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Cheyenne is an western themed TV show that was also the first 60 minute drama series with multiple seasons. Clint Walker was the star of the program, playing the cowboy Cheyenne Bodie in a post Civil War era. In the series premiere, the viewers learn that the Indians who raised Cheyenne also murdered his parents. Despite learning this, Bodie still maintains a good relationship with the Indians. Clint Walker later took a hiatus from the show, prompting the creators of the show to replace Bodie with a similar character named Bronco Layne. After Walker's return to the series, Bronco was occasionally still used on the show as Bodie's partner.

Throughout the show's run, Bodie drifts between multiple jobs. Some of these jobs include being a sheriff, helping children, transporting prisoners, and herding cattle. While performing these roles, Bodie encounters a slew of villains that are out to get him. Bodie gets into a number of conflicts and gunfights in his quests to help civilians.

7 Seasons, 107 Episodes
May 31, 2006
Cast: Clint Walker, Russ McCubbin
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Cheyenne Full Episode Guide

  • Cheyenne takes on an evil cattleman (Andrew Duggan).

  • Cheyenne is charged with murder---his own.

  • An Indian is accused of treason when an Army unit he's leading gets ambushed.

  • Cheyenne's first job as sheriff: quell a friend's thirst for vengeance.

  • Cheyenne, appointed to the state senate, starts a campaign to preserve the buffalo.

  • Cheyenne is involved in an Indian uprising when the railroad threatens to run through sacred burial grounds.

  • A blind singer, under the spell of a crooked gambler, backs up an accusation of murder against Cheyenne.

  • Charlie Teeney and his followers go looking for gold on the Sioux reservation after they see White Crow come into town with two small bags of gold.

  • Jud Ainley is on trial for murder and the main witness against him, lawman Harry Thomas is discredited as a witness and charged with robbery.

  • Cheyenne helps a wounded cowboy who is suffering from amnesia. He suspects the man was a member of a band of outlaws that robbed the cattlemen's association.

  • Shortly after arriving in Rock Springs, Sam Pridemore stops a killer and becomes a town hero. Cheyenne knows the man and suspects he is after the gold in the bank.

  • Cheyenne's after a killer and Indians tell him his quarry is a monster called Satonka.

  • After defeating a bully, Cheyenne discovers his prize: the man's old-maid sister (Sally Kellerman).

  • Cheyenne's distractions while escorting an outlaw to jail: the outlaw's friends, the outlaw's enemies---and a pretty widow.

  • The Kirby brothers are determined to kill gunfighter Ben Shelby---but it's Cheyenne they have cornered.

  • Cheyenne tangles with a bandit who named himself dictator of a Mexican province.

  • A bull complicates Cheyenne's efforts to help a sick child.

  • Cheyenne learns that his white father may still be alive.

  • A young orphan begs Cheyenne to help him find his parents. Cheyenne agrees---then the boy himself disappears.

  • Townspeople oppose Cheyenne as he tries to capture robbers who made off with an unpopular tycoon's fortune.

  • On the trail of a sheriff's killer, Cheyenne is interrupted by a town's plea for help in dealing with a gang of terrorists.

  • Young Gilby Collins outshoots "the Great Kinsey" in a carnival competition and wins a gun. When Nita, Kinsey's assistant, congratulates Collins, her sore-loser boss manhandles her.

  • A bride is left in the lurch when her groom turns fugitive on their wedding day.

  • Cheyenne stops in Colton City to put up some supplies and a man by the name of Kell provokes him into a fight.

  • A fiery cattlewoman involves Cheyenne in her business and her life.

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