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The Horse Doctor, which is also known as both The Horse Healer and Veterinarian, is a south Korean television series that falls into the genre(s) of medical, historical, as well as romance. The Horse Doctor is aired on the MBC television channel and it was directed by the well known director Lee Byung Hoon, who also directed Jewel In The Palace, Hur Jun, and Yi San and Dong Yi. Also, this south Korean television series stars many outstanding actor's and actresses such as Cho Seung Woo, Ahn Do Gyu, Han Sang Jin, Kim So Eun, Jo Bo Ah, Lee Sang Woo, Jung Gyu Woon, Joo Jin Mo, and Jang Hee Woong.

The Horse Doctor south Korean television series is mainly focused around a man named Joseon Era and his life. Joseon Era is a veterinarian, but he is a lower class veterinarian and he specializes in various different treatments for horses. Joseon Era inspires to become the royal physician for the king, and will one day become just that. As this television series follows Joseon Era throughout his life, you will meet some unique characters that play a vital role in Joseon Eras life. Two of those characters are Lee Sung Ha and Kang Ji Nyeong. Lee Sung Ha is Joseon Eras rival for the position to be the royal kings physician, and Kang Ji Nyeong creates a wild, confusing love triangle throughout this series.

This television series has many twists, turns, and events that will keep you wondering what will happen next. You will get to see Joseon Eras fight, struggle, and will power to over come obstacles and hurdles that stand in his way of becoming the royam physician. You will see the tricks that Lee Sung Ha has in store for Joseon, and you will get wrapped up in Kang Ji Nyeongs love triangle. This television series has many ups and downs where there is happiness, saddness, anger, and the amazing courage of one young man following his dreams no matter what. You will be glued to your television screen as all the events transpire right before your eyes, it is one television series you will not want to miss.

Mondays & Tuesdays 9:55 PM et/pt on MBC
1 Season, 49 Episodes
October 1, 2012
Cast: Seung-woo Cho, Yo-won Lee, Chang-min Son, Seon Yu
Horse Doctor

Horse Doctor Full Episode Guide

  • Kwanghyon becomes a royal physician and does private practice for those in need. He lives happily ever after with Jinyoung saving many lives, including what he's best at- treating horses.

  • Doctor Baek along with his medical staff discuss how to operate on the King's ulcer.

  • Jinyoung is freed from being a slave, however the officials are against their marriage since Kwanghyon's from a different class. The viceroy pressures him into entering the public service.

  • Lord Yi turns himself in and the viceroy and ministers face punishment as well. Jinyoung has to return to being a slave, but Kwanghyon tries to stop it...

  • Jinyoung tells the Queen the truth about their birth secret. The inquisitors are after Lord Yi as the truth reveals itself...

  • Jinyoung is saddened by the fact that she took away everything from Kwanghyon. She tries to put things back into place when the Queen rejects Kwanghyon's treatment.

  • Jinyoung suspects something after she hears Officer Kang talking about her old records. Meanwhile, the Queen becomes ill.

  • Kwanghyon tells Songha that he is going to charge Lord Yi of Yi Hongik's murder. Meanwhile, Kwanghyon sends Jinyoung away with the Princess while they are in trial...

  • Kwanghyon pleads to the King to use a veterinary procedure to save the Princess. The Ministers request his dismissal from the palace...

  • The doctors find out that the cure to smallpox is to adjust the treatment for each stage of the disease. However, Dr. Choi manages to make the Princess's condition worse and Kwanghyon tries to stop it...

  • Kwanghyon treats the Crown Prince with toad ashes. The capital is in grave danger as smallpox begins to spread...

  • Kwanghyon successfully treats the Crown Prince with acupuncture. However, after his treatment regimen doesn't work, they start to look for alternatives.

  • A man with Onguk's Guide to Sores shows up and tells Yi Myonghwan that he doubts Kwanghyon's abilities to treat the Crown Prince. They face danger when the Crown Prince doesn't stop bleeding from the surgery.

  • Kwanghyon gets praised by the king for treating the hospital's cast-offs and carrying on with Lord Ko's vision. The king has appointed him to be the physician of the seventh rank...

  • Jinyoung finds the medical records and matches it up Kwanghyon's handwriting. Kwanghyon finally makes a comeback at the pavilion where everyone is present.

  • Kwanghyon amputates Lord Oh's leg successfully. Meanwhile, Master Saam gets arrested to the infirmary for practicing magic.

