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Judge Judy is a TV show that is led by Judy Sheindlin who used to be a New York Judge, and in the show Judge Judy finds ways to solve different cases of little claims, and with her strong "do not play with me" attitude she has been able to offer $5,000 to cover for the damages of claim cases that Judy has had to solve in the past using her professional law experience. Another person that joins her on the TV show of law is a man named Bailiff Petri Hawkins-Byrd; he is in charge of bringing order to the courtroom in order for situations to run smoothly.

What happens in the TV show after a case is closed is that the defendant and the Plaintiff must confront their problems outside of the courtroom. If you are the type of person that likes to see TV shows about claim disputes made by companies, then Judge Judy is the show to see.

Judge Judy is a Crime, Reality series that is currently running and has 25 seasons (3227 episodes). The series first aired on September 16, 1996. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.0.

Judge Judy is available for streaming on the Syndicated website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Judge Judy on demand at Hulu online.

Daily 4:00 PM et/pt on Syndicated
25 Seasons, 3227 Episodes
September 16, 1996
Crime, Reality
Cast: Judy Sheindlin, Petri Hawkins Byrd, Jerry Bishop
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Judge Judy Full Episode Guide

  • After a toddler allegedly complains of inappropriate play with an older child, a father must fight his child's mother after she allegedly defames him.

  • An MMA fighter breaks a man's jaw claiming he was threatened with a gun; the video shows the victim only reaching out to shake hands. A 58-year-old man goes on a single date with a 39-year-old woman, and she claims a $5,000 loan was a gift to her and her family.

  • A woman sues the father of her children for the return of property after she allegedly threw a lighter in his face during a fight.

  • After a young woman suffers a terrible motorcycle accident, she makes ends meet by renting out rooms and further suffers credit damage after co-signing on a car loan. The Judge makes a voting prediction when a disabled man takes no responsibility for crashing a car his girlfriend cosigned for him.

  • A young man with a criminal history blames his previous drug addiction on poor decision making and alleged check fraud. A woman sues her former landlord for dog endangerment and for allegedly assaulting her after an illegal lockout.

  • A woman is heartbroken after giving away her baby lamb and tries to get the animal back; unfortunately, the new owners have grown attached. A man shares the dark side of the ride-share business as he prepares to file for bankruptcy after being sued for car-related damages.

  • After a night of heavy drinking at five bars, two women end up on the ground fighting over alleged slander and boys. A young woman sues her ex-business partner for damages resulting from the dissolution of their alleged partnership in a salon.

  • Questions arise when a gifted youngster allegedly neglects to tell his father that he has been accused of vandalizing a neighbor's property. A hair-salon client accidentally tips her stylist more than $200; she is then accused of slandering his business on the internet.

  • A chief warrant officer is attacked by one of eight pit bulls, as he attempts to serve a man with a child support subpoena. A teenager demands that an ex-friend pay for her dog's surgery after the puppy is allegedly fed dangerous food.

  • A woman sues a divorcee for medical bills after she sprains her ankle when jumping over a fence to see free horses; a year after a pit bull attacks a woman's terrier, the woman revisits the dog park, only to be viciously attacked by the same dog.

  • A woman's small dog is reportedly attacked by a terrier mix through a narrow fence; photo evidence changes the judge's mind; a man gets a deal on a used car only to find out there is a lien on the salvaged vehicle; the seller is accused of a crime.

  • In a child custody tug-of-war, a woman ignores her child's father's rights and tries to take their teen son, then has the father arrested, claiming he pushed her.

  • A woman is caught on tape bashing the windows and slashing the tires of a car that hit hers; a woman says she playfully scolded a teen co-worker by pulling on his ear, then he called his dad, leading to her arrest and job termination.

  • After meeting online, two woman end up fighting over missing business property; a woman sues her ex-boyfriend for unpaid loans and for the cost to care for his daughter.

  • A woman, her husband and her three children move in with her sister, live for free and then sue her for unpaid credit card charges; a man allegedly has images of his roommate stealing toiletries.

  • A mother of two is accused of stealing her uncle's furniture; a man threatens to sue his neighbor for air pollution if he smells marijuana coming from the plants in his backyard.

  • A woman cites friends and neighbors as witnesses to her ex-coworker's reported violence, but none of them show up in court; a man's story about paying his foster sister for a used Mercedes in no way reflects his original statement to the court.

  • Shards of glass from a broken window lead a hemophiliac to fear for his life and file a restraining order against a fellow tenant.

  • A couple say their rental property was so hot that their toilet water boiled, and one of them suffered a heatstroke; during a windstorm, a woman's trampoline jettisons from her property to her neighbor's, damaging a '67 Mustang, a truck and a house.

