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D. Gray-man HALLOW: The Black Order's battle against the evil Millennium Earl and his deadly Akuma continues to rage on. Allen Walker and his comrades must recover lost Innocence while facing the Earl's terrifying army. If they fail, Innocence will be lost forever.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
July 4, 2016
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D. Gray-man HALLOW Full Episode Guide

  • Three months after Allen's desertion from the Order, some still believe in him and others harbor doubts. When Lenalee expresses disappointment at being unable to help Allen, Marie reassures her that their bond with him remains intact.

  • Now that the Order considers Allen a Noah, Komui issues an order for Exorcists and CROWS to capture him. However, Lenalee believes that Allen won't betray them and goes after him on her own.

  • When the Cardinal attacks Link, Allen, still in a daze and fearing for Link's life, instinctively uses his Innocence on the Cardinal.

  • After the Hekiji barrier placed on the North American Branch is canceled, Allen sees the soul of Alma Karma, who became an Akuma, and learns why Alma has been trying to kill Kanda.

  • As Alma Karma finally wakes, the Alma cells that were implanted in the Third Exorcists start to go out of control. When the situation becomes desperate, the Millennium Earl makes Allen an offer.

  • While in Kanda's memories, Allen sees what the Black Order was doing to Kanda and Alma Karma in the name of the Second Exorcist Plan nine years ago, and how Kanda ended up killing Alma Karma.

  • The Millennium Earl, along with some Noah members, pays a visit to the Black Order's North American Branch where Alma Karma has been sleeping. In order to awaken him, Wisely uses Kanda's brain, which ends up dragging Allen into his memories.

  • Some of the Black Order's staff are brought into the North American Branch to observe Alma Karma, the parent body of the Third apostles. However, during the meeting, the branch is attacked and comes under the Noah clan's control.

  • North American Branch Chief Renny Epstain pays a visit to Komui to let him know that, by order of the Pope, she is activating the Black Order's new fighting power, the Third Exorcists. Meanwhile, the last Noah member awakens.

  • While Allen, Kanda, and Marie are fighting Akuma inside Hearst Orphanage, Timothy awakens as a new Innocence Accommodator. Meanwhile, Reever and the others try to enter the building, but they are hindered by an enveloping barrier.

  • After collecting Innocence, Allen and the other Exorcists are headed to the Black Order's new Headquarters, where Director Lvellie and Allen's Master, Cross Marian, await Allen's arrival.

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