Girl, Positive

Girl, Positive is a dramatic television film starring Andrea Bowen and Jennie Garth. Bowen plays Rachel a popular high school student. Rachel has a handsome boyfriend that she is crazy about and tons of friends who think she is amazing. Rachel is an incredibly happy young woman dealing with the typical pressures of teenage life. She has to pick a college to attend and she is worried about doing the long-distance relationship thing with her boyfriend.

Rachel has always been popular with boys and before she started dating her current boyfriend, she was involved with a classmate named Jason. Rachel really liked Jason and she ended up losing her virginity to him. Jason died in a car accident shortly thereafter. One day, Rachel finds out that Jason was HIV positive. Jason also used drugs. Rachel is stunned and scared by this news and she decides to have herself tested for HIV. Her life changes when the test comes back positive.

Rachel is horrified but she does discover a light at the end of the tunnel. She is close to her teacher Sarah and when Rachel finds out that she is HIV positive, Sarah lets her know that she is as well. Sarah has kept her diagnosis secret for many years because she was ashamed. Unfortunately, it is hard to keep anything a secret in high school and rumors about Rachel and Sarah are quick to spread.

Rachel faces a lot of difficulties when she is diagnosed. She knows she has to tell her boyfriend and his reaction stuns her. He instantly breaks up with her and goes around the school telling everyone that she is HIV positive. While Rachel is heartbroken over the way she has been treated, she soon discovers just how strong she really is and with support from good people in her life, she learns how to manage her disease.

1 Season, 1 Episode
June 25, 2007
TV Movie, Drama
Girl, Positive

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  • Half of all new HIV infections occur in people under age 25 - one fourth in people under age 21. - U.S. Office of National AIDS Policy. Seventeen-year-old Rachel is as stunned as anyone when word spreads through her upper-middle-class community that Jason, a popular athlete who recently died, was an IV drug user. But it's the next bomb that really hits home: Jason, a former intimate partner, may have been HIV positive. Wanting to learn more about HIV, Rachel is urged to visit the local AIDS clinic by a substitute teacher, Sarah, but is too scared to face up to the possibility that she may be infected. So Rachel confides her fears to Sarah, who reveals that she has been secretly living with HIV for more than seven years. Unfortunately, secrets have a way of getting out - and both women soon learn that gossip, like disease, can spread swiftly.

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