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Courage the Cowardly Dog is a comedy animated series originally created for Cartoon Network. The series is based on an Academy Award-nominated animated short film created with the help of Hanna-Barbara titled The Chicken from Outer Space. The show centers on Courage, a small pink dog that was rescued as a puppy by Muriel. Courage now lives with Muriel and her husband Eustace Bagge on a small farmhouse in the middle of Nowhere. Despite the boring name, Nowhere is regularly invaded by aliens, mutants, giant bugs, and other staples of 1950

Cartoon Network
4 Seasons, 54 Episodes
April 30, 1996
Animation & Cartoons, Children
Cast: Marty Grabstein, Thea White, Peter Fernandez, Simon Prebble
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Courage the Cowardly Dog Full Episode Guide

  • Remembrance of Courage PastMuriel and Eustace take him to an evil vet. Courage has memories of the vet kidnapping his parents and taking them into space.Perfect:A strict teacher arrives at the farm to help Courage become perfect.

  • Eustace and Muriel never returned a book named 'The pixie and the Prickle Pirate' so they become characters in the book until Courage pays the fine.

  • Two multi-armed aliens come to Earth to find an antidote for a disease that makes everyone on their planet beat each other up with their arms. They expriment on Eustace and Muriel, only to find they don't have the antibodies to get the cure. Courage had the cure in him the whole time, and the aliens get it.

  • A Starmaker lands beside the farmhouse, where she digs a hole deep in the ground and lays her eggs. When the farmer secretly sells her to a science lab, Muriel and Courage must save her.

  • When an angry dragon arrives at The Farm to satisfy his taste for humans, Courage bravely cuts a deal with him. Well as bravely as Courage can.

  • A strange mask wearing women comes to the farmhouse and says dogs are evil. With that, she hits Courage. Muriel thinks they are just playing and invites her to tea. While there, she says that long ago her best friend Bunny fell for a horrible dog. After trying to convince her to leave, the dog threatend her and she had to leave. After that, she rerapedly hurts Courage. At dinner, she says that she wears her mask to hide from reality. Muriel says she has to face reality, but she reveals that Muriel has been sneaking food and Eustace can't fix every thing like he says he can. This causes a fight between Eustace and Muriel. Courage spys on the woman that night and sees her play with a toy mouse. She takes off her mask to reavel she's a cat. Convinced she's a wanted crimnal, Courage locks the doors to the bedroom and attic doors, steals the mouse, and drives off to go to the police.He stops at a diner where the rat reconizes the cat's mouse and says her names Kitty. He says Bunn

  • Muriel buys a necklace at a store in which two pictures can fit inside. She puts a picture of herself and Courage on one side, and Eustace on the other side. After they leave the store, Eustace's truck crashes into a swamp. Muriel and Courage have to help push Eustace's truck out of the mud. Muriel loses her necklace in the swamp while pushing the truck. A swamp monster finds it, opens it up, and looks at Muriel's picture. He thinks it's his long lost bride swamp monster. He goes to the Bagge house and kidnaps her. He brings Muriel to the swamp in a wedding dress. Courage finds the real swamp bride and brings her back to him. Courage rescues Muriel.

  • It's hunting season and the farmer is after the biggest deer in the county. But Martin Deer is fed up with being hunted and decides to turn the tables and hunt the farmer.

  • Two music video promos aired during Cartoon Cartoon Weekend Summerfest. One was called "The Wind Whispers Courage," which was about a lady named Kitten (a singer), who comes to Courage's house and sings about him.

  • The Quilt Club: Muriel becomes obsessed with joining a local quilting club. But she soon finds the cost of joining is too high!

  • Eustace is mad they he can't grow plants, so they buy a dome that covers the house.A salesman comes to Courage,Muriel, and Eustace's home to set up dome on top of their house so produce will grow there.When they go outside to pick produce it attacks them and takes over the house.Storms build up inside the dome. Eventually Courage thinks up a plan to destroy the man-eating produce and they end up eating each other.Eustace gets to keep some of it... and the dome is removed.

