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See what life is like in Big Sky country when couples search for a new home and decide if a move to Montana is right for them. In a stunning setting with unique housing opportunities, find out if these home-seekers are ready to make the move to one of the most beautiful areas in the country.

Saturday 11:00 PM et/pt on HGTV
2 Seasons, 28 Episodes
August 3, 2014
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Living Big Sky Full Episode Guide

  • Californians Chris, Christy and their three kids are looking for a change of pace and they're hoping to find the perfect family home near Missoula. They want enough rooms for all of their kids and a beautiful Montana view.

  • A Denver couple is leaving the city for small town life in Missoula, MT. She's a lifelong city dweller who wants a modern aesthetic, while he wants a rustic cabin close to trout fishing. Can they find the right mix of old and new?

  • Outdoorsy couple Ashley and Kent want to start a family and put down roots in the little town of Red Lodge. They're looking for a log cabin on scenic property with a rustic stone fireplace, a proper mudroom and a wraparound porch.

  • Californian Kelsey is roping in her long-time beau Kodi and heading for Montana. She wants a luxurious, updated cabin, but he wants a remote cabin with tons of land. Will they find some middle ground in Great Falls?

  • Megan and Justin Murray are craving simplicity and wilderness, so they're taking to Montana in search of an adventure-lover's paradise! They're looking for a fixer-upper close to skiing and hiking with a gorgeous scenic view.

  • Native Montanan Lindsey and her husband, Jim, sold their condo in Chicago and head west. Now that their son Connor is two, they want to move to a scenic area with plenty of opportunities for fishing, hiking and skiing. The family is hoping to find the perfect property that highlights Montana's beauty and charm.

  • Tyler Kirk is bringing his family, wife Maggie and baby Landry, back to his Montana roots, where they can't wait to take advantage of Big Sky Country's great outdoors. They're narrowing their house search to the Missoula area, near Tyler's family, and his new job as a construction manager. Coming from southern California, the Kirks are hoping to get a whole lot of house with their $650,000 budget in Montana. They're looking for a home with lots of land, an open floor plan, and a workshop for Tyler. While local real estate agent, Travis McLean Leitch, finds some amazing houses for Tyler and Maggie, the commute might put a damper in their enthusiasm.

  • A Pittsburgh family heads west for a new job and the Montana lifestyle.

  • Benjamin Randall is looking to expand his ski business, and what bettar place to do it than in Big Sky country! So he and his girlfriend, Megan Belida, are leaving southern California for a fresh start in southwest Montana. Ben, an avid skier and pilot in training, fell in love with everything Montana, and Megan can't wait to take advantage of Montana's outdoorsy lifestyle, especially Montana's premiere fishing rivers. With a budget of $500,000 to $1,000,000, they're looking for a home with beautiful Montana views, and plenty of space. But while Ben is all about the acreage, Megan wants a kitchen fit for a cook. Will they choose a sprawling Montana property where Ben can put his pilot's license to use, or sacrifice some acreage for a better price?

  • Two best friends from high school reunite in Big Sky Country.

  • Andrew and Christy move to Big Sky, Mont., to escape their hectic schedules and to spend quality family time with their twins, Callie and Campbell.

  • Expecting parents are ready to leave Los Angeles for the perfect home to raise their family in Montana.

  • Andrew and Christy are moving from Minnesota to Big Sky so they can get away from their hectic schedules and spend quality time with their twins. With a budget of $600,000 to $800,000, will they find something close to the resort?

  • Sacha and Chad have a baby on the way, and they're ready to move to Big Sky Country. Part of the couple's dream is to create an animal sanctuary, but finding a property where they can house livestock proves to be a big challenge.

  • The Murray family is ready to leave California's concrete jungle to make Bigfork, Montana, their permanent home.

  • The Sluis family explores modern rustic and fixer-upper houses in the northern Bitterroot Valley.

  • Newlyweds Ned and Hailey search for their first home in Bozeman with enough space for a horse barn.

  • Trey and Julie Magnuson are leaving Los Angeles and moving to his hometown of Missoula, Montana

  • After years of dreaming of a rustic lodge to call home, Mike and Debbie Johnson are finally making the permanent move from Utah to Montana's Bitterroot Valley.

  • Corey Hickman got a job in remote Eureka, Montana, but his wife, Jessica, is reluctant to leave her suburban life in Utah. Corey must convince Jessica living in Eureka will be an incredible Montana experience for their family.

  • Growing up in San Francisco was amazing for Michael and Jenelle Duldulao, but after vacationing in Montana, they've decided to raise their kids outside the city and in the small-town community of Helena.

  • East Coasters Chelsea and Chris are displaced cowboys living in New York City. They're ready to give up the rat race for the wide open spaces of Missoula, Montana, and Chelsea's horse, Raven, is a big part of the deal.

  • After growing up in Montana and moving around the country, Greg Burns vowed to raise his family in Big Sky Country. He's just got a job in Billings, and the family is searching for a rustic home with plenty of space.

  • The Jacksons move from Louisville to the Glacier National Park area.

  • The Ricci family leaves the hustle and bustle of Seattle city life for the great outdoors of Bigfork, Montana. Traveling in an RV, the family's house hunting experience proves just as adventurous as one of their camping trips.

  • After living through several disasters, including Hurricane Sandy, the Savas family is ready for a more self-sustaining life in Whitefish, MT. With a budget of $400,000 to $500,000, they're trading their city mace for bear mace.

  • Steve and Annie Ricci are leaving the hustle bustle of Seattle, Washington's city life for the great outdoors of Bigfork, Montana. Packed and loaded in an RV, this family's house hunting experience proves just as adventurous as one of their camping trips. With a budget up to $500,000 and the help of realtor Denise Lang, they tour cozy log cabins, sprawling farm land, even lake front property before finally staking their claim.

  • The Jackson family heads west to find their new home in Montana's Glacier National Park area.

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