  • A landlord accuses a woman with special-needs children of dealing drugs; a man takes over payments on his friend's car then racks up parking violations, totals the vehicle in an accident and refuses to continue paying on the vehicle.

  • A man comes at his friend with a pipe, saying his motorcycle was damaged, and the friend returns the violence with a knife; a woman agrees to care for her friend's ailing mother but after her death they fight over compensation for room and board.

  • When a woman's Visa application is denied, she sues small business owners, saying they scammed her; a man puts down a sizeable deposit for a puppy but never receives one, and the dog breeder sues him for libel and defamation.

  • A mom stays at home to care for five children, and a heated dispute between her husband and his mother makes matters worse; after falling below the legal GPA to be in a fraternity, a young man is sued by his frat brothers over a lease and bills.

  • Two women are caught on video chasing down a man in his place of business after he repossesses the car they bought.

  • Sisters pull together to pay for their father's funeral only to be pulled apart by life-insurance delays; a woman sues her sister for repossession fees, damages from a car accident and a fraudulent tax return.

  • Police pull over an unsuspecting older couple for driving a reportedly stolen vehicle; a man sues his ex-friend for the unpaid balance on a bathroom he built in his barber shop, while the barber says he gave him a place to stay instead of cash.

  • A woman survives a head-on collision in her ex-husband's car but refuses to give him the insurance payout; a woman sues her ex-friend and travel agent for a refund on a cruise, while he says she accused him of stealing money from a charity.

  • After a young woman witnesses the slaying of her chickens by a neighbor's husky, she draws a gun and kills the animal; an uninsured driver is seriously injured when she merges into a fellow motorist's lane on the freeway.

  • A young mother confides in her landlord when things get rough with her live-in lover; he denies any illegal activity.

  • A mother reports her son's work vehicle as stolen; a woman sues an auction house; a three-tier wedding cake collapses on a bride's big day.

  • A woman is convicted of assault after cutting her daughter with a knife during an altercation over puppies; video evidence captures the bloody aftermath.

  • A man accuses a costume designer of delivering a shoddy product; the designer sues for slander and claims he received death threats; a man accuses his half brother of stealing his property.

  • An RV owner refuses to pay for his girlfriend's camping fees; the judge warns drug users about the ravages of meth addiction.

  • A concerned father calls child protection services on his son's mother; a pit bull owner insists that a man's attempts to punch and kick her dog were met with aggressive behavior by her pet.

  • The judge orders a woman to surrender her dog to its co-owner in a contentious custody fight involving dead puppies and emergency neutering.

  • When a man's ex-girlfriend accuses him of pulling a gun on her, he files a protective order and sues for false arrest.

  • A couple move in with Mom to improve credit scores and save for a new home, but a fight over money and tools divides them; an online meeting leads to a face-to-face at a motel, the reported disappearance of a phone, threats and harassment.

  • A woman is accused of throwing a computer across the room and crushing a cellphone in a jealous rage.

  • A woman says her horse was neglected, beaten and malnourished while in the care of her former horse trainer; a man skips a year of mortgage payments while his ex-wife declares bankruptcy, and they fight over renovations of their marital home.

  • A married couple sue their daughter's boyfriend for reportedly losing their dog and stealing their belongings while he was housesitting; a man accuses his mechanic of damaging his bike and placing a false lien on it.

  • A woman in search of a rose-themed tattoo says she sustained an injury and an infection at a tattoo parlor; a woman drops off her Chihuahua with a pet sitter only to have it attacked by a pit-bull mix to the tune of $3,000.

  • A behavioral therapist passes himself off as an expert on trailer repair, leaving an aspiring food-truck owner with an unworkable estimate; a landlord accuses an ex-tenant's dog of property damage and making a huge hole in a wall.

  • A man, who can't pay $30,000 in bail money, spends nine months in jail after being set up by his ex-boyfriend, who called the police on him on Christmas Eve.

  • A car owner accuses an upstanding businessman of damaging his beloved vehicle while stealing its chrome; after an Akita maims a small dog, Judge Judy warns its owner, a mother of three, to be vigilant in regard to this breed's history of aggression.

  • A newlywed says 100 famished guests were forced to wait two hours for food when a taco caterer showed up late to her wedding reception; a woman says a shopping cart slammed into her car.

  • While a business owner is on vacation, his large four-wheeler is taken for a crabbing joyride and gets irreparably stuck in the mud; a woman sues her ex-lover for babysitting fees after he moves in and she takes care of his three children.

  • Three dogs must be rushed to the ER after a partygoer reportedly puts alcohol in their water bowls; tournament organizers promise a reluctant coach "ringers" to give his team a better chance of winning, then sue him when he doesn't pay up.

