Fairy Musketeers

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In a strange world in which Science and Magic have been strictly separated since the beginning of time, a witch by the name of Cendrillon arrives determined to harness the power of both realms and thus take over the world. She will not be able to do this, though, without getting past the Fairy Musketeers, a self-made group made up of several young heroes. Sota comes from the land of Science and is passionate about flowers. Little Red Riding Hood is the mysterious girl he befriends; she travels with a wolf, and together, they seek the rest of the musketeers.

TV Tokyo
1 Season, 39 Episodes
December 31, 2008
Cast: Rie Kugimiya, Miyuki Sawashiro, Kumai Motoko, Tamura Yukari, Kanako Tateno
Fairy Musketeers

Fairy Musketeers Full Episode Guide

  • Souta and Ringo wake up to a normal day...

  • Lady Cendrillon, in possession of both keys, opens a portal between the real world and Phandale.

  • Trapped in Lady Cendrillon's castle, the gang witnesses the power of Souta's key.

  • Souta is taken into a mysterious world where Lady Cendrillon tempts him by giving her the Key to Erde.

  • Before entering into the Sealed Land, Red Riding Hood promises to keep Souta and Ringo safe.

  • The gang takes a break inside a ravine beside a flowing river.

  • The Musketeers have to pass through a village in order to reach the Sealed Land

  • While wandering down a road, the gang hears a strange voice coming from afar...

  • After trying to defeat Jed with her Princess Mode, Red Riding Hood pushes on while the others are worried.

  • Red Riding Hood practices her techniques in preparation for an attack.

  • The Musketeers cross the only way leading to the Sealed Land... which happens to be across an shaky rope bridge.

  • Souta has a dream about meeting the same girl over and over again

  • The Musketeers comes across Cendrillon's floating castle.

  • The gang comes across a town that they suspect is full of evil magicians.

  • Snow White finds a magic comb that causes you to shrink and become younger!

  • Rain continues to hinder the Musketeer's journey.

  • Ringo reveals a little bit of her feelings to Souta.

  • The Musketeers encounter a very tall tower.

  • The Musketeers are in a field, getting ready to draw a picture of a pale moon.

  • The Musketeers face Trude once more

  • The Musketeers are close to a town called Ridom

  • While wandering through a field, a pumpkin suddenly grows to an enormous size!

  • The Musketeers suddenly hear singing in the forest and investigate

  • The Musketeers head towards the country where Briar Rose was born which is said to have the nicest elves in all of Phandavale.

  • Kyupi leads the gang through a dense jungle. Is Kyupi leading them the right way or are they lost again?

  • A wise old tree tells the Musketeers a story about two siblings who wander into a forest.

  • While traversing the desert, the Musketeers are fighting a giant insect

  • The Musketeers are enjoying a leisurely stroll through the town

  • Ringo gets lost in the forest and it's up to the gang to find her before something else does...

  • What was suppose to be a joyous occasion has turned sour when a friend turns evil.

  • The gang is lost so they hitch a ride to the nearest town

  • The Fairy Musketeers embark on a journey into Phandavale

  • With her captured Ringo, Gretel tells Hanzel a plan to lure Souta into a trap which would put her in a position to obtain the key.

  • Shirayuki investigates the portal to Fandale and comes to the conclusion that it becomes narrower each time she checks on it. This means they have to hurry up and head into Fandale before the gate closes!

  • Shirayuki and Val sense a great evil is emanating from the school and go on an investigation.

  • Souta's class head's out on a school trip to an enormous garden.

  • Souta is heading to school when he's attacked by a nightmarian.

  • When Souta awakens, he thinks that the girl who saved him is a dream but seeing her in his room, he realizes that it wasn't a dream at all!

  • When Suzukaze Souta was a young boy, his mom told him a fairy tale about a man who was so powerful, that the king divided the world into science and magic.