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Grossology is a cartoon television series based on a non-fictional children's book series that was written by Sylvia Branzei. The cartoon launched in Canada on the YTV network, and by December 2007 the show had aired in four more countries including The United Kingdom, South East Asia, the United States, and Australia.

The cartoon is about a couple of teenagers who are brother and sister that just also happen to be part of a secret government facility that fights gross crimes that gross villains commit. Abby, (the sister) and Ty (the brother) are undercover agents that keep the city safe on the down low. The children are brave, and they solve mysteries even more gross than most adults would deal with.

Their are several villains, including Insectiva, The Scab Fairy, Fartor, Mr. Fowler, Sloppy Joe, Dr. Cornelius Colon, Roger Pink-Eye, and Basso Profondo.

HUB World
2 Seasons, 51 Episodes
August 29, 2006
Animation & Cartoons, Mystery
Cast: Krystal Meadows, Michael D. Cohen, Deven Christian Mack, Paul O'Sullivan
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Grossology Full Episode Guide

  • He?s back and more explosive than ever ? Fartor! And this time his flatulent plan is on an epic scale. He?s planning to send the universe?s gasiest meteor on a collision course with earth. But before he turns our atmosphere into one big fart, he has to overcome Ty, Abby and Lab Rat in space! Lab Rat in space?!?!

  • Someone?s out to ruin Valentine?s Day! And it?s none other than the love-scorned Insectiva and Sloppy Joe. Now it?s up to Ty and Abby to save the day . . . but when they can't quite catch them, the Grossologists are forced to try a slightly different tact ? ?Insectiva and Sloppy sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g, first comes love . . .?

  • When Professor Skinner?s newest creation, Slitherbuddies (cute, genetically modified little snakes) hit the stores, everyone goes bonkers for them. So bonkers, that they ignore an emergency recall . . . until their slitherbuddies molt and become giant and deadly genetically modified snakes. Then they can't get rid of them fast enough. Except for Abby, who just can't seem to let go of her deadly new pet!

  • Part 2 - With Abby a prisoner, her evil clone working an inside job at the Bureau of Grossology and Ty and Lab Rat off the team, Lance Boil looks unstoppable! Now there?s only one person that can save the day . . . Roger Pinkeye himself! Uh oh!

  • Lance Boil?s been kidnapped . . . and there?s a long list of suspects! Could it be Insectiva? Sloppy Joe? No, it?s Roger Pinkeye! That?s right, Roger?s got Lance and he wants to know all of Abby?s and Ty?s Grossology secrets. And if the Grossologists don't find him fast, Lance just might spill the beans.

  • When a suspiciously simple capture of Lance Boil turns into a puss-filled trap, the captured Grossologists and Boil take a trip down memory lane revealing how Ty and Abby first joined the team and how Lance became The Boil! Hopefully, there?s a clue in the past to get them out of their present dilemma!

  • It?s time for an Archer Family father-son and mother-daughter adventure. While Abby and Petunia take on some extreme sports, Ty gets stuck on a fishing trip that he wishes he could have squirmed his way out of . . . especially when he and Harvey end up surrounded by giant angry worms!

  • As floating balls of light cause power outages across town, everyone fears aliens are among us . . . except for the Grossologists! They have something more earthly in mind, especially when the balls of light turn out to be Swamp Gas. But when a giant one-eyed mechanical monster attacks them in the swamp, it might be time for a second opinion. After all, who else who want to turn off the lights'?

  • When an ultra-exclusive spa opens, everyone goes gaga for its new line of creams, gels and oils . . . too bad their all bug based and created by the Insect Queen herself, Insectiva! And guess who?s won a free trip to the spa? Petunia Archer, Professor of Entomology, fellow bug aficionado . . . and creator of a new insect repellant! Uh oh!

  • When an army of giant dung beetles pushing enormous balls of poop (with Sloppy Joe along for the ride) are about to invade, who you gonna call?? The Grossologists! And if giant dung beetles, Sloppy Joe and poop wasn't enough, Insectiva?s part of the plan as well. Now that?s one stinky assignment!