  • A young ex-con is accused of being disrespectful and kicked out of his new home; brother sues brother over thousands of dollars lost in an investment deal gone wrong and a reported smear campaign.

  • A love affair that started at the age of 14 leaves family members with a custodial mess and a fight over an assault.

  • A woman says an in-law assaulted her when he slammed his truck door on her; he counter-sues, saying she filed false police and CPS reports.

  • A newlywed sues a bridal-shop owner for delivering a reportedly damaged, custom-made wedding gown.

  • An entertainment manager accepts money from his girlfriend to promote a male model at a fashion show; a teen says a male co-worker made unwanted romantic advances toward him and harassed him incessantly over a small debt.

  • A woman says she lent her boyfriend thousands of dollars to be spent on his discrimination lawsuit against a restaurant; unmarried parents wage war against each other by filing restraining orders for harassment and calling the police multiple times.

  • While a woman recoups in the hospital, her boyfriend takes over their condo remodel and hires a friend to be their contractor.

  • A father plagued by the death of his 16-year-old son tries to spare his family more heartache; alleged theft of musical equipment.

  • The judge chastises a woman for allegedly using the #MeToo movement to harm others; a man sues his former friend for damages after he allegedly assaulted him.

  • When a young boy is pushed into a pool against his will, the judge reprimands the parents for their bad judgment; a woman sues her daughter for the return of a vehicle that was allegedly totaled and then damaged in a neighborhood shoot-out.

  • After eight weeks of recovery from a brutal attack, a landlord goes after ex-tenants for medical bills.

  • A man sues his former friend for refusing to return his German Shepard; ex-fiancees fight over the cost of a trip to Fiji and a very expensive engagement video.

  • When a pair of $800 earrings goes missing, a heated exchange between teenagers ensues; alleged theft, pawn shop activity and bullying come into play.

  • A man's untimely death leaves family members fighting over his alleged stock certificates.

  • An allegedly violent domestic dispute leads to a frightened child's rescue and damage to an intervening friend's vehicle. A man leaves his shoes in the middle of the living room which upsets his roommates and the Judge as well when he refuses to move them.

  • A young woman's parting shot at an ex-lover gets her no closer to the $23,000 loan she allegedly took out on his behalf. A young woman's parting shot at an ex-lover gets her no closer to the $23,000 loan she allegedly took out on his behalf.

  • A couple move in with mom to improve credit scores and save for a new home; unfortunately, a fight over money and tools divide them. An online meeting leads to a face-to-face at a motel, the alleged disappearance of a phone, threats and harassment.

  • When a 17-year-old revs his engine and cusses at a 79-year-old widow for driving too slowly, a grown man steps in and punches his car. A landlord is forced to sleep in her car after her roommate allegedly locks her out after an argument; she demands payback for hundreds in changed lock fees.

  • A woman hires a contractor to convert an older vehicle into her new store; she accuses him of performing substandard work.

  • A 13-year-old is accused of stealing a car and crashing it two blocks from home; ex-partners in the business of bidding on abandoned storage units and selling the contents fight over the value of property.

  • A woman becomes intimate with both of her male roommates; a couple sues for the destruction of an aluminum shed; a woman sues her daughter for breaking windows in her home.

  • A woman uses pepper-spray on her neighbor; suspecting a robbery, a man fires a dangerous warning shot.

  • A man says he was shoved into a television during an altercation with his roommate, while the roommate accuses him of being drunk and belligerent; a man says his ex-friend broke his iPhone while horsing around at a party.

  • A man accuses his landlord of illegal eviction and assault, and the landlord countersues for property damage; a woman enters into an illegal contract with her father to put a car in his name so she can drive without a license.

  • A man admits that he persuaded an insurance company to give his client more money and says he fixed and sold her car just to be nice; old friends decide to move in together, only to fight over travel costs, stolen property and a call to authorities.

  • A man trying to cash in on a 1966 VW bug that he bought for a bargain says a shoddy upholstery-business owner got in his way.

  • A pack of dogs gets into a vicious fight on the border of two properties; pet owners fight over liability.

  • After a man dies in a car accident, his widow's large settlement becomes a source of contention between friends who are accused of elder abuse.

  • A man starting a family with a teenager offers up his criminal history unprompted; unwed parents take turns serving time in prison while fighting over assault, a false restraining order and stolen money; a man discovers his transaction was illegal.

  • When a man's car is towed for being parked illegally, his passenger posts that the tow company owner has a long criminal history; a man reportedly gets so excited after receiving naughty photos that he crashes into a neighbor's parked car.

