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Felix the Cat is a U.S. animation produced for broadcast on the TV that is based on a newspaper cartoon strip character and short film character of the same name. Initially created as a silent film character during the 1920s for the Australian Pat Sullivan Studios; the character of Felix the Cat became a TV animation after the retirement of lead animator Otto Messmer and the creative control of the character fell into the hands of his assistant Joe Oriolo. Five seasons of Felix the Cat were produced between 1959 and 1961 with around 126 thirty minute episodes animated under the control of Oriolo who made the character more family friendly than in the earlier cartoon strip and film shorts.

Felix the Cat is a talking cat who spends his days living out a series of fantasies through the use of his magic bag, which shifts shape into any item Felix wishes. Voiced by Jack Mercer, Felix has a series of adventures on Earth and in space aided by the use of his magic bag. Because of the magical abilities of the bag Felix is chased vy a series of bad guys and helped by his friends in his adventures. The main evil character is an elderly scientist known as The Professor who constantly tries to steal Felix's magic bag; The Professor's nephew, Poindexter is also a scientist who aids The Professor, but is also a friend of Felix.

In adventures taking Felix into space and to alien planets Felix usually has to battle the evil General Clang who usually appears and tries to steal the magic bag; as The Professor and Poindecter are generally based on Earth and allow Martin the Martian to help Felix in his space adventures.

1 Season, 28 Episodes
October 2, 1959
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Mae Questel, Jack Mercer, Don Messick
Felix the Cat

Felix the Cat Full Episode Guide

  • The Professor disguises himself in order to steal Felix's "magic bag of tricks." / Felix decides to take a vacation trip. The Professor follows him with his "mirage-maker" / Felix is "cat-napped" by Rock Bottom accidentally

  • The Professor is to deliver the Earth to Mars by dropping an atom bomb in Mt. Boom Boom. / The Professor makes himself invisible to steal Felix's "magic bag." / Felix encounters Rock Bottom in the museum where he is a night watchman.

  • Felix rescues a Martian from a flying saucer that crashed near his house. / Rock Bottom and the Professor try to steal Felix's "magic bag of tricks." / A treasure map falls out of Felix's book "Red-beard the Pirate."

  • Rock Bottom and the Professor want to capture a leprechaun king. / Poindexter turns Felix's "magic bag of tricks" into a doorway to Mars. / The Professor hasn't committed a crime for a whole week, so Felix is sent out to investigate.

  • Poindexter receives a "space-gram" from the Master Cylinder / The leprechaun chief, Barney, rewards Felix with a pot of gold for saving all the leprechauns from the Professor and Rock Bottom. / The Professor lures Felix into his "time machine"

  • The Professor and Rock Bottom are stealing the Rajah's elephants. / General Clang builds a robot, which he puts into an "exchanging machine." / The Professor and Rock Bottom are capturing leprechauns to get their pots of gold for ransom.

  • The Master Cylinder sends a distress signal to Poindexter / Felix is the only one who can bring the "hairy berry bush" back from the jungle. / The Master Cylinder and General Clang capture Poindexter to get his secret "super rocket fuel" formula.

  • Poindexter refuses to take his afternoon nap. To make sure he stays up, he builds a robot to watch Felix. / The Cylinder demands Poindexter build him an "anti-gravity generator" / Rock Bottom and the Professor try to steal the "jewel bird."

  • Poindexter is kidnapped by the Master Cylinder. / The Master Cylinder captures Felix and Poindexter and forces Poindexter to build him a giant "atomic drive." / Poindexter builds a "super-toy" that causes Felix a lot of trouble.

  • Felix is a game warden on the lookout for hunter Rock Bottom. / Felix and Poindexter try to stop a meteor from hurtling toward Earth / Rock Bottom and the Professor are looking for the treasure of the pyramids.

  • After just stealing the $100,000 "Jubilee Dime," Rock Bottom and the Professor collide with Felix. / Felix wants to be a movie star. / The Professor and Rock Bottom are selling fake "rejuvenating" water to the old folks.

  • Felix tries to slow "time" down by turning the master time control back to "slower" / Felix has a collection of giant silkworms that spin gold thread. / Felix encounters a strange little character named "Vavoom."

  • Felix travels to the jungle (followed by the Professor) to find an "oddity" for the circus. / The Professor sees Felix in a ghost town on his "Felix Finder." / The Professor hopes to capture Felix's "magic bag of tricks."

  • Rock Bottom and the Professor are robbing an African Diamond field using fly paper fishing poles. / Rock Bottom starts gardening with a bulldozer Felix's prize garden. / Answering a want ad, Felix becomes a companion to a supposed old man

  • Felix is watching TV when he sees a piece of cheese mysteriously glide by. / While Felix is on vacation, the Professor and Rock Bottom visit the aquarium and get an evil idea. / Felix receives a "Relax-a-Lawn" chair and tries to assemble it.

  • Felix follows the Professor and Poindexter to the Venus. / Felix receives a letter from an exterminating company in which one small termite is enclosed. / Felix sets out from Moo Moo Island with his "magic bag of tricks."

  • Felix follows the Professor and Poindexter to the Venus.

  • The Professor invents instant money that flows through water faucets, Felix and Poindexter are captured by the evil Master Cylinder on the Moon, and the Professor invents an invisible paint and plans to steal the King's Gold.

  • Felix has a golden fruit tree that the Professor and Rock Bottom want for themselves, Felix babysits Poindexter, who builds a flying saucer, and Poindexter sneaks into the Professor's laboratory and concocts a shrinking solution.

  • The Professor and Rock Bottom follow Felix to his gold mine, while Felix is trapped in jail, they try to steal gold from his mine, and Felix is a private eye in search of Pierre Mustache's "claim."

  • The Professor and Rock Bottom use evil ravens to steal the crown jewels. / The Professor and Rock Bottom plan to steal a golden car from the fair. / Felix becomes the Sheriff of Dead-Beat town.

  • The Professor and Rock Bottom use evil ravens to steal the crown jewels, the Professor and Rock Bottom plan to steal a golden car from the fair, and Felix becomes the Sheriff of Dead-Beat town.

  • Rock Bottom steals Felix's new friend, Penelope the Elephant, Rock Bottom and the Professor plan to steal Felix's new money tree, and the professor and Rock Bottom scheme to take oil from Felix's property.

  • Felix stops Rock Bottom from stealing all the rubber needed for bouncy balls and balloons, Rock Bottom falls into a streak of bad luck, and the Professor and Rock Bottom kidnap Felix and turn him into stone!

  • The professor, disguised as the Captain of the Ghost Ship, challenges Felix to a duel, the Professor turns Felix into ancient Egyptian art, and detective Felix is on the prowl for the evil Rock Bottom.

  • The professor disguises himself as Dinah the Dinosaur and traps Felix, Felix gets swallowed by a giant whale, and Felix sets sail on a Ghost Ship.

  • The Professor heads West to ambush Felix, the Professor uses his Electronic Brainwasher to find the secret of Felix's "magic bag," and the Professor disguising himself as Felix.

  • The Professor plots to steal "the magic bag" from Felix, Felix is rocketed into space by the Professor, and Felix meets the Abominable Snowman.

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