I Know My Kid's A Star

I Know My Kid's A Star is a reality competition show that lasted one season on VH1 in 2008. The show was hosted by former child star Danny Bonaduce. The premise of the show is to introduce kids and their parents the harsh realities of the entertainment world, and to determine if the child and the parent can make it in Hollywood.

1 Season, 8 Episodes
March 20, 2008
Cast: Danny Bonaduce, Marki Costello, Melissa Brasselle, Gian DiFranco
I Know My Kid's A Star

I Know My Kid's A Star Full Episode Guide

  • The finale finds the parents put in charge of their child's production as they perform in front of a live audience. The show concludes with a winner selected.

  • The children and parents each face a radio interview with Danny on their own. Then, the children will audition as television hosts.

  • The remaining children are challenged to do a scene with a soap opera actor. One more team is released.

  • This week's challenge is for the kids to audition for a stage production of Oliver Twist, with the parents sent off to buy a costume for their child in a thrift store, with a 20 minute time limit and $40 budget. The children also get a lesson on how to speak with a cockney accent from dialect coach Joel Goldes, followed by an audition for a casting director.

  • The parents are challenged to give coaching lessons to their child adding a voice and character to a fly, and the parents are schooled in how to avoid the pitfalls that a child star will go through and learn the signs to be aware of.

  • The first episode finds the kids performing, as the parents are interviewed by Marki Costello, a manager. The first parent-child team is eliminated.

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