Life's a Zoo

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In a parody of the reality show phenomenon, seven animals live in a mansion together. They have a lot of human personality quirks, and they certainly aren't above resorting to backstabbing and wily tricks in order to secure their place in the house. One by one, the animals will get voted out until just one of them is left living in the mansion.

1 Season, 23 Episodes
September 1, 2008
Animation & Cartoon, Comedy
Cast: Joseph Motiki
Life's a Zoo

Life's a Zoo Full Episode Guide

  • A psycho runs loose in the mansion. This week's challenge for the contestants is to stay alive.

  • When they can't get along, the contestants are all drugged and wake up in a maze of white rooms.

  • It looks like there are several Morreskis, and Morreski has to decide, "Morreski or no Morreski?" The music video is "Show Me" by Ripped.

  • It's the mansion's musical show. Featured video: "Won More Time" by God Made Me Funky.

  • They say truth is stranger than fiction, which always makes for good friction. Dirty little secrets are revealed about the housemates, including the revelation that there's a fraud in their midst!

  • After days of binge eating, the guests' refrigerator is seized, and this week's challenge is to lose the weight they've gained.

  • Chi Chi becomes a celebrity after winning an immunity challenge, and her fellow housemates look to ingratiate themselves with her.

  • Fed up with the state of things in the house, Ray stages a coup and assumes dictatorial control.

  • Season finale, Part 2. Featured band: Krista Muir, "Leave a Light.

  • The housemates hold a sleep-a-thon to see who can stay awake the longest, but when Jake wins, he gets a little extreme in protecting the reward.

  • Season finale, Part 1. Featured band: The Illuminati, "Goin' Down'.

  • What's a reality show without a celebrity wedding? Featured band: Vanderpark, "From Me to You.

  • All the contestants end up with egg on their faces. Featured band: Joel Plaskett, "Fashionable People.

  • After a night of wining, dining and fighting, everyone but Chi Chi wakes up inside a giant maze. While the contestants lose their way, Chi Chi loses her mind. Will the contestants make it out alive? And will Chi Chi survive!

  • It's back to reality training school.

  • It's free for all on Life's a when the housemates take over the show and decide they can make better TV themselves. What sounds like a good idea soon turns into a hospital drama when one of Ray's pranks goes rogue.

  • This is it -- the season finale! One champion and six losers! Things go off the rails when Ray Jake happen upon the secret control room and take over the show, discovering that Life's A isn't as real a reality show as they really thought!

  • After going six days without sleep during a "No Sleep Contest"┬Ł, Jake finally wins the almighty prize -- papaya! Paranoia, rage and pure insanity ensue as Jake protects his papaya from his housemates' greedy stares, climaxing in a chilling courtroom drama!

  • A costly overrun on advertising for the show forces a radical new look for the housemates.

  • The housemates compete to see who can go the longest being nice and polite to the others without resorting to anger.

  • The houseguests must go through 24 hours without their addictive vices, but then Jake steals the vices and becomes the worst addict of all.

  • Jake is immediately alienated by the group when he's locked out of the house, and his attempts to break in create the primary plot.

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