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The television show Don't Trust Andrew Mayne is an A&E original that first aired on October 23rd 2013 during the season finale of another popular A&E original Duck Dynasty. Featuring professional illusionist Andrew Mayne, the show quickly became a favorite among A&E fans. A&E was reportedly happy get to be working with Andrew Mayne in the new series as he is, by many, considered to be one of the most famous and talented magicians preforming right now. Mayne has written more than fifty magic books and truly is a credit to his art.

In the show Don't Trust Andrew Mayne, he tricks and plays practical type jokes on people and helps people to get revenge on someone with his skills in illusion magic. Many tricks are performed "on the street" in front of live cameras and audiences of bystanders. Don't trust Andrew Mayne began its new season in January of 2014 and is expected by A&E to be another line-up favorite for the new season.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
January 13, 2014
Cast: Andrew Mayne
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Don't Trust Andrew Mayne Full Episode Guide

  • Andrew Mayne decides to help college friends Danni and Mike get even with their prankster roommate Daniel.

  • A wife is ready to teach her husband, who is obsessed with hunting and fishing, a lesson.

  • A dad is ready to evict his 24-year-old live-in daughter.

  • Malinda's husband Jason is still obsessed with toys and the toys are overtaking the house. Andrew tries to teach him how his wife truly feels about the toys.

  • Angel's niece Kendra posted an unauthorized photo on Facebook that would make any woman angry. Knowing that in today's digital world it is hard to remove what makes it to the web, Andrew devices a plan to give Kendra a taste of her own medicine. Through a series of action packed and comical illusions Andrew shows Kendra what happens when you can't press delete. Inspired by Kendra's social media no-no, he also puts the fear of the modern age on unsuspecting people with a number of magical pranks. Will Kendra realize the power of the digital age or will Angel have to de-friend her niece?

  • Melanie is a new mom who wants her husband, Yorgan, to scale back on his fishing hobby turned obsession, so he can spend more time helping her with the baby. Andrew devises the perfect plan that will get Yorgan to dock his boats and keep the waters at home calm. In the meantime, inspired by Yorgan's fish craze, Andrew sails through this episode, enjoying a little mischief and magic with unsuspecting mates. On the day of the big catch, will Yorgan put down the rod and spend more time at home or will he be sleeping with the fishes?

  • A neglected husband tries to reduce his wife's obsession with TV.

  • An irresponsible 22-year-old learns a valuable lesson.

  • A man's obsession with Hawaiian shirts annoys his wife.

  • A broken promise motivates a wife to seek revenge on her husband.

  • Andrew learns of a young wife in desperate need to get her point across to her husband. Tina's husband Audi promises he would quit riding motorcycles after they got married.

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