Biggest and Baddest

What started as research to understand animal behavior around the world has turned into a mission to find the biggest and baddest creatures on the planet. Hosted by biologist and explorer Niall McCann, Biggest and Baddest is a trip around the world, and McCann lets you join him on his wild ride through dense jungles and raging rivers to find these creatures that most people wouldn't dare get too close.

Niall McCann, in filming the six-part documentary Biggest and Baddest, hopes to promote animal conservation efforts and to show the dilemmas faced by these misunderstood monsters shown in the series. With a childlike enthusiasm McCann faces some of the most deadly animals on this planet, from venomous snakes to snarling tigers, and he hosts the show with humor and experience of a man who knows what he is doing and loves to do it. McCann spends each episode wading through deep rivers, dangerous jungle trees, and climbing up anywhere he can find big, bad, and scary animals. With witty one-liners, he comes across the world's most poisonous snake and even encounters two tigers at once in his episodes of Biggest and Baddest.

Released in October 2012, the documentary series has only one season to its listing. Biggest and Baddest is produced under Gryphon Productions led by Peter von Puttkamer and Sheera von Puttkamer who have produced documentaries for the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, History channel, BBC, and more. With each 45 minute episode, you can see the dangerous lives led by the biggest, baddest animals as well as the issues they face from their most deadly enemy: humans. And not only can viewers watch the episodes, McCann offers extras through his website and video journals of his adventures. McCann teaches you not only how to protect yourself from these animals, but also how to protect them from you.

Friday 8:00 PM et/pt on Velocity
2 Seasons, 5 Episodes
January 5, 2013
Documentary & Biography
Biggest and Baddest

Biggest and Baddest Full Episode Guide

  • This episode features giant monster hogs.

  • Featuring the deadliest bird in the world.

  • Niall McCann's heads to Venezuela to study anacondas.

  • Niall heads to Australia to capture a saltwater crocodile and record its measurements before releasing it back into the wild near Darwin.

  • Niall follows elephants in Nepal's Bardia National Park to investigate claims of animals that are larger than other Asian elephants.