Delilah & Julius

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"Delilah & Julius" (2005) is a Canadian animated series aimed at children. The title characters are a pair of young spies who are the orphaned children of secret agents. They were trained together at the Academy and now work together to fight the forces of evil.

2 Seasons, 52 Episodes
August 14, 2005
Animation & Cartoon
Cast: Fab Filippo, Marieve Herington, Denis Akiyana
Delilah & Julius

Delilah & Julius Full Episode Guide

  • Delilah and Julius travel to the past to stop Tibor when his poorly functioning time machine threatens to tear apart the fabric of space and time.

  • It's a race to rescue Al when Delilah and Julius learn that he holds the key to the Zero List.

  • Delilah and Julius have to stop Tibor when he gets everything he needs to make time travel work.

  • An unlikely guest at the academy sets Delilah and Julius on the trail of a sleep-depriving mad scientist.

  • When Tibor kidnaps a world-class Indian programmer, the Academy agents have to race across the rooftops of India to get him back before he's forced to repair the damaged Zero List.

  • Delilah and Julius get very little rest when assassins target an innocent bystander during the Academy vacation.

  • Delilah and Julius have to unmask a villain when a deadly microbot is stolen from Scarlett's international spy gadget symposium.

  • Deep-sea diving for deadly poisons brings Delilah and Julius face-to-face with an even deadlier underwater foe: a scuba-geared Dexter J. Hook.

  • When Dynimo escapes the GIB with Ursula, Delilah and Julius trail the vengeful duo to a mysterious hidden facility.

  • Copycats make Delilah and Julius realize that fans can be a lot more than flattering -- they can be deadly.

  • Dollface and Roy, the robotic romantic duo, reunite with a plan to take over the world with a solar-powered army, and Delilah and Julius have only until sunrise to stop them.

  • An insect infestation hinders the Academy when Dr. Thorax threatens Julius with a buggy genetic mutation.

  • Under investigation for lying, Julius flees the Academy only to be thrust into the middle of warring super agents who risk the lives of innocent amusement park goers.

  • There's a showdown at high noon when Delilah and Julius travel to a ghost town and discover just how many villains are after the Zero List.

  • Rescuing agent Robinson from the maniacal Timekeeper offers Delilah and Julius a glimpse into the possibility of time travel -- and Delilah revisits a memento from her past.

  • The Academy comes to the rescue when Delilah and Julius get frozen solid while investigating a cryogenics lab.

  • Delilah and Zoe have to save Julius, Nosey and Emmet from Ms. Deeds when they travel as backpackers to a monastery in Tibet to find out about the Zero List.

  • Delilah and Julius have to stop Dollface -- a half-human, half-android -- from creating a robot army to enslave the human race.

  • International espionage gets a whole lot messier when an odiferous garbage barge, a yellow briefcase and the Zero List all converge at Pier 14 to help Delilah and Julius bring down a smuggling ring.

  • Delilah walks into a deadly trap laid by an eye-patch-wearing villain who blames Delilah for his missing eye.

  • Delilah and Julius head to Tinseltown when they refuse to believe Dexter J. Hook has become a legitimate movie producer.

  • Delilah, Julius and Zoe go undercover at a convention when a mysterious villain commits elaborate crimes modeled from comic book scenes.

  • Al is accused of treason and has to fight for his life when Dynimo, a blast from his past, takes him hostage.

  • Going undercover at an all-girls' school is difficult for Delilah, who's comfortable hunting super villains but out of her element with regular teenagers.

  • Delilah and Julius are sent to turn the lights back on when someone drains Tokyo's electricity.

  • A nearby spy school is disbanded by crippling fear gas, and Delilah and Julius race to save the Academy from the same fate.

  • Delilah and Julius discover that the GIB has shut down the Academy and jailed Al and Scarlett for treason.

  • Klaus is determined to escape the custody of Delilah and Julius, and Delilah is determined to find out the truth about her parents from Klaus.

  • Delilah goes undercover alone to stop an international group responsible for her parents' disappearance.

  • Delilah and Julius go undercover in New Orleans as World Historical Society agents to guard a 300-year-old voodoo death mask.

  • Sacred temples across China are being robbed, and intel suggests an ex-GIB top spy is behind the theft.

  • Delilah and Julius go undercover as professional tennis players to protect an international tennis phenom.

  • Delilah and Julius are undercover drivers in the world's longest car race to track down smugglers of uranium.

  • Ice is back with a vengeance, this time with a formula that slowly freezes Earth's oceans, causing a new ice age.

  • Julius investigates a high number of comas in a hospital and discovers that Dr. Dismay is stealing people's dreams.

  • Delilah and Julius are assigned to guard the precocious daughter of a workaholic and genius geneticist.

  • Delilah and Julius go deep undercover at a dating service to find out who has been kidnapping the young, rich and beautiful people in New York City.

  • It's Christmas, but instead of peace on earth, the Academy is being held hostage by a mysterious new villain. Only Delilah and Julius can pull a Christmas miracle.

  • Delilah, Julius and Nosey are sent to Borneo to find an antidote for a deadly virus unleashed through preprogrammed bugs.

  • Delilah and Julius are sent to stop Wednesday Kertsfield, who has been kidnapping young, beautiful male actors and models in order for them to compete -- gladiator-style -- for her affection.

  • Delilah and Julius find themselves on a malfunctioning plane about to crash on the remote Happy Times Island.

  • Scarlett has been kidnapped and there's a bomb at the Academy. Delilah and Julius discover that Wednesday is behind the sinister plot.

  • Planet Earth News Network is taking over the airwaves, suspiciously scooping news stories before anyone else.

  • Delilah and Julius head to the fashionable city of London to track down a top agent who has gone missing.

  • Delilah becomes embroiled in a revenge plot involving her parents, a wrongly imprisoned agent and a secret Navajo code.

  • Delilah and Julius head to Mexico to investigate a missing archeologist and to solve the mystery of an ancient artifact with healing powers.

  • Delilah is suspected of being a dangerous mole in the Academy and must go undercover to prove her innocence.

  • The entire planet is suddenly plunged into the dark ages when the flirtatiously sexy yet sinister Ice steals the world's power.

  • Dr. Dismay is about to unleash a deadly virus on a group of unsuspecting fun-seekers at an amusement park.

  • A missing train full of foreign athletes lead Delilah and Julius to Ms. Deeds and her plot to annihilate the planet and start an underground civilization.

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