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  • 2011
  • 2 Seasons
  • 6.5  (374)

Love In The Wild was a reality television show that aired on NBC in the summers of 2011 and 2012. The show was hosted by Darren McMullen and co-hosted by Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg. The premise of the show was that a group of singles would go on an adventure in the jungle and compete in challenges to win romantic dates with each other.

The show began with a group of men and women (ten each) being paired up using a draw system. Each couple would then be assigned a color and compete together in challenges that tested their physical and mental abilities. The challenges would range from climbing up waterfalls to riding on zip lines. Along the way, the couples would have the opportunity to swap partners and create new alliances.

The challenges would take place in different locations throughout the jungle, and the couples would have to navigate their way to each location using a map and compass. This added an element of adventure to the show and tested the couples' ability to work together.

At the end of each episode, the couples would attend a ceremony where they would choose whether to stay with their partner or switch to someone else. The process was called "the switch," and it added an extra layer of drama to the show. The couples had to decide whether to stick with someone they were comfortable with or take a chance on someone new.

As the show progressed, it became more competitive, and the couples had to fight harder to stay in the game. Ultimately, the couple that won the final challenge would be declared the winners of Love In The Wild. They would receive a romantic trip and a chance to continue their relationship outside of the show.

One of the unique aspects of Love In The Wild was its focus on adventure and physical challenges. The show combined the drama of other dating shows with the excitement of an adventure series. The challenges were often intense, and not all couples were able to handle the pressure.

Another strength of the show was its hosts. Darren McMullen did an excellent job of leading the contestants through the challenges, while Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg added humor and commentary. Their chemistry was evident on screen, and they made the show enjoyable to watch.

The couples themselves were also interesting to watch. They came from all walks of life and had different personalities and backgrounds. Some were looking for love, while others were just looking for an adventure. The show did a good job of highlighting their different personalities and showcasing their relationships.

Overall, Love In The Wild was an entertaining and unique show that combined the best elements of adventure and dating shows. It provided a fresh take on the dating genre and gave viewers an exciting look at what happens when you combine love and adventure in the jungle. While the show only lasted for two seasons, it has left a lasting impression on viewers who are still talking about it today.

Love In The Wild is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (16 episodes). The series first aired on June 29, 2011.

Love In The Wild
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Week 8
8. Week 8
July 24, 2012
The final two couples embark on their last challenge, an overnight quest that will put their relationships to the ultimate test.
Week 7
7. Week 7
July 17, 2012
The three remaining couples piece together a map leading to gold, but getting there is no easy task. Later, the challenge winners choose the next couple to go home.
Week 6
6. Week 6
July 10, 2012
The final three couples begin an intense adventure that will lead them through a scorpion-filled hut.
Week 5
5. Week 5
July 3, 2012
The drama continues from Couples' Choice Ceremony where a potential relationship was destroyed. The remaining couples are challenged to construct an outrigger that leads them into choppy sea waters. Later, two contestants shock the group with their sacrifice for love.
Week 4
4. Week 4
June 26, 2012
The couples barter for love and navigate a challenge that puts their fears, patience, and unity to the test.
Week 3
3. Week 3
June 19, 2012
The trios are chained together during a journey through the jungle and a bat cave. The winners are awarded a sailboat cruise, while the elimination ceremony sends six women home.
Week 2
2. Week 2
June 12, 2012
The couples attempt their first challenge as a duo as they find their way through the Dominican jungle and jump off a 40-foot cliff into murky waters. After an emotional Couple's Choice Ceremony, one man and one woman are eliminated.
Week 1
1. Week 1
June 5, 2012
The second season kicks off with new host Jenny McCarthy and fourteen new singles on a quest to find their soul mate in the jungle. Things get complicated when 7 more men are thrown into the mix.
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Love In The Wild is available for streaming on the NBC website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Love In The Wild on demand at Netflix.
  • Premiere Date
    June 29, 2011
  • IMDB Rating
    6.5  (374)