In this loosely scripted comedy series, two YouTubers, Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen, play exaggerated versions of themselves. In this fantasy version of their lives, they're super popular and beloved celebrities. But the duo has a pair of haters, two video-game-store employees who are bent on destroying the careers of the YouTube superstars. Lawley and Caylen play the roles of the haters, as well.

1 Season, 10 Episodes
April 13, 2017
Cast: Jc Caylen, Kian Lawley

H8TERS Full Episode Guide

  • In a climatic showdown, Frank and Zweeb finally get to confront Kian and Jc at their free show. But it doesn't go exactly as planned.

  • Frank and Zweeb try to beat Kian and Jc at their game by making their own viral videos. After a fairly upsetting fever dream, Kian and Jc decide to return to their roots and throw a free show for their "frans."

  • Frank and Zweeb camp out at Kian and Jc's mansion trying to get to some footage of the "real Kian and Jc," which is going to be hard because Kian and Jc are also camping...at a hotel.

  • Kian and Jc go on a hunger strike until they're reunited with their missing dog. Frank and Zweeb decide to torture them by opening a delicious taco truck.

  • Frank and Zweeb dognap Kian and Jc's doggo and there's only one man up to the job of finding her: Dog, the Doggyfinder.

  • Kian and Jc go house hunting with two bizarre real estate agents. Frank and Zweeb are also looking for a new home after deciding that their apartment is haunted by lameness.

  • Frank and Zweeb try to gather other Kian and Jc haters with disastrous results. Meanwhile, Kian and Jc decide to renovate their "stale" mansion...with disastrous results.

  • At Tuberpalooza, Frank and Zweeb get blown off by Kian and Jc (or so they think). To add insult to injury, Jc is now dating Zweeb's mega-crush, the beautiful Bethany Rainbows!

  • Frank tries to get Zweeb to go to Tuberpalooza so they can reconnect with Kian and Jc. Meanwhile, a mean YouTube comment has sent Kian and Jc on a mission to get tan.

  • On a fateful day in 2007, middle- schoolers Frank and Zweeb decline an invitation to make a YouTube video with their buddies Kian and Jc. This decision will change everything....