  • When Lab Rat?s techno-fiddling goes bad, it goes bad big-time! With his shrink-ray on the fritz, Lab Rat mistakenly resizes a couple of minuscule dust mites into giant monsters (and shrinks Paige to boot!). With the Dust Mites on a rampage, Lab Rat needs to decide whether to come clean with Abby and Ty or try to solve this gigantic problem on his own. Uh oh!

  • When Ringworm High students mysteriously come down with a major case of Pimple-itis (zits here, there and everywhere), Ty and Abby turn to an imprisoned Lance Boil for help solving the crime. Never short on plans of his own, Lance sends the Grossologists on a wild goose chase, giving him the perfect opportunity for a puss-villain team up. But who?s the mysterious ?Pustulator?? Maybe it?s someone we already know!

  • With Lance Boil?s new super-allergy causing ray-gun wreaking havoc with Ty?s love life and almost splitting up our dynamic duo (Lab Rat and Hermes that is, when Lab Rat develops an allergy to the little guy), it doesn't look like things could get worse. That is, until Lance Boil decides to drop a giant Allergy Bomb on this year?s Carnival crowd. Achoo!

  • What?s a little gross-crime in the name of the truth?? Roger Pink-Eye steps up his attempts to solve the mystery behind Ty?s and Abby?s extra-curricular activities by creating a Mold Monster (by infesting cheese with black mold) to out our heroes as Grossologists! Will Ty and Abby get the double smackdown ? defeat by a moldy monster a-n-d so long secret identity - or can they figure a way out of this mess?

  • There?s a heat wave on . . . and there can't be anything worse in a heat wave than Sloppy Joe. How about Sloppy Joe, no water (thanks to Sloppy Joe clogging the reservoir drains with his armpit hair) and no deodorant (thanks to Sloppy stealing all of it)?? More? How about everyone slathering on Sloppy Joe B.O. sticks thinking their deodorant sticks? Even more? It?s up to germ & stink terrified Lab Rat to save the day! Okay, that?s bad!

  • When a disgruntled former hair stylist (Frederick Follicle) with super-powered body hair launches a hair removal satellite into space, things look bad (bald) for the Grossologists. If they can't put a stop to his plan, no one?s going to have a bad hair day ever again!

  • Sloppy Joe?s found his perfect business venture ? a fast food joint. And business couldn't be better, well, the trash business! His portions are so big that half of the food is thrown away. Joe?s sitting on a garbage gold mine . . . until his stuffed secret tunnels burst and it starts raining garbage. Now it?s up to the Grossologists to solve the garbage crisis. That?s if they can get up off the couch ? they?ve been stuffing their faces with Joe?s unhealthy meal deals.

  • When alligators start showing up in people?s toilets, doing your business becomes risky business. But, gators in the sewers are just an urban myth ? they just couldn't survive down there. Something fishy (reptilian) is definitely going on! Maybe it has something to do with the inventor selling the Gator-Guard 5000, a gator in the toilet trapping system?? Or could it be something else?

  • Abby learns what teamwork is all about when she's kidnapped and imprisoned in a hothouse full of giant, man-eating plants - and her only hope for survival is Insectiva!

  • Abby and Ty are jazzed to be contestants on the hottest game show on the planet where their gross skills and iron stomachs could make them stars. Only trouble is, the show is an elaborate trap and Lance Boil is behind it all! With Abby and Ty out of the way who will stop Lance's pus plan?

  • A new nocturnal villain, Darko Crevasse, plunges the city into darkness with the help of his army of creatures of the night. Ty and Lab Rat scramble to shed some light on the problem before it's lights out for everyone.

  • Kid Rot returns and his powers are out of control.. The forest is rotting and Kid Rot is behind the destruction! Will Abby and Ty stop his rotting tide of evil before he destroys the planet?

  • Fartor and his new apprentice, Far-Ty join forces to drill into the planet core and turn the earth into one big gas planet. Will everyone on Earth be forced to breathe noxious gas and join Fartor's army of the fart-breathers or will Abby be able to save her brother and the planet from a lifetime of stinkiness?

