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  • 2002
  • 1 Season
  • 6.3  (177)

King of Bandit Jing is a thrilling anime series that aired on NHK in 2002. The show follows the adventures of Jing, a master thief and the self-proclaimed "King of Bandits" who travels the world with his talking albatross named Kir. Voiced by Mitsuki Saiga, Jing is known for his incredible thieving skills and his ability to steal priceless treasures from even the most heavily guarded places. He is also renowned for his charming personality and devil-may-care attitude, which often gets him out of tight situations.

Jing's partner-in-crime is his trusty albatross Kir, who serves as Jing's transportation tool and sometimes as his moral compass. Voiced by Shinichiro Miki, Kir is a witty and sarcastic character who often banters with Jing but is fiercely loyal to him.

Throughout the series, Jing and Kir travel from town to town, searching for valuable treasures to steal. However, they often find themselves embroiled in dangerous situations that require their wit and skill to overcome. Along the way, they also encounter various other characters, some of whom become their enemies and others who become their allies.

One recurring thread in the series is the idea of "treasure", which can come in various forms, including money, jewels, knowledge, and even emotions. Jing and Kir often go to great lengths to acquire these treasures, but they also learn that sometimes, the true value of treasure lies in its intangible qualities.

Another theme explored in the series is the idea of identity and self-discovery. Jing occasionally faces challenges to his status as the "King of Bandits", and he is forced to confront the question of who he truly is and what his place in the world is. This theme is also explored through the other characters Jing encounters, who all have their own struggles with their identities and their place in the world.

The animation style of King of Bandit Jing is bright and colorful, with intricate character designs and detailed backgrounds. The action sequences are fast-paced and dynamic, with plenty of on-screen explosions and flashy special effects.

Overall, King of Bandit Jing is an exciting and entertaining anime series that is sure to delight fans of adventure and action. Its lively characters, engaging storyline, and beautiful animation make it a must-watch for anyone who enjoys anime.

