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The Doctor was originally supposed to be played by one character, but William Hartnell opted to leave the show. The show had to go on, and the character of the Doctor was made to regenerate to take on the appearance of another person. Before any of the regenerations happened, the Doctor has many adventures. This is a compilation of all those adventures before the Doctor changed. You can watch to see what Doctor Who looked like when it was a brand new science fiction series on the BBC in the early 1960s.

1 Season, 18 Episodes
November 23, 1963
Fantasy, Science Fiction
Cast: Tom Baker, William Hartnell, Jon Pertwee, Patrick Troughton
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Doctor Who: The Best of The First Doctor Full Episode Guide

  • Ian attempts to derail the Daleks' plan by sabotaging their bomb. The Doctor also works to undermine the Daleks by turning their Robomen slaves against them.

  • Barbara is put to work in the Dalek mine where it is revealed that the Daleks intend to use a bomb to extract the Earth's magnetic core.

  • The Doctor, Barbara and Susan make their way out of London to the Daleks' mining operation in Bedfordshire whilst Ian faces the Black Dalek's pet Slyther.

  • The rebel attack on the Dalek flying saucer has been defeated. London is crawling with Daleks and Robomen, and the Doctor, Barbara and Susan must escape the city.

  • The Daleks have conquered the Earth. Susan and Barbara have joined the human resistance who launch an attack on the Dalek flying saucer where the Doctor and Ian are prisoners.

  • The TARDIS lands in a ruined and empty London in the 22nd Century. Robomen patrol the shattered streets. The Doctor is eager to discover the cause of the city's plight.

  • Discovering the Monk's plan, the Doctor is determined to stop him meddling with history. As the Viking fleet approaches, time is running out for both the Monk and the Doctor.

  • Steven and Vicki discover an atomic bazooka. It seems that the Monk has plans for the Viking invaders. Returning to the Monastery, Steven and Vicki make an amazing discovery.

  • The Doctor is held prisoner by the Monk in the monastery whilst Vicki and Steven search for him. Meanwhile, a Viking war party arrives ahead of the main invasion fleet.

  • The TARDIS lands on the English coast in 1066, but the travellers are puzzled to find modern day artefacts. A monk observes the arrival of the TARDIS, but seems unsurprised.

  • It is the day of the solar eclipse when Susan is to be punished for her refusal to marry. Can the Doctor and his companions escape before they are sacrificed to the Sun God?

  • Barbara's divine powers are challenged and she humiliates Tlotoxl, the Hight Priest of Sacrifice, who determines to prove her mortality. Meanwhile, the Doctor becomes romantically involved.

  • Barbara's interference in the Aztec practice of human sacrifice casts doubt over her supposed divinity and puts the whole crew in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Ian faces a challenge.

  • The crew venture out of the TARDIS into 15th Century Mexico and the tomb of the Aztec High Priest Yetaxa. When Barbara stumbles upon the Aztecs they mistake her for a reincarnation of the High Priest himself.

  • Kal has been banished from the tribe and Ian is making fire for Za in the hope that he will be grateful and allow them to return to the TARDIS.

  • The time travelers manage to escape the tribe but their path to the TARDIS through the forest holds dangers of its own. Meanwhile, Kal attempts to take advantage of events.

  • With 1963 London left behind, the teachers are amazed to find themselves on prehistoric Earth and are taken captive by a tribe of cavemen who are searching for the secret of fire.

  • School teachers Ian and Barbara follow their student, Susan Foreman, back to her home which is just an old junk yard. There they meet an old man and suspect him of abducting Susan.

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