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Bret Maverick, a charming con man and high stakes gambler, retires to Sweetwater, Arizona, after winning a saloon in a poker game. His hopes of enjoying a quiet, uneventful retirement are not to be, however. Trouble finds him just as it did in his earlier life. Bret Maverick is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (18 episodes). The series first aired on December 1, 1981.

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Tuesdays at 9:00 pm on NBC
1 Season, 18 Episodes
December 1, 1981
Action & Adventure
Cast: James Garner, Ed Bruce, Ramon Bieri, Richard Hamilton, Stuart Margolin
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Bret Maverick Full Episode Guide

  • Tom Guthrie is running for re-election as sheriff and wants business partner Bret Maverick to keep a low profile in the campaign but Bret is working on one of the biggest scams of his life and isn't about to be kept under wraps.

  • Bret Maverick and Tom Guthrie get snookered into protecting a gold shipment from a band of ruthless outlaws.

  • After being swindled out of their land by a religious charlatan, the people of Sweetwater look to Bret Maverick in order to turn the tables.

  • A charlatan who heads a phony religious sect uses legal means to swindle the people of Sweetwater out of their land.

  • Maverick is out to expose a crooked magician who's working at the Red Ox.

  • The citizens of Sweetwater call in the cavalry after a stagecoach is robbed and a female passenger is killed by Apaches but Philo Sandine insists that the crime was committed by white men.

  • Six gunmen accompany a pulp writer to Sweetwater in hopes of winning fame by being the one to kill Bret Maverick.

  • Tom Guthrie's past catches up to him when a group of vigilantes put him on trial for a murder he supposedly committed during the days before he became a lawman. Bret acts as his defense attorney.

  • A drifter arrives in Sweetwater and he's out to finish a song he's writing about the life and death of Bret Maverick. Meanwhile, Bret tries to unload a silver mine he won in a poker game but every potential buyer thinks it's a scam.

  • An old flame of Bret's arrives in Sweetwater but she's on the run from two homicidal brothers whom she earlier swindled.

  • A member of a historical society gets Bret off a murder charge in St. Louis. In return, he agrees to let her travel with him back home to Sweetwater and give her his life story. Meanwhile, newspaper editor Mary Lou Springer gets herself involved with a fugitive outlaw.

  • A Tucson land combine begins purchasing Sweetwater businesses using Chicago gangster methods so the townspeople turn to Bret in desperation to find a way to outwit the land thieves.

  • Congressman Theodore Roosevelt arrives in Sweetwater to present the gift of a white stallion to Apache chief Geronimo but unknown to him the horse has been stolen and later won by Bret Maverick from the thief in a poker game.

  • Bret wins a Chinese girl in a poker game and can't seem to find a way to get rid of her. This occurs just when the women's suffrage movement arrives in Sweetwater.

  • The only thing stopping the railroad from coming to Sweetwater is that part of it is slated to go through Bret Maverick's ranch, the Lazy Ace, and he doesn't want to sell.

  • Bret, former Sheriff Tom Guthrie, and a shifty half-breed named Philo Sandine go after the bandits who stole money with which Maverick intended to purchase a ranch called the Lazy Ace.

  • Famed gambler Bret Maverick arrives in the Arizona Territory town of Sweetwater for a big poker tournament and ends up cleaning house, winning a saloon called the Red Ox and a large bundle of cash. Bret decides that Sweetwater would make a nice place for him to settle down so he use decides to use the cash to purchase a ranch called the Lazy Ace.