Killer Girl K

Killer Girl K focuses on a high school girl named Cha Yeon Jin who seems like a normal to everyone around her, but she secretly hides her true self from others by masking her true identity. By day, she is a high school student, but by night she is a professional assassin who is looking to avenge her mother after she was forced to watch her mother die in front of her.

She then decides to go undercover and infiltrate into her late mother's organization known as SS1. She becomes one of their killers while tracking down her mother's killer within the organization.

1 Season, 3 Episodes
August 27, 2011
Korean Drama
Killer Girl K

Killer Girl K Full Episode Guide

  • Yeon Jin's intention of wanting to leave the killer group SS1 is accepted and her last mission is given.

  • Yeon Jin appears as a professional killer working for the company who hides from her the man who killed her mother.

  • Yeon Jin gets involved in an accident, a prelude to how the story unfolds.

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