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Judge Judy is a TV show that is led by Judy Sheindlin who used to be a New York Judge, and in the show Judge Judy finds ways to solve different cases of little claims, and with her strong "do not play with me" attitude she has been able to offer $5,000 to cover for the damages of claim cases that Judy has had to solve in the past using her professional law experience. Another person that joins her on the TV show of law is a man named Bailiff Petri Hawkins-Byrd; he is in charge of bringing order to the courtroom in order for situations to run smoothly.

What happens in the TV show after a case is closed is that the defendant and the Plaintiff must confront their problems outside of the courtroom. If you are the type of person that likes to see TV shows about claim disputes made by companies, then Judge Judy is the show to see.

Judge Judy is a series that is currently running and has 26 seasons (3285 episodes). The series first aired on September 16, 1996.

Where do I stream Judge Judy online? Judge Judy is available for streaming on Syndicated, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Judge Judy on demand at Hulu online.

Daily 4:00 PM et/pt on Syndicated
26 Seasons, 3285 Episodes
September 16, 1996
Crime Reality
Cast: Judy Sheindlin, Petri Hawkins Byrd, Jerry Bishop
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Judge Judy Full Episode Guide

  • An aspiring musician accuses his childhood friend of assaulting him and coming at him with knives after a failed recording session. Ex lovers admit they should never have lived together as they fight over the cost to rent a car and a loan for gas money and food.

  • A tutor offers his wealthy clients the 'opportunity' to thank him for his services by giving him $3,000 to pay off his student loans. A man claims his girlfriend threw a marijuana dab pen at him during an argument at the exact moment police showed up and arrested him for possession of it.

  • When a landlord's sense of smell returns, he is allegedly able to smell his previous tenant's dogs and thus keep their large deposit. A mechanic's ever-increasing invoice leads a man to sue for the return of his dirt bike; Her Honor takes an interesting approach to payback.

  • A failed engagement ends with ex-fiancees fighting over the alleged sale of a shotgun and a cruise that never took place. A rainy Halloween night crash leaves a car totaled and sisters fighting.

  • Defendants are thrown out of court after disrespecting the Judge; video reveals defendant screaming into a neighbor's face at the height of Covid.

  • Sisters accused each other of stealing property from their deceased mother's estate.

  • A penthouse owner files a restraining order against his neighbor claiming he feared for his safety; surveillance footage tells a different story.

  • A man claims the Judge 'tore him apart' after ex-tenants accused him of tricking them into moving out early so he could sell his home. Longtime friends call it quits after an ill-fated attempt to move in together.

  • A young woman accuses her landlord of illegal activity and demands payback; her landlord calls her a 'lying thief.' A man denies crashing into a parked car and fleeing the scene; he refutes an eyewitness's account claiming she's got the wrong guy.

  • An unskilled boat driver is accused of ramming into seasoned water motorist at a recreational launch in Lake Havasu.

  • A woman confesses that she was aware of the 'vicious propensity' of her friend's German Shepard before it mauled her small dog. Former lovers squabble over the return of a motorcycle and storage fees.

  • A trucking company owner claims a former driver stole thousands from his business in order to gamble instead of do his job.

  • The Judge's opinion upsets a new dog owner whose Goldendoodle puppy must undergo surgery to remove a foreign object it mysteriously ingested.

  • A used-car salesman says he closed a deal with only a spoken agreement, leaving a woman with no proof she bought a vehicle that was towed.

  • Judge Judy's phone call to the plaintiff's associate causes his argument to fall apart; a woman sues her former friend for boat costs, rental fees and mental distress after co-ownership ends in a fight.

  • A woman says her 85-year-old mother suffered mental anguish when her caregiver walked out on her, then the caregiver cries harassment; a tenant is accused of moving out and leaving unpaid rent and damages in her wake.

  • A dog must be euthanized after it attacks a pit bull and its owner; the dog owner must endure a series of painful shots. A woman sues her form her in-home caregiver for an alleged illegal eviction and stolen belongings.