  • A young driver gets lost on his way to a party and allegedly destroys a man's yard trying to make a U-turn; parts of his car are left behind. A woman is outraged that her sub lessee allegedly left her with a damaged apartment and cost her over $3,000 in a security deposit.

  • The Judge tries to help a litigant understand why she breached a contract when purchasing a motorcycle and skipping payments. A landlord is dismayed to discover the single woman she rented a room to brings her boyfriend along with her.

  • A woman is hysterical when her small dog is allegedly attacked by a terrier mix through a narrow fence; photo evidence changes the Judge's mind. A man gets an incredible deal on a used car only to find out there is a lien on the salvaged vehicle; the seller is accused of a criminal act.

  • The Judge states the obvious to make a comparison between a young man who brings his new, half-clothed girlfriend to court out of alleged spite for his ex. The Judge tells it like it is when a young woman refuses to return her best friends dog, calls the police and locks him out.

  • A married couple insist that their 90-pound puppy was just being playful when it allegedly scratched a neighbor and injured their little Sheltie. A young couple who 'played house' together fight over the dispersement of a $7,000 insurance settlement check.

  • Landlords allow for a second, unauthorized walkthrough without the tenant's knowledge, then charge them for additional damages. A woman in financial trouble takes a friend up on the offer of a credit card; she rings up over 2k in charges and then refuses to pay her back.

  • A pit bull interrupts a woman's evening stroll by scaling a six-foot privacy fence and attacking her; she fights back with mace, until it runs out.

  • When divorcees renew their vows only long enough to fight over alleged drug use and vandalism, the Judge shares a marriage story of her own. A young man sues his estranged stepfather for fees on a car he bought from him; the Judge points out that his stepfather sold the car for $700 less than asking.

  • When a co-worker 'disrespects' hi angry, broom-wielding fiancée, he beats him up; the Judge makes him pay for his foolish choice. A married couple accuse their contractor of shoddy work after he allegedly breaches their contract; he says they were impossible to work with.

  • All hell breaks loose at a custody exchange when a young man realizes his alleged baby mama is cheating on him; he orders a paternity test pronto.

  • A man who fathered four children while disabled sues his landlord for allegedly poor living conditions, retaliation and harassment. Shopping-center owners sue a former tenant who ran a clothing store for allegedly breaking her lease.

  • When a landlord allegedly goes off on a crazed rant, a scared mother and child quickly move out; the landlord claims they left lice and bedbugs behind. Servers at a restaurant go into debt to buy a $3,000 Cockalier puppy; when their romance falls apart, the pet is caught in the middle.

  • A woman admits that she only knew a man for 24 hours before she invited him home; she says the ex-con kidnapped her and forced her to co-sign on a truck loan. Ex-lovers make the terrible mistake of cosigning on a vehicle which a friend borrows and which police tear apart looking for drugs.

  • The Judge questions a woman's courtroom attitude when she is sued by her ex-best friend for the value of a car and her personal belongings. Judge Judy says that being hard up for cash and having a bum boyfriend is no excuse for stealing a friend's money.

  • A man openly admits he doesn't pay taxes and sues a former friend for the return of property and for allegedly filing a false police report.

  • A businessman is left holding a 36-month lease when his assistant returns to her native country; a friend steps in but is sued for alleged car damage. A woman's attempt to surprise her daughter with a Christmas puppy falls through when the breeder allegedly fails to deliver.

  • Judge Judy advises a father to appeal any grievances against previous judges, as he takes on the mother of his teenager over child support. A teenager heads to camp for several weeks but insists that doesn’t preclude him from receiving the landlord refund his roommates received.

  • A man and woman continue to live with each other 18 years after their divorce; when they finally part, the woman wants everything they shared. After a woman allegedly shreds her brother's clothes following an argument, he files a restraining order; when it expires, she comes after him for her property.

  • A flatbed driver accuses his boss of stealing over $2,000 from his paycheck to cover repairs after he has an accident. When the Judge leaves the bench to verify a woman's story, she comes back with surprising information.

  • Even though puppies look exactly like their dog, a mother and son deny that their pet was responsible and sue neighbors for an alleged attack. A mechanic hands over a client's car to alleged repo men only to find out they took the wrong car; he then has the nerve to sue the client for repairs he had made.

  • A man insists that a young boy looks and acts just like him but his ex-lover says it's impossible and sues him for filing for a paternity test. A woman expects her friend to walk five miles to help her when she runs out of gas; when she refuses, her luggage goes missing.

  • A wild party leaves a vacation rental in shambles after an intended group of 8 turns into a gang of 30 partygoers. A woman moves in with a man she only knew for a week; when the new living arrangement only lasts a week, she fights with her stepsister over a broken lease.

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