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Jurassic CSI is a documentary film about dinosaurs. With Dr. Phil Manning, also known as Dino Detective, leading the investigation, viewers will learn how Dr. Manning uses advanced technology to discover new secrets about the most dominant terrestrial vertebrates.

An image machine similar to the chest X-ray

Friday 8:00 PM et/pt on National Geographic
1 Season, 7 Episodes
July 6, 2011
History, Kids & Family
Cast: Phillip Manning
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Jurassic CSI Full Episode Guide

  • Using modern technology to answer eye-opening questions about dinosaur appearance, behavior, and lifestyle from fossils.

  • Dr. Phil Manning takes you inside the mind of a T. Rex and examines how the planet's ultimate predator's brain was hard wired for the kill.

  • Dinosaurs vanished from the earth millions of years ago leaving only a handful of clues to their existence, including fossils and footprints. Such scant evidence has meant that paleontologists have always struggled to answer the question, how did the dinosaurs move? Treating fossils and footprints like crime scene evidence, Dr. Phil Manning employs cutting-edge crime scene technology in Spain to create a 3D virtual world of one of the most spectacular dino stomping grounds on the globe and reveals new evidence of quirky movements that dinosaurs made 70 million years ago.

  • Dr. Phil Manning orders a forensic analysis on a rare fossilized skin of a baby titanosaur.

  • Dinosaurs survive injuries, infections and diseases that would annihilate most predators today.

  • Phil Manning uses rocket science, ultrasound and Finite Element Analysis to determine if there are potentially bigger dinosaurs waiting to be found.

  • Little is actually known about the color of dinosaurs, but Dr. Phil Manning is on a mission to find out more. He utilizes one of the world's most precise imaging machines to search for traces of color pigments chemistry in fossils.

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