  • A tribunal of "fishionaries" deems the family uncivilized and forces them to live underwater as fish. Courage must get them back to their life on land.

  • Mondo Magic:A mysterious magician transforms Muriel into a monster/turtle looking thing. Watch the Birdies: A giant mama bird insists that Muriel take care of the birds and defend the nest until the mama bird returns.

  • So in Louvre Are We Two: When Muriel, the farmer, and Courage accidentally get locked in the Louvre at closing time, Mona Lisa and The Thinker come to life and force Muriel, the farmer, and Courage to take their places.

  • A group of bullfrogs with no pond invade the Bagge house. Their leader is named Buffo. They build a pond on the floor and Eustace and Muriel have to act like frogs and will even be eaten. Courage sticks bees to flypaper and sticks it on the ceiling near the fan. The bullfrogs, thinking it's appetizers stick their tongues to it, but Courage turns the fan on which whirls the tongues around and Courage holds their tongues and tosses them away. All except for Buffo, who goes away and becomes a baseball player.

  • Katz Under Sea: Courage and Muriel go on vacation aboard Katz's submarine. Courage finds out that Katz is going to sink the boat with all the passengers on it. Courage needs to save everybody before the submarine sinksCurtain of Cruelty: A man named Floyd sends a wave that makes everybody mean into a town near Nowhere while the Bagges are shopping. It doesn't affect the Bagges because Eustace is already mean and Courage and Muriel have fabric softener on their clothes. Courage needs to get everyone back to normal.

  • Scuba Scuba Doo: The Bagges go scuba diving for vacation and Muriel discovers small sea creatures. Eustace tells his mom about the creatures, and she tries to destroy the reef they live in. Courage must stop her before she knocks down the reef. Conway the Contaminationist: A plane crashes into the Bagges' house with a man named Conway that says the more dirtier the house is, the better. The house gets filled with garbage, which ruin Eustace's and Muriel's health. Courage needs to get their health before it's too late.

  • Hard Drive Courage: Eustace is sick, so Courage downloads a recipe to cure him from the computer, but gets a virus. Muriel gets sucked in and Courage goes in to save her.The Ride of the Valkries: During vacation, Muriel is mistaken for three vikings' sister. They take her away, and Courage needs to save her before the war between the vikings and trolls.

  • Stormy Weather: A storm goddess goes to the Bagges' house looking for her dog that looks like Courage. She wants her dog so much that she tries to steal Courage, but Muriel stops her and they start arguing. The storm goddess creates a storm and it destroys the house. Courage soon find the goddess's dog licking the God Bone and gives him to her. The Sandman Sleeps: The sandman can't sleep so he takes Muriel's sleeping ability. Courage tries to get er to sleep but can't, so he takes her for a drive. He hears the sandman snoring and goes up to his castle. He isn't going to give Muriel's sleeping ability but Courage finds his teddy bear and he gives back the sleeping ability.

  • Campsite of Terror: The Bagges' go camping and Muriel gets kidnapped by two raccoons who want a mother. Eustace tries to capture them, but ends up getting captured by the raccoons. They watch TV together and Courage and Muriel go home.The Record Deal: While Eustace is driving home Shirley the Medium throws out a record by Velvet Vic, a singer. At home Eustace starts playing it and Velvet Vic's ghost comes out. He soon gets Muriel to be sucked into the record. Courage must save Muriel and put Velvet Vic back in the record.

  • Muriel Meets Her Match: A criminal lady and her husband goes to the Bagges' house when the TV is broken. Eustace goes to watch TV in their trailer. The criminal dresses up as Muriel "for fun" but starts stealing. She steals a diamond and the cops think it was Muriel. Courage needs to clear her name.Courage vs. Mecha Courage: Di Lung makes a robot out of Courage, but Muriel and Eustace can't tell which one is Courage. They like the robot better and Courage challenges him in a a duel. The robot is winning, but overloads and explodes.

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