City Confidential

City Confidential is a true crime documentary-style television show featuring American cities and the effect on those communities of particularly notorious crimes (usually murder). Originally narrated by Paul Winfield, each episode begins with an introduction to an American town and tells the story of the town

1 Season, 132 Episodes
November 22, 1999
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Paul Winfield, Keith David

City Confidential Full Episode Guide

  • The Rocket City of Huntsville, AL is the setting for this episode about twins charged with murder.

  • A vicious family feud finally boils over in the town of New London, CT.

  • The story of the 1922 murder of Hollywood director William Desmond Taylor that had plenty of suspects (several of whom were famous) but was never solved. Or was it?

  • A look at the DeCavalcante crime family, which ruled the gritty port city of Elizabeth and resembled the "The Sopranos" of TV fame. The family thrived until three of its leaders were arrested for killing former boss Johnny Boy D'Amato, but the biggest shock came at the trial where it was revealed that Johnny Boy was whacked because he was gay.

  • A farming community famous for producing sausage is shocked when Stuart Alexander, a local man known as the "Sausage King," becomes angry over government regulation of his business and kills three government officials. At his trial, Alexander pleads insanity, but will the jury buy the Sausage King's alibi?

  • An affluent suburban town is shocked when one of its most prominent citizens - a distinguished scientist and Russian immigrant - is murdered and his body chopped into 66 pieces.

  • When a bomb blows a gaping five-story hole in Harvey's Casino, the feds charge millionaire gambler John Birges with plotting to literally bring down the house.

  • A look at the explosive "hockey dad trial" that shocked the otherwise peaceful town of Reading, Mass. Thomas Junta was accused of assaulting Michael Costin when they got into a disagreement about how rough their children should be playing in a pick-up hockey game. Costin died of his injuries, and Junta's trial attracted national media attention and focused attention on out-of-control parents who take their kids' sports too seriously.

  • A Russian immigrant stockbroker in Minneapolis, the cultural and financial hub of the upper Midwest, is accused of making shady investments on behalf of a fellow Russian - with fatal results.

  • The conservative town of Amarillo - "the city that beef built" - is shocked when one of its "good kids" is accused of murdering one of its "bad kids" during a brawl in an International House of Pancakes parking lot.

  • A wealthy Texas town is rocked when one of its most respected citizens is murdered and members of his own family become suspects.

  • A centuries-old inn that once hosted George Washington and Ben Franklin becomes the site of a shocking crime when world-class chef Jim Webb is murdered and fellow chef Guy Sileo becomes the chief suspect.

  • The high-tech town of Rochester is stunned when a priest, an ex-cop, and a former Irish Republican Army terrorist are implicated in a $7.4-million Brink's heist, the fifth largest armored car robbery in U.S. history.

  • A peaceful, friendly Southern town is shocked when a former high-school football star is charged with the rape, murder, and mutilation of a popular teenage girl who was one of his best friends.

  • A church-going town is shocked when a popular minister is caught up in a scandal involving sex, betrayal, and double murder.

  • In the 1990s, the financial and social hub of Appalachia was a mix of intellectuals, college football stars, and good ol' boys with a hankerin' for big city livin'. But the good times ended for one man when a love triangle involving his wife and the church organist almost led to murder and a comedy of errors.

  • The capital of Rhode Island boasts ethnic enclaves, old-money WASPs, chic sophisticates, and an amazing character named Buddy Cianci. As mayor, Buddy helped transform a once-dying town into an arts and tourist mecca. But Buddy was lining his own pockets in the process, and in 2002 he was sent to prison. It was Buddy's second run-in with the law; in 1984, he pled guilty to torturing a man he suspected of sleeping with his estranged wife. Despite his sins, Cianci remains popular in Providence to this day.

  • A coal town where hard-rock mining has given way to hard times, Pikeville is a place where most kids will do anything to escape. Like in April of 1997, when one Pikeville girl and her five fellow teenagers took a road trip to hell.

  • A scenic river town becomes the setting for a confrontration between the federal government and Rob Nuckols, owner of a militia-style compound on federal land. The feds said Nuckols was a drug dealer and put him on trial. Nuckols claimed the drug charge was really part of a government scheme to seize his land. Whom would the jury believe?

  • Budding politician Byron Anthony Looper changed his name to Byron (Low Tax) Looper to win voters in Cookeville, a town that prides itself on affordable tax rates. But Looper was suspected of being a lowdown killer when his opponent for the Tennessee State Senate turned up dead just weeks before the election.

  • The rainy city that gave rise to grunge rock and the bands Nirvana and Pearl Jam wakes up to find that Mia Zapata, one of the city's most promising new musicians, has been killed in a senseless act of rage.

  • The sophisticated, well-heeled capital of Silicon Valley is shocked when a popular teacher is murdered so brutally that her body is nearly unrecognizable. But the city is in for an even bigger shock when the trial reveals a dark secret from the dead woman's politically radical past.

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