  • Gassy super villain, Fartor returns with a scheme to fart-up the entire planet! But with a plan this big he needs help - and he's got his sights set on Ty. What will happen to our team of grossologists when one of them turns to the fart side?

  • When Abby defuses a mysterious device Lance Boil planted in the middle of town, she gets bathed in a green ray that instantly starts her aging at 6000 times the normal rate! Now, she and Ty have to track down Lance, reverse the process, and stop him from unleashing the ray on the entire city - turning everyone into octogenarians! Worse, they have to do it before Abby ages her way into diapers again!

  • Instectiva, Lance Boil and Sloppy Joe join forces to take down the Bureau of Grossology by afflicting the members simultaneously with villain sized doses of internal parasites, halitosis and acne. Can the now incredibly gross looking, smelling and feeling Grossology team overcome these afflictions before the Gruesome Threesome take over the city?

  • When the GRS-1 comes up short, Ty and Lab Rat design and build the TYMOBILE - a kicking set of wheels that can crawl, leap, or otherwise get around just like your favorite insect. But when Ty's goaded into a race by Insectiva and her cadre of giant bugs, it's all part of her evil plan to plant ultrasonic generators in the country, allowing her to control a cloud of locusts and cover the city with the hungry insects!

  • Amy's new ventriloquist doll may be causing weird things to happen around the house.

  • An attack on the city's water system by Sloppy Joe creates a puke-a-thon amongst the town's people.

  • A giant Owl terrorizes the people of town and especially its pigeons.

  • A crazed basketball player creates an plague-like Athlete's Foot epidemic using his new brand of popular running shoes.

  • A team of mysterious, slimy thugs had been terrorizing the waterfront and eating all the fish. With a new kitten to feed and the cat food supply threatened, Ty and Abby set out to locate the thieves and restore the fish supply - only to discover that the culprits are giant, mutated Hagfish - the grossest fish in the sea!

  • An outbreak of head lice and a lock down in quarantine is too much for our Grossologists - Ty and Abby break up as a crime fighting team. But it turns out that these lice aren't the run-of-the-mill variety - Insectiva is back and this time she's out to enslave kids with mind-controlling bloodsuckers! When Abby becomes one of Insectiva's zombie drones Ty must rescue her. But can he do it without his partner?

  • A crime wave has hit the city and the cops can't stop it - they're all down with a case of the runs! Coincidence? Bad Potato salad at the police picnic? Nope, it's the work of Lance Boil, ex-Grossologist turned super villain. He's developed a weapon that'll shake your very bowels. Can Abby and Ty stop him before everyone is hopping on one foot or will the whole city goes down the toilet?

  • The Scab Fairy (the Tooth Fairy's grosser cousin) is taking scabs without even leaving a quarter under kid's pillows! Has the Scab Fairy gone bad or is this evil villainess some sort of twisted imposter? Abby and Ty try to stop her before she carries out her revenge - and disappoints a whole lot of scabby kids.

  • Sloppy Joe, the world's filthiest villain, is on a quest to concoct the world's most potent stink bomb. The Grossologists must follow the trail of gross crimes, through manure and over piles of garbage, from sweaty armpits to skunk farms, all in hopes of defusing the world's stinkiest weapon.

  • The city is gripped by a gassy epidemic and the cause is only a small part of a diabolical master plan. Tormented for years, an evil genius builds a giant, fart-powered robot to get revenge on his sadistic older brother. Ty and Abby must unravel the stinking plot and stop Fartzilla before he cuts the biggest fart ever.

  • In the dank world beneath our feet a sewer worker fuses with a huge slime mold and threatens to slime the world above - the world of humans. Ty and Abby race to find a way to stop the slime creature before it engulfs the city.

  • The buggy villain, Insectiva tries to take over the world with an army of giant termites and the Grossologists must battle her for control of the colony to save the city and prove who's really the Ultimate Termite Queen.

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