First Week In

First Week In is a reality documentary series that first aired in 2012. The series follows three different persons who have just gone to jail. The series interviews the persons as they get ready to go to jail, as they get booked, and as they settle into life inside of the prison system. The series then follows the three persons as they adjust to jail, and looks at them during the next three weeks. The series is intended to offer a portrait of the types of persons who go to jail, life inside of it, and how they begin to look at their eventual release.

Monday 9:00 PM et/pt on Discovery Channel
1 Season, 7 Episodes
January 9, 2012
Crime, Reality
First Week In

First Week In Full Episode Guide

  • A Vietnam War veteran, a college student and a teenager try to adapt to prison life.

  • Three young men prepare to do hard time for crimes that include attempted murder and possession of a controlled substance.

  • Three addicts cope with drug withdrawal while acclimating to the prison's hierarchy.

  • Three addicts have to face the realities of their first time in prison while also coping with drug withdrawal.

  • Three first-time inmates adjust to prison life in the debut of the reality series following newly incarcerated criminals through their first week in jail

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