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Edge of War is a historical documentary program that probes the often chaotic events that led to major military movements throughout the world. The series uses stunning reenactments and power visual tools to convey the intense drama that led to some famous and infamous conflicts around the globe. The host lays the groundwork for what viewers will see, and the show brings viewers up close to the people involved in making decisions that would change boundaries, shape the world, and have a huge impact on the world. The series puts viewers right into the mix throughout the massive journey forward.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Military Channel
1 Season, 6 Episodes
April 3, 2012
Documentary & Biography
Cast: Wesley Clark, Lewis MacKenzie, Glenn LaPointe
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Edge of War Full Episode Guide

  • Examining the events that prompted the U.S. to invade Panama in 1989.

  • British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, orders a marvelous British task force in retaliation to the Argentinian Military Junta invasion of the Falklands.

  • Clashes between Saddam Hussein of Iraq and Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran are examined.

  • The 26th of July Movement launched by Fidel Castro to overthrow General Fulgencio Batista is discussed.

  • Failing to stop Kim Il Sung's forces on land, MacArthur devises an amphibious assault at Inchon with the intelligence aid of naval officer Lt. Eugene Clark.

  • Hungry for territory, Hitler needs to convince the world he is justified in attacking Poland. SS leaders train and equip recruits to act as Polish soldiers, and attack German facilities along the German-Polish border.

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