  • Kwanghyon is back at the capital treating patients anonymously. Songha gets injured while he's trying to help Jinyoung...

  • Kwanghyon cures the empress and goes back to Joseon. Meanwhile, Jinyoung creates her own surgical college.

  • Lord Yi treats her Grace while Kwanghyon tries to figure out the cure for tetanus. He finds out that Jinyoung had visited Qing and chases after her...

  • The Empress has been diagnosed with sequestrum. Physicians from all over are brought together to find a cure.

  • Kwanghyon is treating patients in Ningbo, Qing China with Master Saam and Kayoung. Meanwhile, Lord Yi is planning on a trip there...

  • Kwanghyon survives Yi Myonghwan's trap and is on the search for Master Saam. He leaves to the Qing with So Kayoung and Master Saam.

  • Kwanghyon discovers that Jinyoung is Yongdal. Meanwhile, Lord Ko gets tetanus and ends up in critical condition.

  • Kwanghyon was successfully doing Lord Ko's surgery. Lord Yi finds out that Kwanghyon is Kang Dojun's son and capture him.

  • Lord Ko has been diagnosed with Sequestrum and Kwanghyon attempts to operate on him. Meanwhile, the widow tells Jinyoung her father was behind Lord Ko's poisoning...

  • Nurse Inju tells Kwanghyon about his past and how he has to choose between Jinyoung and his father. Meanwhile, he discovers Lord Ko with a serious illness.

  • Kwanghyon gets released and performs surgery on the widow. Nurse Inju finally decides to tell him the truth about his father...

  • Kwanghyon gets charged with harrassing the viceroy's daughter-in-law. Inju tells Lord Ko the truth about Kwanghyon and Jinyoung.

  • The princess asks Jinyoung to set her up with Kwanghyon at the lantern festival. Things don't go as planned and Kwanghyon ends up with Jinyoung instead. Meanwhile, Myonghwan is arranging Songha and Jinyoung's wedding.

  • Yi Myonghwan tries to stop Lord Ko from treating the king, but Kwanghyon helps him. The nurse tells Kwanghyon that someone poisoned him on purpose, and Lady Shin tells him to be careful of Yi Myonghwan.

  • The king forms sepsis and Kwanghyon finds out that his diagnosis was correct.

  • Songha tells Kwanghyon that he can't get with Jinyoung since he's a commoner and she's a noble. The nurse finds out that Oh Jangbak is from the same island as Kwanghyon. During the practical application, Kwanghyon faces the king...

  • Kwanghyon and Jinyoung save Eunso. While he is locked up in the morgue, he brings a corpse back to life.

  • Kwanghyon passes the exam and becomes an apprentice. He wants to prove to Myonghwan how commoners like him can become physicians too.

  • Kwanghyon is preparing for the exam when Lord Yi Myonghwan finds out about them. He restricts Jinyong from seeing him and tries to stop him from becoming a doctor.

  • When the medical exam is announced without any restrictions in social class, Gwanghyon begins preparing with Jinyong's help.

  • Kwanghyon gets punished for attempted murder with acupuncture. After he recovers, he gets an offer to become a real doctor by Lord Ko.

  • Kwanghyon tries to treat his colleague, Kang Dalho, with acupuncture.

  • Kwanghyon finds the cure for the illness and is able to save Jinyoung. The Princess leaves the palace to see Kwanghyon

  • Kwanghyon thinks the cattle plague isn't cowpox. While he tries to find the poison, Jinyoung gets infected...

  • Kwanghyon and Jinyoung start working together at the Royal Stables. They find out about the cattle plague that spreads to people.

  • Kwanghyon uses seven calming points to cure the horse that's supposed to be a tribute to the Qing. Ji Nyung finally joins the Welfare Clinic, where she gets sent to the stables.

  • Jinyoung finds out that the horse doctor's name is Kwanghyon. Kwanghyon decides to save the horse that is supposed to be a tribute for the Qing.

  • Kwanghyon gets saved and lives in the stables. While the ministers come to buy the horses, Jinyoung comes along with Yi Myonghwan.

  • Kang Dojun's disgraced clan gets restored. Meanwhile Kwanghyon, Baek Sukgu, and Yongdal are on the run.

  • Kwanghyun finally frees himself and goes out to the capital. There, he meets Youngdal, the real daughter of his father, Baek Suk Gu.

  • Myonghwan meets Kang Dojun and Inju at the apprentice library. There, they share their hopes and dreams together. However, after they find out the secret behind the Crown Prince's assassination, they are faced with grave danger...