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Taking place in the back of a police cruiser, Cuff'd is a series that explores the time between an offender being arrested for a crime and their booking at the police station. The offenses range from serious to humorous, and the interviews with the offenders give a snapshot into their lives and how they ended up where they are.

The audience is taken on the ride with the detainee, sitting in the cop car with them during their transport. Sometimes the interviews are comical, including one episode where the accused attempts to bribe the officer with donuts in exchange for his freedom. Often the audience is given a glimpse of issues such as addiction, domestic violence, and theft while the "stars" of the show speak to the arresting officers. The arrested individuals often come to emotional realizations about themselves before reaching the police station. The episode ends with the accused being booked, and includes multiple cases each episode.

Monday 11:00 PM et/pt on MTV
1 Season, 12 Episodes
August 29, 2011
Documentary & Biography
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  • Brooke defends herself for attacking the girl who tried to claim her man. Joseph was clueless he was drinking alcohol tonight. He does realize that he's in a cop car, however. A shirtless Joe describes himself as a sissy and admits to cleaning his girlfriend's shoes. Mike is exuberant in the back seat, coining the term 'If I could fist pump I would.' Lee gets crazy in the backseat after trying to steal two Four Lokos. Lance denies accusations of being a chubby chaser

  • Teoshia decided to show her man what's up after he tried to hit her. Tom cries and apologizes vehemently in the back seat after a DUI bust. Danielle admits to shoplifting in the backseat, but denies ownership of her purse & brass knuckles.

  • Lindsay cries when weed is discovered in her car. Martin had tinted windows and was belligerently drunk when he saw lights in his rearview. Diana starts fighting at a bar, or as she says, she was just being 'the boss bitch'.

  • Bridget gets into a fight at her bachelorette party and Terrance tries to find love.

  • Amanda willingly goes to jail over stole beef jerky, while Ricardo makes a proposal in the back seat.

  • A guy gets drunk to deal with his relationship issues.

  • Amanda attacks a girl after she catches her with her boyfriend. Chad drank all day, which resulted in a physical fight with his girl.

  • After being dumped over a text message, Matt gets angry and throws a beer bottle at the bartender. Rachelle splits her boyfriend's eye open after she catches him cheating. Todd has a gun in his hand as officers order him out of the house and onto the ground. Sean tries fighting crime with a ninja sword in the name of justice and, in an ironic twist of fate, lands in jail.

  • Savannah is crying buckets of tears after she's caught drinking under age. After a fist fight with his 'patna', a beat up Ashton uses his camera time to showcase his mad rap skills.

  • Carlos is stoned and has a fit of giggles all the way to jail; Tonya gets caught in the middle of a love triangle.

  • Hope gets maced after trying to slip out of her cuffs. Brandy cries over an ex flame. Pinkie throws a hammer at a heckler. Dan gets hogtied after trying to attack the cameraman.

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