside the bunker at Mount Rushmore and against great odds take down the Forever King's band of baddies.

  • Summer break is over and Ben must keep his secret safe as he returns to school, but Vilgax has other plans. Meanwhile, Gwen transfers to the school.

  • Ben, Max Ben and Gwen investigate a couple of daring break-ins, only to discover they were both once secret Plumber installations. What our heroes find out is that those responsible for the break-ins are working for The Forever King.

  • We're back in the future with Ben 10K, and this time he has a son, Ken. On Ken's tenth birthday, Ben gives him his very own Omnitrix. Ben must come to learn to trust Ken with the power of the Omnitrix. Along the way, Ken befriends a kid named Devlin. Devlin turns out to be Kevin 11's son and was merely using Ken so he could break his dad out of the Null Void. Ben 10K and Ken then team up to take down Kevin 11. As for Devlin, he comes to realize his dad is a jerk, and realizes the error of his ways. He's able to redeem himself, proving he's a good kid and joining forces with "Team Tennyson."

  • After Ben thinks he's broken Gwen's computer, he sneaks off and enters an "ultimate wrestling competition" to win enough money to buy her a new one. On the mat as Fourarms, he becomes an instant celebrity hit with the fans and ends up going up against a tandem of odd looking brothers with special mutant like powers. Initially adversaries, Ben and the brothers become allies when Ben discovers the brothers are beholden to a powerful mob boss. Ben helps the brothers defeat the mob boss and his henchmen, and in the end realizes Gwen's computer was never really broken.

  • Out on a desert highway, a group of modern day highway pirates hijack the Rustbucket, trick it out and use it in a daring robbery. And while Ben and Gwen are at first glad to get rid of that "bucket of bolts", they come to realize the Rustbucket is "a part of the family." In the end our trio heroes get Max's beloved "ride" back and bring down these pirates once and for all.

  • Max and Ben become kids again after contacting water from the Fountain of Youth, leaving Gwen to care for them and also to stop Hex from finding the fountain's source.

  • Multiplying Dittos cause headaches for Gwen, but prove handy for taking on Animo and his Stinkflies.

  • After being tricked into thinking he's having the perfect day by Enoch and the Forever Knights, Ben realizes he's been put in a dream world that quickly turns into a nightmare.

  • When Grandpa Max's engineer buddy Phil Billings gifts Team Tennyson the Omni-Copter, Steam Smythe takes to the skies to ground Ben and company's first test flight.

  • As Max attempts to get Ben and Gwen to the Four Corners Monument before sunset, an ominous fog bank engulfs the roadway and forces Max to drive at a snails pace, but once The Fogg comes to life and attacks the Rust Bucket, Team Tennyson must work together if they are to navigate to safety.

  • While Gwen listens to a lecture on the Transcontinental Railroad, Ben sneaks away to the gift shop. But once the Bounty Hunters appear and corner our hero, Gwen must relay the information she learned on the train and use it to their advantage to help Ben escape.

  • Left to entertain himself as Max takes a much deserved nap, Ben stumbles upon a Xingo arcade game and goes OE-Shock Rock to power it up, but when it receives too much juice, Xingo leaps out into the real world and our hero must go toe-to-toe with his favorite cartoon character.

  • Xylene suddenly appears, and Ben and Gwen are suspicious of her true motives.

  • Ben tries to thwart Ghostfreak's plan to plunge Earth into eternal darkness.

  • A shuttle launch is delayed by a purple lightning storm, and Ghostfreak may be behind it.

  • Max takes the kids to see his favorite golden-oldie band perform at a music festival, but they cross paths with a deranged weatherman.

  • Ben's home team plays in the Little League World Series, but he discovers that their opponents are actually robots posing as kids, and there is a plan to replace the president with one.

  • Max takes his grandkids to a farm to get a taste of hard work---and to stop an alien mummy who has arrived to unearth a rare and dangerous element.

  • Ben's alien heroes are starring in a silly network cartoon and his favorite action hero has been pulled off the air by the same network.

  • Ben and Gwen get zapped into a Sumo Slammers video game.

  • In New Mexico, Ben battles a werewolf that turns out to be an alien with an evil plan to build a high-tech satellite device.

  • Ben, Max and Gwen come upon a bizarre Christmas theme park run by an evil entity who thinks Max is Santa Claus and proceeds to trap him.

  • Ben, Gwen and Max again face Charmcaster, who aims to switch souls with Ben so he can steal the Omnitrix.

  • It is Grandpa Max's 60th birthday. But Ben and Gwen find something that takes them twenty years into the future. They discover what Gwen, Grandpa Max, and Ben will be like in the future. In the future, Gwen gets a black belt, Ben has more aliens on his omnitrix, and Grandpa discovers how he can change his hand into metal. How will Ben and Gwen get back into their own time?

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