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  • TV-PG
  • 2021
  • 1 Season
  • 6.5  (9,117)

Debris is a new science fiction television series aired on NBC from the creator J.H Wyman. The show takes place in a world where a strange alien powered debris from a destroyed alien spaceship, which either possesses anomalous abilities or is dangerous to mankind, falls to earth, and various countries of the world send their specialists to search and secure it. The series explores the concept of what happens when this delicate balance is disturbed, and this cosmic debris wreaks havoc on earth.

The show stars Jonathan Tucker as the brash, yet focused CIA agent, Bryan Beneventi, who is determined to unravel the mysteries surrounding Debris. He is joined in his mission by MI6 agent Finola Jones (played by Riann Steele), a rule-following and determined detective who seeks the truth behind the debris. In the show, Bryan and Finola must navigate the complicated and unpredictable nature of the futuristic technology that surrounds them.

Together, the duo traverses the globe, encountering different people who have been affected by the debris in different ways, and trying to get answers from those who are in the know regarding the cosmic debris. As they work together, the two develop a strong relationship and form a bond, even as they face increasingly dangerous and mysterious situations.

Additionally, the show features an impressive supporting cast, with Norbert Leo Butz playing Craig Maddox, the former man in charge of the debris program who is now outside the loop, but has insight into the mystery of the debris.

The series presents each episode as a one-hour long event that blends science fiction with action and suspense, promising viewers that they will experience something unique and innovative. The show's creator, J.H Wyman, has previously praised the series in interviews for its heightened sense of reality and grounded, science-based concepts.

While Debris is inspired by classic science fiction movies such as "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and "Blade Runner," it also draws significantly from popular supernatural-genre television, such as "Fringe" and "The X-Files." Over the course of its opening season, Debris promises to explore thought-provoking concepts of science, technology, and the human experience in ways that are both thrilling and eerie.

Debris's debut season takes a serialized approach to the story, with each episode building on the last, slowly unraveling the mystery of the debris and what it might mean for humanity. The show promises to leave viewers feeling on the edge of their seats with suspense as they try to unravel the ever-tightening web of mystery surrounding the cosmic debris, Bryan and Finola, and their quest to keep humankind safe.

Overall, Debris is a unique blend of science fiction, action, and mystery, told through a compelling story with nuanced characters and a cinematic quality that will keep viewers coming back for more. The series stands out among other science fiction dramas on television with its strong emphasis on human emotions and the human condition, placing characters at the forefront of its story while never losing sight of its high-minded concepts.

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Celestial Body
13. Celestial Body
May 24, 2021
Bryan and Finola's lives are changed forever as Maddox and INFLUX converge on the Debris they seek.
A Message from Ground Control
12. A Message from Ground Control
May 17, 2021
As George grows closer to finding what he is after, the Debris that Orbital has collected begins a mysterious process.
11. Asalah
May 10, 2021
When a woman who has been affected by the Debris is found with knowledge of Bryan's past, he is forced to confront his trauma.
I Am Icarus
10. I Am Icarus
May 3, 2021
The mystery deepens as Bryan and Finola attempt to right what has gone wrong, and prevent the fabric of reality from unwinding.
Do You Know Icarus?
9. Do You Know Icarus?
April 26, 2021
While Bryan and Finola figure out their next move, a diver finds Debris off the coast and accidentally erases his sister from reality.
8. Spaceman
April 19, 2021
Bryan and Finola undertake a dangerous operation into an INFLUX compound in order to rescue George Jones. But Maddox and Ferris have their own plans for how the mission should be carried out.
You Can Call Her Caroline
7. You Can Call Her Caroline
April 12, 2021
Bryan and Finola head to Maine to pursue an INFLUX lead, but they discover a volatile situation where a young girl has lost her father to debris; meanwhile, Maddox learns Anson's secrets.
6. Supernova
April 5, 2021
When the team investigates a group of teenagers who are using Debris to kill the elderly, Bryan faces increasing pressure from Maddox to get answers out of Finola.
5. Earthshine
March 29, 2021
INFLUX steps out from the shadows, weaponizing the debris in a terrifying experiment; Finola struggles to keep her newfound knowledge from affecting her work.
In Universe
4. In Universe
March 22, 2021
When the Debris creates a strange rainstorm over a farm in Nebraska, Bryan and Finola must treat the situation like they are stepping foot onto an alien planet.
Solar Winds
3. Solar Winds
March 15, 2021
When Bryan and Finola investigate a mysterious, otherworldly square that has appeared in a field, they come to understand new revelations about our planet. Maddox meets with an old contact.
You Are Not Alone
2. You Are Not Alone
March 8, 2021
Bryan and Finola investigate Debris that is mysteriously dragging metal from an evacuated town for an unknown purpose. Bryan is forced to keep his secret about Finola's father's survival. Maddox looks into a dangerous rogue faction.
1. Pilot
March 1, 2021
Two agents, from two different continents, and two different mindsets, must work together to investigate when wreckage from a destroyed alien spacecraft has mysterious effects on humankind.
  • Premiere Date
    March 1, 2021
  • IMDB Rating
    6.5  (9,117)