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Breakout is a television show that documents the escapes of prisoners. This show reveals to people how convicts escaped from prison, and the level of scheming it takes to escape a maximum security prison. The show documents well known prison escapes and interviews the people who figured out how to do it. The story is heard straight from the mouth of those who have escaped and learn about their ingenuity.

In one episode, convicts cut through the ceiling and use toothpaste to cover up the damage until their final escape. Viewers experience the intensity of when the guards search their cell. They will also learn how convicts use innocent bystanders.

The show reveals how inmates can escape from prison, but they can only run so far before they are hunted down and captured. These stories have been told with a little bit of dramatization added to them to help give them that added flavor. This television show shows how the human mind can come up with ingenious methods of escape when they are locked up in their cell with nothing else to do. One example of this ingenuity is how an inmate would count, in seconds, how long it would take for a guard to walk from one tower to the next.

This show tells the story of escape from both sides of the fence. Hearing the story both from the inmates who escaped from prison and hearing the story from law enforcement officials who were determined not to let them escape. The show shows the meticulous and many times, drawn out planning that occurs before a breakout. It also shows the level of risk undertaken during a breakout. In one episode, the inmates are shimmying down a building when one of the inmates falls and injures himself. Nonetheless, he is so determined that he keeps moving. These escapes are documented from some of America's most high security prisons. It shows the point from which inmates escape all the way to when inmates are eventually captured and brought to justice.

Breakout is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (17 episodes). The series first aired on April 7, 2010.

Breakout is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Breakout on demand atNetflix online.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on National Geographic
2 Seasons, 17 Episodes
April 7, 2010
Cast: Christopher Lee
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Breakout Full Episode Guide

  • Two Florida murderers escape from jail through the ventilation system, using little more than a smuggled hacksaw.

  • Three inmates escape from a prison in Grant County, N.M.

  • In a Connecticut maximum security prison, Ronald Rutan is introduced to Frank Vandever, a former stockbroker with a reputation for cross-dressing, who is desperate to escape his 40-year sentence.

  • Three prisoners evade capture for five days after escaping from an English prison.

  • An inmate's life is threatened by a white-supremacist gang.

  • From the time he was caught, Alex Moumbaris' objective was to escape. He was one of the three men that crafted their way out of South Africa's secure Petoria Prison.

  • In New Mexico, 3 heavily armed gang members breakout and make way to the Mexican border.

  • In South Africa three political prisoners escape.

  • Joby Thompson is a convicted armed robber who uses his charm and persuasion to get a prized job in the metal and furniture shop. He escapes and is on the loose for 3 months before he gets caught in Las Vegas.

  • Seven inmates, led by convicted robber George Rivas, hatch an elaborate ... in Texas, leading to one of the biggest manhunts in Texas history

  • Nuno Pontes and five other inmates escape from Western Penitentiary in Pittsburgh, PA, through a tunnel and then pose as construction workers during broad daylight.

  • John Parsons shot an off-duty officer during a robbery and then escaped from prison. It took 83 days to apprehend him.

  • Gang leader George Hyatt had an unlikely accomplice, a former prison nurse, who he married. The couple had carried on their affair against prison rules and had hatched a potentially deadly plan for a breakout.

  • Despite the precautions taken, Quawntay Adams escapes the federal wing of Alton Jail in Illinois.

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