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  • 2010
  • 2 Seasons

Dennis & Gnasher is an animated television series for family viewing. It features a boy named Dennis and his dog, Gnasher. Dennis and Gnasher are a pair of true blue friends. They go through life as a series of adventures. Each adventure is a story of the choices in life which must be made as well as how to solve the puzzles of the world.

Told through the point of view of a young boy going through life with his dog as his companion this animated series tells the stories of life. These stories are what children face and must figure out as they grow to adulthood.

Dennis & Gnasher is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (63 episodes). The series first aired on October 10, 2010.

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Monster Menace
13. Monster Menace
May 6, 1998
Dennis and co race against time (and specially appointed playground patrol guards Walter and co) to escape detention, in order to witness the unveiling of Mayor Scrimp's proud new statue, which Dennis and Gnasher have made some "modifications" to.
12. Snowbound
April 29, 1998
After a prank misfires and puts the school cook out of action, Dennis and co. go undercover to give the pupils a day of school dinners they will never forget.
Skull & Crossbones
11. Skull & Crossbones
April 22, 1998
Journey to the Centre of the Bed
10. Journey to the Centre of the Bed
April 15, 1998
The Trial
9. The Trial
April 2, 1998
Gnasher finds himself hunted down by sinister rat catchers when the Colonel
8. Mauled
April 2, 1998
A new Mega Mall suddenly opens in Beanotown, but Dennis and Gnasher quickly realise something
Oil Strike!
7. Oil Strike!
April 2, 1998
The Menace family are swindled by ruthless tycoon Clint Katzenberger, who tries to root out an oil field beneath their house. Desperate to get their home back, Dennis turns to Katzenberger
Haunted House
6. Haunted House
March 27, 1998
Adventures in Dennis Sitting
5. Adventures in Dennis Sitting
March 20, 1998
Dennisaurus Rex
4. Dennisaurus Rex
March 13, 1998
The discovery of a large stone-age mural in the Menaces
Menace Power
3. Menace Power
February 27, 1998
When Dennis beats Walter in a racing car competition, The Colonel is determined to find what made his engine-free vehicle tick, whilst Mum prepares herself for a driving test with the help from Dad, a runaway dodgem car, and Gnasher
Summer Holiday
2. Summer Holiday
February 20, 1998
Dad is incredibly determined that the Menace family holiday will be incident-free, but Dennis
The Competition
1. The Competition
February 13, 1998
Humilated by Walter during a hectic game of hide and seek (which soon cumulates into a national frenzy when adults begin to get tagged), Dennis decides to compete against him in a Blue Peter painting competition, with a
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Dennis & Gnasher is available for streaming on the The Hub website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dennis & Gnasher on demand at Amazon.
  • Premiere Date
    October 10, 2010