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  • 2015
  • 1 Season

CMT Specials is a television program from CMT (Country Music Television) that features various special events, concerts, documentaries, and exclusive interviews that celebrate and showcase the country music genre. It broadcasts on CMT network and covers a wide range of topics related to country music and its artists.

This show is packed with engaging and insightful content that provides a unique perspective of the country music industry. From intimate artist interviews to behind-the-scenes access with some of the biggest names in country music, CMT Specials offers a comprehensive view of the country music landscape. Each episode is carefully curated to ensure that it offers an authentic look at the artists, their stories, and their music.

One of the most popular aspects of CMT Specials is its exclusive access to live events and concerts. The show provides coverage of some of the biggest events in the country music calendar, such as the CMT Music Awards, CMT Artists of the Year, and the Grand Ole Opry performances. Whether you're a life-long country music fan or someone who is just getting into the genre, CMT Specials offers a fantastic way to experience some of the most incredible performances and events from this vibrant and exciting world.

In addition to live events, CMT Specials also covers a wide range of documentaries and feature-length films that focus on the country music industry. These documentaries provide viewers with an in-depth look at the history and evolution of country music, as well as the artists who have helped to shape the genre. Some notable documentaries include "Johnny Cash: American Rebel," which explores the life and legacy of one of the most iconic country music stars of all time, and "Country Music," a multi-episode documentary series by Ken Burns that chronicles the history of country music from its roots to the present day.

CMT Specials also features exclusive interviews with some of the biggest names in country music. These interviews provide viewers with a rare insight into the lives and experiences of some of the most popular and successful artists in the genre. From Dolly Parton to Luke Bryan, viewers can expect to hear fascinating stories and insights from their favorite country music stars.

What sets CMT Specials apart from other music-related shows is its dedication to showcasing new talents and emerging artists in the country music scene. The show regularly features performances from up-and-coming artists, providing them with a platform to showcase their music to a wider audience. This dedication to innovation and supporting emerging talents ensures that CMT Specials stays relevant and exciting, keeping viewers engaged and interested in everything that's happening on the country music scene.

In conclusion, CMT Specials is a hugely entertaining and informative television program that celebrates all facets of country music. From exclusive concerts to documentaries and interviews, the show offers a unique perspective of the industry, its history, and its stars. If you're a country music enthusiast or simply someone who loves great music and loves to learn, then CMT Specials is a must-watch show.

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Kid Rock: Live from Buffalo Chip
9. Kid Rock: Live from Buffalo Chip
August 22, 2013
A performance by Kid Rock at Sturgis Buffalo Chip.
Biker Battles
8. Biker Battles
August 21, 2013
Bike Week competitions in Sturgis, S.D., includes a tattoo challenge, bikini contest and a motorcycle hill climb.
Doomsday Garage: Suburban Commando
7. Doomsday Garage: Suburban Commando
August 20, 2013
Building Doomsday vehicles.
Tunnel of Fire
6. Tunnel of Fire
August 20, 2013
Clint Ewing tries riding his motorcycle through the "Tunnel of Fire" which is longer than a football field.
20 Greatest Redneck Videos
5. 20 Greatest Redneck Videos
June 29, 2013
Kid Rock counts down 20 of the best redneck music videos. Trace Adkins, Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney, Toby Keith and Blake Shelton are featured.
Willie Nelson & Friends From Third Man Records
4. Willie Nelson & Friends From Third Man Records
June 23, 2013
Willie Nelson celebrated his upcoming 80th birthday with Sheryl Crow, Jamey Johnson, Norah Jones, Ashley Monroe, Leon Russell and Neil Young on April 18 during a CMT Crossroads taping: Willie Nelson & Friends From Third Man Records. Jack White hosted the special from his studio, Third Man Records. On April 16th Nelson released a new album, Let's Face the Music and Dance. The CMT Crossroads special features Nelson performing duets of several of his most famous songs.
Summerfest: Big & Rich
3. Summerfest: Big & Rich
August 5, 2007
Summary is not available.
Summerfest: Sara Evans
2. Summerfest: Sara Evans
August 4, 2007
Summary is not available.
Summerfest: Sugarland
1. Summerfest: Sugarland
August 3, 2007
Summary is not available.
CMT Ultimate Kickoff Party Live From the College Football Playoff National Championship
0. CMT Ultimate Kickoff Party Live From the College Football Playoff National Championship
January 9, 2015
Summary not available
  • Premiere Date
    January 9, 2015