  • A young man claims he was forced to spend less time bathing in order to lower the utility bill but was kicked out anyway; his landlord sues for damages.

  • A man refuses to believe that his beloved, vintage camper is only worth $2500; he accuses his mechanic of shoddy work on the vehicle. A woman accuses a daycare provider of neglect when she allegedly gives the wrong child to a family member for pick-up; provider denies charges.

  • A woman attempts to modify a party contract that only her ex-husband signed and loses out on return of her deposit. A woman sues her neighbor for crashing his car into a retaining wall on her property; he says he has no idea what happened.

  • A group of young skiers accuse a woman of selling them $1500 worth of useless passes to California ski slopes. A man and his 18-year-old son sue each other over party damages and an alleged illegally sold vehicle. The pandemic leaves a tenant without funds to pay his landlady; she decides to take it out of his security deposit.

  • A dog's tail must be amputated due to a groomer's alleged laceration of the pet during a visit; the pet owner is accused of neglect.

  • When an emergency recall comes into play, a woman sues a rental car company owner for damages an allegedly fraudulent car rental. A babysitter claims her former client owes for unpaid babysitting fees claiming she bounced two checks to her.

  • A 19-year-old living with his mom gets into a physical fight with her over the air conditioner; neighbors call the police, and he sues for being kicked out. A woman accuses a man of stealing her exercise machine; he claims she abandoned it.

  • A woman is accused of harassing her neighbor's father with a taser after he allegedly called her a prostitute for questionable parking practices.

  • A man accidentally smacks his face into an open window and then sues a B&B owner for negligence; a scathing review leaves the owner furious.

  • An ex-convict accuses his personal assistant of stealing thousands of dollars while he was serving time for harassment.

  • A woman claims she suffers PTS due to the alleged harassment of her former tenant whom she says is a vicious, police-calling 'Karen'. An ex-tenant goes to court to seek the return of his rent and reimbursement for damaged property from his landlord.

  • A law enforcement fundraiser ends with an event planner refusing to pay for the cost of props she believed were a donation.

  • A popular dance instructor allows clients to pay for lessons after completion and then complains about collecting 2k for 10 Zumba classes. The owner of a mobile tanning service sues the new owners of a salon for allegedly holding her tanning bed hostage.

  • A puppy suffers a horrible death as the result of a neighbor;s alleged pesticide negligence; an animal control report paints a different picture.

  • A woman with 40 income-producing properties sues an impoverished tenant for back payments to thetune of $16,000. A landlord complains about dust under the bed but misses the big picture; the Judge points out that she only missed out on four days of rent in the middle of a pandemic.

  • When a man sells a car to a teenager for $3,400 cash and then refuses to hand the car over, the Judge hits him where it hurts. Police say a Postmates delivery driver looked at his phone instead of the road causing a major collision; the young man reluctantly admits he was in the wrong.

  • A woman interrupts the Judge at the wrong time in her efforts to collect on a security deposit that was never returned. When a motorist is accused of backing into a shopper's car, he claims their vehicular damages were inflicted weeks earlier.

  • A woman suffers painful dislocated discs after a fellow motorist allegedly runs a light and slams into her. A woman claims she was saving her lover from life on the streets when she loaned him thousands during his unemployment; he claims it was all a generous gift.

  • A Pride march organizer is accused of writing thousands in bad checks to musicians who performed at a charity event; a model/dancer/songwriter/entrepreneur accuses a longtime friend of stealing his stimulus money.

  • A woman, outraged that her neighbor parked in her assigned spot, douses the offending car with laundry detergent and breaks the wipers.

  • After a man's residence burns down, he becomes homeless and is rescued by a Lutheran charity; his new landlord says he scammed everyone.

  • A home-alone teen throws a party that leaves a minor maimed by his dog; a man decides to keep $4,700 of his tenant's security deposit for utility bills he never gave him an opportunity to pay.

  • Young unwed parents-to-be accuse their landlord of illegally locking them out after having to deal with a mentally-challenged roommate.

  • When a woman has no time to check a used car with a mechanic, she adds a clause in the sales contract that protects her from a lemon. When cars collide in a parking lot, motorists point the finger at each other for liability and damages.

