Hayate No Gotoku! Can't Take My Eyes Off You

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Kenjiro Hata, notable for creating Hayate the Combat Butler, also created the new series Hayate No Gotoku! Can't Take My Eyes Off You. In this series, Hayate Ayasaki continues to work alongside Maria at the Nagi Sanzenin's mansion. Nagi receives a call from Area 51 inviting her to the universe but will she accept?

1 Season, 12 Episodes
October 3, 2012
Hayate No Gotoku! Can't Take My Eyes Off You

Hayate No Gotoku! Can't Take My Eyes Off You Full Episode Guide

  • In order to find Hayate, Nagi's brain goes into super computer mode and starts spinning and spinning. And after all this thinking, what plan does she come up with? A broken bond, a loveable butler, a promise from the past, a promise for a better tomorrow, and a mistaken delusion about money…everyone's wishes combine into one as Ruka's Las Vegas concert begins!

  • The black camellia is a clock that destroys the owner's fortune and brings them bad luck. The minute you hold the clock, your days are filled with drama! As the gang, including Nishizawa-san and Hinagiku-san, all come together in Las Vegas, crazy things start to happen! As the events unfold this week, it makes you wonder why we didn't concentrate more during English class!

  • Somehow Ruri has managed to get herself to America. Nagi has decided to follow and give her the Black Camellia to end this ruse once and for all.

  • The Black Camellia has been found, but it's all the way in America. The problem is everyone has a reason for wanting to go to America, but no one has any money… What to do?

  • After a fight Hayate, Nagi heads to the apartment complex to hang out. But her 'little sister' is the only one home. This might be Nagi's chance to find out what Ruri's real goal is.

  • Hayate is forced into a situation his only viable option is to do something illegal, unethical, and unbecoming. After being called a Mom like figure to Nagi, Maria goes to the source on information regarding Nagi's father.

  • The students fear Hina, so when she decides to put a smile on her face. The students see a walking time bomb.

  • Ruri Tsugumi claims to be Nagi's little sister and it might be true. A series of test are required to prove the validity of the little sister (currently assumed) claims.

  • Nagi refuses to go to school and runs away from home. While searching for her, Hayate is stopped by a little girl who knows too much about his and Nagi?s life.