Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures is a 30 minute cartoon that aired on CBS in 1990. The cartoon is based on the movie Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures from the previous year. The show is about two slackers that time travels though a telephone booth and meet famous historic figures. After their adventures in the past, the duo returns to their time and back to everyday life. The show lasted two seasons and didn't spark little interest with the audience. The show was revised on the FOX network on its second season, but the show didn't work out and got canceled.

1 Season, 21 Episodes
September 15, 1990
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: George Carlin, Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter, Evan Richards
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures Full Episode Guide

  • When Ted's guitar is destroyed, the guys decide to replace it with a Fender Stratocaster that Mr. Preston had when Bill was a baby.

  • While Deacon is sick, Bill and Ted join him to watch an episode of Mr. Radish's Condo, the famous pre-school program. They are dismayed to discover that their childhood hero is leaving his show.

  • Bill and Ted take a break from their chores by going on a cruise and they wind up on the Santa Maria, Christopher Columbus's ship.

  • Bill and Ted enter a 50's TV sitcom to help Badger Cadger escape the nasty pranks of Jeddi Raskell.

  • To prevent Missy from singing the Star Spangled Banner in public, Bill and Ted travel back to the War of 1812 in order to convince Frances Scott Key to write a song that is easier to sing.

  • Bill and Ted shrink to the size of an amoeba's nose-hair when they dial a wrong number and accidently get ingested by their gym teacher, Jim Nazeum.

  • During an exhibit of "Really Important Art" at the San Dimas Museum, Bill and Ted think they have dis-armed the Venus de Milo and journey back in time to get it repaired.

  • An overdue library book comes between the boys and a ski trip. Bill and Ted travel back in history to find the Brothers Grimm and a copy of the book.

  • Bill and Ted find themselves with a problem: how to get part-time jobs when they have no experience. They manage to get references from Marie Antoinette and Lucretia Borgia, but decide that working on music is preferable to working at a "real" job.

  • Bill and Ted face expulsion from school unless they can come up with a Career Day speaker.

  • Bill and Ted are discouraged when their fourth concert bombs and decide to give up music and the Wyld Stallions.

  • Bill and Ted go in search of Babe Ruth so they can replace their coach's autographed baseball.

  • The boys risk changing the present when they travel back in time to find Bill's father and his antique pocket watch. Before they recover the timepiece, they visit West Virginia, Switzerland and finally Queen Victoria in London.

  • Bill and Ted return to Medieval times in England so they can bring the Princess babes back to sing with the Wyld Stallions at the school dance.

  • Bill and Ted's adventures take them to the North Pole with Admiral Byrd, ancient Egypt and King Tut, and finally to Dr. Livingston in the African jungles as they search for a rare exotic bird.

  • Bill and Ted travel through time to find a "truly big dude" who will beat up Deacon's bully. Because of a minor malfunction with the phone booth, they end up in New England in 1773. There they serve as the impetus for the American Revolution.

  • Bill and Ted get help from Henry Ford in repairing Detective Logan's classic car after they borrow it without permission. Along the way, they introduce an unusual Thanksgiving dinner to the Pilgrims and start the Wright Brothers on a new career.

  • Because of a Latin class assignment, Bill and Ted decide to travel to ancient Rome to acquire a rare coin that was minted during the reign of Julius Caesar.

  • Bill and Ted prove a point to a skeptical Mr. Scanlon, the music teacher, that rock 'n' roll and classical music are actually one and the same.

  • Bill and Ted accidentally break Missy's "brand new antique vase." The phone booth is set for ancient China to find a replacement. After a brief stint as prisoners who are ordered to build a wall, they serve as unlikely deck hands for Marco Polo.

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