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The Minnesota town of Haplin is nicknamed Happy Town because of its tranquil nature. It's been five years since any major crimes occurred here, though that last streak was particularly nasty and involved a series of kidnappings that were never adequately solved. When a new crime occurs, it sheds light on the terrible crimes that occurred in the past, causing the deputy sheriff to look closer. Many surprises await during the search, and quite a few of them will be unpleasant and will cast suspicion on seemingly upstanding citizens. What could all these friendly neighbors be hiding from one another?

1 Season, 8 Episodes
April 28, 2010
Cast: Geoff Stults
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Happy Town Full Episode Guide

  • The series finale finds news of the Magic Man's capture spreading through town, which brings the Stiviletos, John Haplin and others to the sheriff's office wanting to impart vigilante justice. During the showdown, Tommy faces off with Griff about the goat's head hammer, Merritt wields influence and Peggy Haplin terrifies her grandson Andrew. In other events, John Haplin discovers that his wife Carol has undergone a strange metamorphosis.

  • Merritt and Henley scheme to take back the mysterious hammer.

  • Henley sets out to get back her money and the goat's head hammer. While interrogating John Haplin about Lauryn Ward, the police find evidence linking him to the Friddle murder. Merritt Grieves strikes up an improbable bond with Peggy Haplin. Tommy rethinks his friendship with Big Dave after a terrifying nightmare. Georgia and Andrew experience a horrifying time in the woods.

  • Tommy feels the pressure to find the elusive Magic Man and Rachel wants to leave Haplin all the while being pressured by John Haplin to remember details of her kidnapping. Merritt Grieves reveals a long-kept secret to Rachel. Henley returns the hammer she stole from the boarding house attic to Peggy Haplin in exchange for money. Det. Hobbs is convinced that Greggy Stiviletto knows who severed the hand found at the bakery.

  • Rachel Conroy disappears and clues seem to idicate the elusive Magic Man is back. Henley gets her stolen property back from Greggy Stiviletto and intends to use it for blackmail. Tommy's investigation of some gruesome evidence may mean good news for Haplin.

  • A state investigator steps in to assist Tommy on Friddle's murder. Andrew exacts revenge on the person he believes assaulted his girlfriend Georgia. A handsome stranger rescues Henley from a bizarre car accident and then lures her into a surprising relationship. Thaw Fest finally arrives bringing with it chilling and tragic consequences.

  • Newly appointed Sheriff Tommy Conroy makes a shocking discovery about Jerry Friddle's murderer; Henley is determined to access the third floor of the mysterious boarding house.

  • Henley Boone arrives in seemingly idyllic Haplin to live. At the same time, a shocking murder occurs at the local pond which conjures up memories of an unknown, evil force known as the "Magic Man". Tommy Conroy, a small town deputy, may have trouble solving the crime when it becomes obvious that the residents are hiding secrets.

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