Drop 5 lbs with Good Housekeeping

Losing weight is never easy, but it can be a lot more manageable with this program, particularly since it's such a reasonable goal. Anyone can lose five pounds if they put in a little extra effort. There are lots of tips included here. Drinking more water and fewer sugary drinks is one simple way to cut back on the pounds. Another is to make time every day for exercise, even if it's just a couple of 10-minute walks. These are useful hints that you can continue to use for years to come as you continue in your weight loss journey.

Saturday 11:00 PM et/pt on Cooking Channel
2 Seasons, 12 Episodes
January 21, 2012
Family, Food, Health & Fitness
Cast: Melissa d'Arabian, Aarti Sequeira, Samantha Cassetty, J.J. Virgin
Drop 5 lbs with Good Housekeeping

Drop 5 lbs with Good Housekeeping Full Episode Guide

  • Fight fat on your waist with fat on your plate! The Drop 5 team helps you lose weight by bringing healthy fats into your diet. Melissa d'Arabian prepares creamy Thai Style Coconut Chicken With Snow Peas and a classic, hearty Nicoise Salad. Samantha Cassetty dispels the myths about fats and helps you make the right choices, while Aarti Sequeira finds out what's so great about olive oil.

  • Look and feel younger with easy nutrition and exercise tips from your Drop 5 team. Melissa d' Arabian cooks up Balsamic Roasted Pork With Berry Salad and tender, flaky Flounder With Corn and Tomatoes. Samantha Cassetty shares her list of "fountain of youth" foods. Aarti Sequeira teams up with Fitness Expert JJ Virgin for some tips on how to physically feel younger through exercise.

  • Good Housekeeping Nutrition Director - Samantha Cassetty - demonstrates a balanced diet and finds indulgent foods that won't pack on the pounds.

  • Culinary Correspondent Aarti Sequeira has your best take-out breakfast choices...How to keep the fat from those cinnamon buns from going to yours.

  • Working hard doesn't mean you can't live healthy. We have the tips, exercises, and foods that will give you fuel.

  • Fitness expert Ashley Borden provides an exercise routine that gives you energy - and warms up your core. Later, she helps you roll out of bed with a roller routine.

  • Fitness expert -- Ashley Borden -- has the perfect exercises to help you reduce the fatigue from your hectic day...AND strength training solutions to shape your middle.

  • Convenience is the key. We'll help you fit food, exercise, and eating out into your busy day. Good Housekeeping Nutrition Director Samantha Cassetty defrosts the top five frozen vegetables; Culinary Correspondent Aarti Sequeira finds some go-to foods while on the go and helps you find good fortune with the best choices for Chinese takeout; fitness expert Ashley Borden has convenient exercises you can do in your home; Melissa d'Arabian is putting together plenty of convenient meals including satisfying Spinach and Tortellini, a Sesame Shrimp Stir-Fry makeover and a quick and easy salad with an island flair.

  • Good Housekeeping Nutrition Director - Samantha Cassetty - shows you her secret 100 calories "munchies" list... AND gives you a label lesson - arming you with specific snacks to buy when you need to satisfying your food cravings.

  • On this episode we're focusing on avoiding the party pounds. Good Housekeeping Nutrition Director - Samantha Cassetty - shows you 5 ways to party-proof your diet... PLUS what to eat, and what to avoid as you fill your plate at the party buffet. Culinary Correspondent Aarti Sequeira gives you a lesson in lower-calorie liquids...helping you navigate which tipple won't tip your scale. Our fitness expert -- Ashley Borden - hosts a post party calorie blast ...that will melt away the pounds... And Host Melissa d'Arabian has a slimmed down version of an all-time party favorite.

  • This episode, we're focusing on keeping up our good work and keeping the pounds off. Good Housekeeping Nutrition Director, Samantha Cassetty, shows you specific fruits and veggies that should fill your basket and helps you count your calories so they don't add up to extra pounds; fitness expert Ashley Borden has the secrets to circuit training and how to easily integrate them into your lifestyle; Culinary Correspondent Aarti Sequeira shows you how to raise the salad bar by increasing your healthy choices; Melissa d'Arabian has some simple Salmon Cakes that are full of complex flavors, low-cal dressings that will be high on your recipe list and a chocolate chip cookie makeover that won't let you miss the calories.

  • This episode, we're focusing on starting the year off right. Our fitness expert Ashley Borden helps you take your first steps into a Fat Blasting Fitness Plan that burns off the calories. Good Housekeeping Nutrition Director, Samantha Cassetty, stops the Portion Distortion; Culinary Correspondent Aarti Sequeira reveals the secrets to Healthy Restaurant Dining and what to do when you over-indulge; host Melissa d'Arabian makes over fat-laden Fettuccini Alfredo with a light yet flavorful new twist on the classic pasta recipe, along with a meal that's a delicious and nutritious beginning to a new year -- Chicken Breasts With Apple Curry Sauce.

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