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GCB is a comedy produced by ABC. It is set in an upper class neighborhood near Dallas, Texas. The story centers on Amanda Vaughn, played by Leslie Bibb. Amanda is a recently widowed mother of two who returns to her childhood home after her husband dies in a car crash with his mistress, and Amanda loses her fortune.

The title GCB is short for Good Christian Belles, which refers to the comedies main protagonists, who embark on a series of adventures with their husbands and neighbors. Kristin Chenoweth plays Carlene Cockburn, a vivacious and outgoing, yet manipulative and abrasive housewife, and Amanda's primary antagonist. After suffering from years of Amanda's bullying, Carlene has risen to the status of the new queen bee in the neighborhood, and she delights in finding ways to make Amanda's life more difficult.

Rounding out the group is Jennifer Aspen as Sharon Peacham, a former beauty queen who has married a former football player and gained some weight. She is completely devoted to and terrified of Carlene, and performs the bulk of her bidding. Marisol Nichols plays Heather Cruz, a successful and single realtor who accepts Amanda's apologies and becomes her friend. Miriam Shor plays Cricket Caruth-Reilly, a strong and smart businesswoman who does what she can to make Amanda's life difficult.

Supporting roles are filled by many well respected actors, such as Annie Potts as Amanda's mother; David James Elliot, Brad Beyer and Mark Deklin as Carlene, Sharon and Cricket's husbands, respectively; and Bruce Boxleitner as Amanda's mother's love interest.

The show was developed by Robert Harling, and is based on the novel Good Christian Bitches by Kim Gatlin. The series originally bore the same name, but was changed to Good Christian Belles before promotion started, and then to GCB. The first season of GCB consisted of 10 episodes, and has yet to be renewed for a second season.

1 Season, 11 Episodes
March 4, 2012
Cast: David James Elliott, Brad Beyer, Kristin Chenoweth, Mark Deklin, Leslie Bibb
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GCB Full Episode Guide

  • Amanda's suspicions about Luke lead to a discovery about Ripp. The GCBs learn they are in danger when Carlene takes them to a groundbreaking ceremony for some condos.

  • The ladies face off for a cook-off.

  • Pastor Tudor's rivalry with Reverend Steve has Amanda assuming leadership of a church musical that was written by Heather in high school. Meanwhile, Carlene and Cricket compete in a sing-off.

  • Pastor Tudor surprises the congregation when he tells them to get frisky.

  • Pastor Tudor shocks the congregation when he challenges them to get frisky. Needles to say, the GCBs take their homework seriously:

  • On a hunting trip Amanda accidentally shoots Carlene!

  • With the help of Andres, Heather brings Sheryl Crow to the annual church fundraiser. However Gigi takes center stage with Burl. Carlene and Amanda argue over something new.

  • When Carlene's Uncle Burl returns to town with his wife, Bitsy, Gigi decides to host a homecoming party requiring guests to come dressed as their favorite Texan. Meanwhile Amanda becomes a consultant for Cricket and Blake's denim line.

  • Things get tense when a church relationship seminar forces Amanda to confront her past while Heather sets her eyes on her new client and former high school nerd, Andrew (Tom Everett Scott). Meanwhile Carlene meddles in both Sharon's and Cricket's marriages to deflect from her own marital dissatisfaction.

  • Amanda becomes concerned that Laura will be labeled an unattractive girl; Gigi decides to throw Amanda a luncheon to reintroduce her to society; Carlene seeks revenge on Amanda; Sharon is concerned about Zach's fidelity.

  • In the premiere episode, Amanda Vaughn returns home to the gossiping delight of all her neighbors!

GCB News

Watch Annie Potts Call Out Newt Gingrich After Republican's 'GCB' Bashing

"GCB" star Annie Potts has an unsurprising counterpoint for Newt Gingrich's assault on her ABC dramedy: the GOP presidential hopeful can discuss "morality" once everybody's convinced he can spell it. Gingrich recently fired off at the popular midseason replacement starring Potts, Kristin Chenowith and other - formerly titled "Good Christian Bitches," then "Good Christian Belles" - by denouncing its "anti-Christian bigotry," as reported by The Huffington Post.

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