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Twenty years ago Jennie Garth made her way from her hometown of Urbana, Illinois to fame and fortune as a television star and movie actress. Now in an effort to escape the pressure and stress of a fast paced life caught up in Hollywood's glitz and glamour, and in the wake of her divorce from Peter Facinelli (who does not appear in the series), She's moving with her family and her assistant Corrine to the countryside of Southern California to live on a seven acre farm in Santa Ynez, to experience all that the farm life has to offer, and bringing us along for the ride in the reality show titled Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country.

The show can be quite serious at times because it involves much of Jennie Garth's personal life. Garth's daughters, of whom she has joint custody with Peter Faccinelli also appear on the show, Luca is 14, Lola is 9 and Fiona is 5. Many times during the show we see an up close example how a whole family can be affected in the wake of a divorce.

The show also has it's light side, mainly brought to the table by Corrine, Jennie's personal assistant. While Jennie, who grew up in Illinois feels at home on the farm, we soon learn that Corrine does not. In one instance, Corrine not knowing much about dairy cows, bet Jennie that in order to milk a cow, someone had to suck on the udder to get the milk started. The loser of the bet would have to suck on the udder.

Jennie Garth: A little bit country, has a family based atmosphere and is funny and down to earth. It is for the most part pretty mild, and has many positive messages about family, but there is an occasional censored profanity and a little innuendo at times.

Friday 9:00 PM et/pt on CMT
1 Season, 8 Episodes
April 20, 2012
Cast: Corinne Dekker
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Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country Full Episode Guide

  • Jennie must make life-altering choices as she deals with her divorce. She decides it's time to clear up the rumors surrounding the issue and agrees to appear on national television.

  • When Luca meets with a music producer in Los Angeles, Jennie and her family consider the possibility of relocating back to the big city. Realizing that Jennie is feeling the pressure to make a decision, Corinne suggests a camping trip.

  • Jennie throws a welcome home party for her mom and new husband.

  • Jennie and Corrine have different views on how to release anger.

  • Jennie and her two girlfriends attend an oceanside "love retreat" where they discuss emotional wreckage and marital difficulties. Together they bond and find new perspective about relationships and love.

  • When Jennie adopts 10 untrained dogs from an animal shelter, the dogs destroy her house. Jennie, her girls and the dogs struggle through an obedience course -- led by animal trainer, Kirstin McMillan -- before setting up a dog adoption day in the center of town where they try to find homes for the dogs.

  • Luca, Jennie's 14-year-old daughter is ready to start a singing career. Corinne books her her first live show at an old folk's home much to Luca's dismay. Jennie helps Luca by finding her a professional band and a lively audience so Luca can perform her original songs.

  • In the series premiere, Corinne, Jennie's assistant, joins Jennie and her three daughters on the farm. Jennie would like more animals for the farm and Corinne would like a man so they head to the livestock auction.

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