  • A married couple sues for liable, slander and lost business after they allegedly default on a loan. A pet owner blames the pandemic for her inability to get her infected kitten to a vet in time to save its life.

  • A teenager takes the stand to back-up his mother's story of alleged violence; the father denies all charges.

  • A cute rescue dog makes an appearance in court after allegedly eating a marijuana-laced brownie; her owner sues for medical bills, pain and suffering. A retired senior accuses a man of taking her money and then leaving the country after she buys an 11-year-old car from him.

  • When a young couple break up, child custody, a $5,000 loan and an eviction come into play; a woman makes a nice profit on the sale of her home, but refuses to let go of a $1,650 security deposit because a tenant of 13 years didn't clean his rugs.

  • A neighbor's dogs maul a girl's pony multiple times; a woman saves up enough money to move out of her parents' house only to lose both jobs due to the pandemic and a hefty security deposit on her new home.

  • At an afternoon happy-hour, a woman reportedly challenges her friend to a drug test; a nose-breaking, hair-pulling fight ensues.

  • A young woman accuses her parolee grandfather of placing her in a choke hold and of killing a small dog; a man says he was simply retrieving property when his ex-girlfriend shoved him and broke his foot.

  • A young woman accuses her parolee grandfather of placing her in a chokehold and of killing a small dog; her grandfather is appalled at the charges. A man, with his foot in a brace, claims he was simply retrieving property when his ex-girlfriend shoved him and broke his foot.

  • A couple claim they were offered a great deal by a park employee who allegedly won a massive settlement from an unrelated medical misdiagnosis. After failing to pay property taxes, a woman's home is foreclosed upon, allegedly leaving her renters without power; she sues them for refusing to move out.

  • A woman has the audacity to sues her ex-lover for living expenses she contributed to a household where she and her family lived for free.

  • The Judge has zero tolerance for a man who accepts thousands from a woman to help him pay child support for his three children. A woman takes in a stray pit bull who ends up maiming her small dog before he can be returned to his rightful owners.

  • A married mother goes beyond the call of duty to drive cross-country to relocate a down-and-out military man. While deeply in love, a man claims he made every effort to help his lover pay off over $5,000 in credit card debt; she repays him with a frivolous countersuit.

  • After a toddler allegedly complains of inappropriate play with an older child, a father must fight his child's mother after she allegedly defames him.

  • An MMA fighter breaks a man's jaw claiming he was threatened with a gun; the video shows the victim only reaching out to shake hands. A 58-year-old man goes on a single date with a 39-year-old woman, and she claims a $5,000 loan was a gift to her and her family.

  • A woman sues the father of her children for the return of property after she allegedly threw a lighter in his face during a fight.

  • After a young woman suffers a terrible motorcycle accident, she makes ends meet by renting out rooms and further suffers credit damage after co-signing on a car loan. The Judge makes a voting prediction when a disabled man takes no responsibility for crashing a car his girlfriend cosigned for him.

  • A young man with a criminal history blames his previous drug addiction on poor decision making and alleged check fraud. A woman sues her former landlord for dog endangerment and for allegedly assaulting her after an illegal lockout.

  • A woman is heartbroken after giving away her baby lamb and tries to get the animal back; unfortunately, the new owners have grown attached. A man shares the dark side of the ride-share business as he prepares to file for bankruptcy after being sued for car-related damages.

  • After a night of heavy drinking at five bars, two women end up on the ground fighting over alleged slander and boys. A young woman sues her ex-business partner for damages resulting from the dissolution of their alleged partnership in a salon.

  • Questions arise when a gifted youngster allegedly neglects to tell his father that he has been accused of vandalizing a neighbor's property. A hair-salon client accidentally tips her stylist more than $200; she is then accused of slandering his business on the internet.

  • A chief warrant officer is attacked by one of eight pit bulls, as he attempts to serve a man with a child support subpoena. A teenager demands that an ex-friend pay for her dog's surgery after the puppy is allegedly fed dangerous food.

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