Love In The Wild

Love In The Wild is an American reality television show that first aired in June of 2011. In the first season it was hosted by Darren McMullen, but the second season, airing June 2012, replaced him with Jenny McCarthy. The basic premise of the show is similar to that of Survivor and other wilderness-based survival shows: contestants are given a challenge, frequently resembling an obstacle course or scavenger hunt, and the first contestants to complete the challenge are the winners. The first season was set in Costa Rica and the second in the Dominican Republic, and challenges have included outdoor activities like mountain climbing, spelunking, cliff diving, and rafting. However, for Love in the Wild, there's a twist. The game isn't just about winning the challenges - it's about finding love.

Each season begins with ten women and ten men who pair off into couples and complete the challenges together. The winners get a night at a luxurious resort while the other couples stay in cabins and spend the evening socializing with each other. The next day, couples can choose to switch up partners or stay together for the next day's set of challenges. If a person's original partner chooses to go with someone else and they do not find a new partner, they will end up as "unmatched." After all contestants have selected their partners, the last unmatched guy and the last unmatched girl go home, unfortunately unsuccessful at their attempt to find love in the wild. 2011's first- and second-place couples are both still together.

2 Seasons, 16 Episodes
June 29, 2011
Cast: Jesse Wilson, Jenny McCarthy, Darren McMullen
Love In The Wild

Love In The Wild Full Episode Guide

  • The final two couples embark on their last challenge, an overnight quest that will put their relationships to the ultimate test.

  • The three remaining couples piece together a map leading to gold, but getting there is no easy task. Later, the challenge winners choose the next couple to go home.

  • The final three couples begin an intense adventure that will lead them through a scorpion-filled hut.

  • The drama continues from Couples' Choice Ceremony where a potential relationship was destroyed. The remaining couples are challenged to construct an outrigger that leads them into choppy sea waters. Later, two contestants shock the group with their sacrifice for love.

  • The couples barter for love and navigate a challenge that puts their fears, patience, and unity to the test.

  • The trios are chained together during a journey through the jungle and a bat cave. The winners are awarded a sailboat cruise, while the elimination ceremony sends six women home.

  • The couples attempt their first challenge as a duo as they find their way through the Dominican jungle and jump off a 40-foot cliff into murky waters. After an emotional Couple's Choice Ceremony, one man and one woman are eliminated.

  • The second season kicks off with new host Jenny McCarthy and fourteen new singles on a quest to find their soul mate in the jungle. Things get complicated when 7 more men are thrown into the mix.

  • The final two couples face their last journey that will test their endurance, strength, resolve, and most importantly, their relationship.

  • The final three couples take on a coin-collecting challenge.

  • Five couples trek through the Costa Rican jungle to search for an artifact. They horseback ride to a beautiful waterfall, and climb a treacherous rope ladder descending down a thrilling mudslide.

  • The contestants are stunned when they're forced to switch partners.

  • Will "the Steele curse" finally be broken? Check out this exclusive preview for next week's cave adventure!

  • The couples, armed solely with a compass, must locate their supplies and the materials that will enable them to cross Lake Arenal in Costa Rica and journey to serpent-filled Snake Island. There, they sort through snakes amidst a plane wreck in order to cross the finish line. Some relationships survive, while others are destroyed.

  • The nine remaining couples face their fears by navigating through a maze of hanging bridges that are hundreds of feet above Costa Rica's jungle floor. Meanwhile some couples bond while other couples are falling apart.

  • In the series premiere of Love in the Wild, twenty young singles head to Costa Rica on a quest to find their soul mate in the jungle.

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