King Of Bandit Jing
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The Masquerade Ball of ZaZa (Part 3)
13. The Masquerade Ball of ZaZa (Part 3)
August 14, 2002
The fight continued on until the night with Jing and the red-armored warrior matching each other blow for blow. Just as Jing disarms the warrior's sword, Cube smashes the warrior to gain vengeance. The armor shatters and to everyone's shock, it revealed Miss Stir! Before anyone can act, Jing carried Stir and jumped towards the Madame's balcony so she can rest. Baffle suddenly captures Jing and hopes to execute him, but Angostura halts Baffle letting him know the law in ZaZa. Jing, ever so crafty, decides to have one more battle with Baffle. However, before the match, he switched masks and clothes with Angostura in order to reach Stir and the Vintage Smile. During Stir's rest, the cold-hearted Madame cried and took off her mask revealing her face. Then, everything in ZaZa was back to normal. Jing got the Vintage Smile while his friend Ginjou got everything else. However, Baffle was on Jing's trail and Jing finally put an end to the D'Ice Brothers' evil with a Kir Royale blast. Afterwards, Kir started to get that look in Jing's eye that something happened between him and Stir. When the masquerade ball was back to dancing instead of fighting, Stir put off every man who wanted to dance with her so she can save the first dance for Jing.
The Masquerade Ball of ZaZa (Part 2)
12. The Masquerade Ball of ZaZa (Part 2)
August 7, 2002
Jing has advanced into the Black Corrida, which is the final stages of battle. During the time, more plotting from the D'Ice Brothers are in the works to take the role of Earl by force, while Jing plots his own caper. Miss Stir unexpectedly comes across Jing while walking through the palace, but she didn't notice him as the King of Bandits. After defeating Crash, Jing finds himself surrounded by all three D'Ice Brothers, but one Kir Royale later and the brothers get blasted. Having escaped the D'Ice Brothers' wrath, Jing finds himself face to face with the demonic warrior who brutalized Cube who is simply known as "The Warrior of the Rising Son".
The Masquerade Ball of ZaZa (Part 1)
11. The Masquerade Ball of ZaZa (Part 1)
July 31, 2002
Jing and Kir are in ZaZa planning to attend what was thought of as a masquerade ball, but it turns out the sign read "Mas Corrida", and corrida is a bullfighting term. Suddenly, Jing and Kir are in the middle of a nationwide masked gladiator tournament to determine the new Earl of ZaZa and receive the Vintage Smile, a pearl white mask Jing came to steal. Jing finds out from Angostura Sr., that Madame DuBonnet didn't mourn for the loss of her husband, but was severely crushed when her only son, Lemon, was murdered by his uncle. The Madame grew cold and heartless, and ordered these tournaments to force everyone to fight until no warrior is left standing. Her main targets are the D'Ice Brothers: Baffle, Crash and Cube, the three who assassinated Lemon. After humiliating an opponent in true bandit fashion, Jing witnesses Cube's devastating defeat at the hands of a mysterious warrior in blood-red armor and demon motifs.
The Lullaby of the Por Vora
10. The Lullaby of the Por Vora
July 24, 2002
Jing finds the secret Por Vora city Bluwari and is invited to stay there forever but he declines. A trio of criminals infiltrate the building and hack into a room 'that should not be opened' and thus the self-destruct mechanism was turned on to ensure that the Por Vora secret never leaked out.
The Musical Island of Coco-Oco
9. The Musical Island of Coco-Oco
July 17, 2002
This episode is really sweet. Unfortunately, there is barely any Jing in this one! It's basically all Kir. To start off, Jing and Kir travel to the Musical island of Coco-Oco. This place has a mystery to it. Some say the reason people inhabited this island is because they wanted to hear the mystical flute. Along the way, Kir and Jing have a kind of falling out and they go their seperate ways. Kir hangs out with yet another girl, but she's having problems of her own with her love interest Russian. What can Kir do to help out this poor loveless girl? And whatever happened to Jing? Find out on episode ten oj King of Bandit Jing!
Don't Drop the Por Vora
8. Don't Drop the Por Vora
July 3, 2002
ok! this one's really funny in my point of view! Jing and Kir have a new treasure to steal (It has something to do with finishing the Solar System) The literally have to steal Jupiter! anyway, they meet up with yet another girl, only this time she's an older woman! and yes, you will all be pleased to know Kir hit on her too! anyway, they find out that she has a story of her own, about her father and the men running the mines in the area. Those men are using little creatures called Por Vora to help blow the rock away from where they're digging. (NOTE: yes, por vora are explosive) you have a huge problem if you drop these creatures because they'll blow you to kingdom come, and it kills the little creature. So Jing and Kir help out with transporting these two por vora and they get caught up in the Azara's(the Jing girl for this episode) own personal strife against the miners. Find out the conclusion by watching the show!!
The Eternal City of Revaiva (Part 2)
7. The Eternal City of Revaiva (Part 2)
June 26, 2002
Welcome to the Eternal City of Revaiva!! Jing, Kir, and Vermouth have finally made it. Unfortunately, they brought Pernod and China Lilet along. Through some rather hilarious antics, we meet the king of Revaiva, King Cointreau. He's been living here for who knows how long,....and he believes that it is Jing's destiny to become Revaiva's next eternal king. Again through some rather odd circumstances, we discover that Vermouth is actually a perpetual motion devise that the king had been perfecting. He'd sent her out seeking the new king and when she'd seen Jing,....well, could he not be the king? After defeating Pernod and China Lilet, (like we didn't know that would happen,....-_-) King Cointreau gives Jing the water of the fountain of youth, said to being forth immortality. As the odd king dies, feeling as if his kingdom was in good hands, Jing knows he can't drink the potion. If he did,....he'd never be able to find his beloved mother again,...for it is said that the k
The Eternal City of Revaiva (Part 1)
6. The Eternal City of Revaiva (Part 1)
June 19, 2002
These next two episodes_4-18 are fun! Jing and Kir meet yet another young girl. She's called Vermouth and she's trying to find her way to the legendary Eternal City of Revaiva. Unbeknownst to the group, Pernod and China Lilet are on their tails, also wanting to discover the Eternal City and to live forever, as the rumors say. This entire episode spans their journey to The Eternal City,....when they get there in the next episode is where the real action starts!
The Little Girl from the Technicolor Town
5. The Little Girl from the Technicolor Town
June 12, 2002
This one's really strange people! Jing and Kir find their way into the Technicolor Town of Pompier. Kir ends up befriending another bird, sort of. She asks him to save a young girl who is being auctioned off. Unfortunately, Drambuie is after them, for he wants to girl to add to his art collection. Later, Jing finds out that this girl's father had turned her into a living master piece of art and all she wants to find her missing father. Jing helps her and he finds a treasure to precious to steal. The love between father and daughter.
The Adonis Capital of Time (part 2)
4. The Adonis Capital of Time (part 2)
June 5, 2002
Part 2 of Jing's adventure in Adonis! In this episode, Jing fights face to face with Master Gear. Mirabell and her comrades help get Jing into the clock tower, said to be the place where the infamous Demon of Time lives. However, Jing knows different. He believes the Grapes of Time are inside the tower and with Mirabell he finds them there. Unfortunately, the grapes have been manipulated to control every clock in Adonis according to Master Gear and Sherrie's wishes. Together, Jing and Mirabell find the last remaining untarnished grapes and Jing, of course, steals them. Eventually, Jing and Kir are able to defeat the evil Master Gear and free the sleepy town of the tyranny of time,....!
The Adonis Capital of Time (part 1)
3. The Adonis Capital of Time (part 1)
May 29, 2002
Ok! On to Adonis for our heroes Jing and Kir. Adonis is a city controled entirely by the forces of time itself and Jing knows that this is the place to find the legendary Grapes of Time!! Along the way Jing rescues Mirabell, who Kir immediately falls for. She shows Kir and Jing the underground tunnel system of Adonis and they meet many characters who will help them defeat the evil Master Gear. Their plan? To stop time itself!!
The Ghost Ship of Blue Hawaii
2. The Ghost Ship of Blue Hawaii
May 22, 2002
This is a strange episode but what episode of Jing isn't? We start by seeing an older man fishing and waiting for a ghost ship. It comes and puts him into a shock/coma or something. We find Jing entering Blue Hawaii and meeting Rose, (Rose has an ay ending sound to it so its Rosay!) She's the stand in sheriff and Kir takes and immediate liking to her seeing as how she's beautiful,... her father was the sheriff but he's also the old man from earlier. She thinks Jing looks suspicious so she starts to write up and report on him,...He tells her his name and the fact that he's a bandit very bluntly. He wants to know about the ghost ship,...and she tells him and shows what happened to her father. They go off together so she can keep an eye on Jing for suspicious behavior. They have a short couple of battles, one with an impossibly large monster made of coins, and the other with a living anchor (don't ask). They get in and Jing's acting weird,...(he's seems like a jerk to me, what do
The Capital of Theives
1. The Capital of Theives
May 15, 2002
We meet Jing and Kir for the first time in this episode! They're at the Capital of Thieves and they've heard of the magnificent treasure of the Double Mermaids. They learn from a rickety old lady that the Mayor of the city named Cognac holds the only one of the Double Mermaids. She tells them to go see Vodka a vetran thief. Jing impresses Vodka by stealing his prized jewel and making him swallow it!! Vodka and his groupies join forces with Jing to get the Double Mermaids but their plan (involving making a hot air balloon out of their clothes) fails miserably. Jing asks the old lady that shows up once again what in the world a dragon like thingy lying on the ground is. She says that its one of the few birds that rarely lays eggs. They watch as it actually does lay an egg and Cognac's goons take it away. The old lady makes a cryptic remark about how Cognac was always taking children from their mothers. Vodka asks Jing if he has any ideas on how to get up into Cognac's tower whe
  • Premiere Date
    May 15, 2002
  • IMDB Rating
    6.3  (177)